Looking for a light brunch option? Opt for this DIY option where you get two eggs (of choice) served on toasted sourdough bread with mesclun salad. A satisfying combination with added sauteed mixed mushrooms ($6) that were done flavourfully tender and juicy.

The biggest breakfast that I've ever seen with all the works that included two eggs of choice, thick cut maple bacon streaks, chicken cheese sausage, hash brown, sauteed spinach, sauteed mushrooms, and toast. The thick cut maple bacon was the star of this dish. The sweetness and oily-ness of the bacon fused together to give it a sweet and savoury taste. Truly fit for a king!

The generious portion of crabmeat reminded me of chilli crab with it's savoury-sweet sauce and creaminess. It's a tad heavy in terms of flavour for me but the silky egg won it for me with the sourdough toast.

Tucked away on a hill, Cafe Melba is set in a modern tropical old chapel that is surrounded with greenery. A calm and serene place away from the hectic town. I had the Seabass ($29) with kale, pumpkin puree, ikura, fish cracker and sauce vierge. The combination was a burst of seafood with an added crisp from the fish crackers; and the flavours were nicely balanced by the pumpkin puree and kale. The seabass was moist on the inside and overall, a light and refreshing dish.


Miss having a meal in an American diner? Look no further as Joji's Diner transport you to a 90s retro-vibe diner with a menu of breakfast classics at affordable prices such as Chilli Dog ($12.90) the UFO breakfast ($8.90) and Plain Rosti ($6.90). The rosti was thicker than the ones at Marche with a rustic potato taste.

Different from crepes, galettes are made with buckwheat flour and hence drier but healthier. The classic No. 3 parcel tasted like a light breakfast with sauteed mushrooms, comte cheese and sunny side up.; and the runny yolk served like a mini dip. The flavour of No. 10 was interesting with its combination of wild trout atop a caramelised leek fondue; which was well balanced by the unflavoured and crispy galette.

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Went with the signature that was a galette stuffed with ham, gruyere, cheddar and an egg in the center. There's a saying "You eat with your eyes". It may looked a bit burnt and thin, but it was far from it. The outer layer was crisp while its inside maintained moist; and it was bigger and more hearty than the usual crepes. Not to mention that it was made with buckwheat flour and dusted with paprika powder for an added strong flavour. To complete my brunch, I had a latte to pair with it which was fragrant and full-bodied.

It was interesting to find iced latte ($6) served in an enamel vintage mug in a chic place. Brewed using Tiong Hoe coffee beans which are dark roast, the iced latte was aromatic and full-bodied with a subtle bitterness to it. Paired with pain au chocolat ($3.50), it was an ideal companion with the pastry's sweetness balancing out the coffee's bitterness and acidity. The pain au chocolat itself was light and flaky, with chocolate in every bite. Worth all the calories!

Though the earl grey crossiant had a light aroma of the earl grey, both crossiants were overly sweet that the sugar overpowered the buttery pastry. Not as crispy or fluffy as I would have love it to be as compared to other bakeries. Latte ($5.50) was good though as I opted for their house blend which had bold nutty notes to it.

The crosssiant was perfect - buttery, flaky and moist inside.  Nothing much to rave about the spicy crab meat though as it wasn't flavour-packed enough to stand out.

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Eggs benedict is probably my favourite go-to brunch dish with different variations. Here the classic brunch staple consisted of poached eggs nestled atop some smoked salmon and sesame seed bagel, and drizzled with hollandaise sauce. Not the best I had as the poached egg wasn't as oozy and the bagel was tough. The laksa prawn pasta on the other hand is a must-try. It was creamy and tasted like an authentic bowl of laksa with a tinge of spiciness. For sharing, we had tater tots that were fried to a perfect golden crispy brown, and filled with potato goodness and absolutely truffle-licous. Overall a nice place for brunch in a natural setting. 🌿🐦🍳🍝☕

The bread was nicely toasted and generously filled with cold crunchy prawns, and creamy texture of avocado, egg, mayo and tomato sauce. I felt this could have been better if it was a fried prawn cutlet version and served hot. Added a mini Homard Bisque ($2.50) which caught me by surprise when it was served like an espresso shot. Not worth it for its size but the bisque was well flavoured.

Food is an adventure in itself. More to explore. Even more to share.

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