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The Better Beans

The Better Beans

From coffee beans to cup. Coffee brewing is an art and a science in its own right.
Jessica Chew
Jessica Chew

As the name suggests, it is death to workout due to a deadly indulgence of delicious-ness. The smooth concoction was creamy and sweet that it tasted like liquid coffee ice cream. Served in a cute experimental bottle, it was good as an after-meal dessert drink with its ensuing hints of vanilla.

A light-bodied coffee that was smooth, bittersweet with a nutty flavour profile to it.

This mini hole-in-a wall kind of place has a grab and go setting that caters to the CBD folks who needs a good cup of joe in a jiffy. The iced latte had a nutty after tone with a smooth finish that's great for beating the heat, and a much needed shot of caffeine.

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Their Kopi Susu is where local meets contemporary. Traditional coffee beans are freshly ground and brewed using an espresso machine; and instead of condensed milk, typical milk is added instead. The coffee retained the familiar aroma of a Nanyang coffee while flavour wise is less mellow and robust, which is comparative to a latte.

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A lover of Australian coffee, this place serving Melbourne specialty coffee was definitely a must to check out. I ordered a latte which was light, smooth and just enough strength for a good caffeine fix. Best part was that it was on a limited time celebration special at just $3!

Sadly they ran out of their signature cupcakes when I reached. Decided to get a good perk-me-up cup of joe that was smooth and lightly roasted from their organic coffee blend.

A widely raved artisanal coffee chain that originated from Kyoto, the place was aesthetically stylish with a zen feel to it. A whiff of the captivating coffee aroma hit my nose as I stepped in. With an option for single origin or a blend, I opted for a blend for my iced latte. It was a great cuppa with each sip as smooth, milky and aromatic.

Located right inside a supermarket, this white cold brew is served like a soda in a 330ml glass bottle with a metal cap. The unique thing was that honey was added with milk to the coffee. This gave it a sweet creamy body yet still being able to enjoy the slight bitterness of the roasted beans.

The latte is brewed using coffee blend roasted and imported from Melbourne. The top layer has a bold and mild bitterness to it, but pass that layer and you get a smooth, chocolatey and nutty taste.

An unassuming place with minimal-est decor that serves good coffee. The Iced White used the Dark Matter blend that produced a bold and nutty aftertone. If you need a fix amidst your work busyness, this sure is a place to go.

A simple and classic Italian dessert, the affogato is made with double scoops of plain vanilla ice cream and a shot of hot espresso. Douse the ice cream in espresso coffee to create a creamy, frothy dessert.

A home-grown specialty coffee roaster and purveyor, Papa Palheta has since rebranded themsves as PPP Coffee. Living up to its name, the White Cold Brew was lusciously creamy, lightly sweetened and filled with rich flavour notes of chocolate and hazelnut. No other words to describe other than pure awesomeness in a bottle. 😍

Food is an adventure in itself. More to explore. Even more to share.

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