Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet

From the classics to the twist of old favourites and impressive showstoppers, turn your stressed to desserts.
Jessica Chew
Jessica Chew

No meal would be completed without desserts...and we ordered all three! Each of the desserts had its own unique taste and texture. If you enjoy whisky, the alocholic dessert would add a smile to your face with its light and cream sponge cake drizzled with Japanese whisky. My favourite of all three however was the Kulto Cheesecake ($12). It was cheesy yet light with an added zesty-ness from the ice-cream. 😋😍

Warm, fluffy and crispy waffles with belgian chocolate ice-cream; and drizzled with nutella sauce and topped with berries and mini choco slabs. Pretty average as compared to others but still indulgent and definitely happy food!

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The idea of an assorted platter of desserts to end a lovely evening could have been a sweet finish if the desserts were better. The platter included vanilla ice-cream, panna cotta, chocolate cake, tiramisu and chocolate fudge/brownie. I give it tops for the beautiful presentation, but sadly it fell short in terms of taste and texture. Only the ice cream and tiramisu were worth the calories.

Single? Made it double! The waffles were light and crispy and soft on the inside; and topped with a tall swirl of chocolate soft serve. Served with their selection of handcrafted toppings, I picked 3 toppings (adding to a total of $16) for an added sweetness and crunch - maple syrup, toasted caramel marshmallows and almond thins. Definitely hitting a sweet spot and loving it!

The choux pastries were light, encrusted with a charcoal costing; and filled to the brim with fresh, rich and luscious custard cream. The matcha had rich earthy notes to it while the houjicha had a subtle roasted aroma (and my favourite). A must-try for chocolate lovers is the double chocolate choux though denser in comparison, had a light yet deep chocolate flavour with a nice bittersweet balance to it. Loves 😍

The two must-trys and probably what differentiates this place from the ones at Bugis street are the double layer milk pudding and signature ginger milk pudding. A Chinese version of Creme Brulee, the hot double layer milk pudding was silky and comforting minus the crunchy caramelised layer. Their signature ginger milk pudding was freshly done on the spot as the milk was poured in front you and the curd slowly formed under the steam. The texture was similar to tau huay and the gingery taste wasn't too overpowering. Perfect if you are looking for a warm and nutritious dessert.

Presented as a more sophiscated version, the lemon pie ($12) was basically a deconstructed lemon meringue pie. The lemon curd had a nice balance of sweetness and sourness to it with an added texture and crunch from the biscuit crumble. While I felt that the meringue was a tad too sweet for me, pairing it with a latte ($6) that was smooth and full-bodied with a dark roast, it was a perfect ending to my meal.

With a buttery crust, the tart was laced with a crumbly topping and the slightly jammy pear filling was light in both its flavour and sweetness. It was served with champagne vanilla ice-cream that had a unique taste to it. A light dessert to have after a hearty main.


Five different flavours in a box to satisfy any taste buds and sweet tooth. Highly recommend the tangy yuzu meringue tart, and the intensely rich chocolate truffle tart. 🥰

The variety selection of these large cookies on display were too appealing to just walk pass. Rich and dense with a right amount of sweetness, these chunky cookies were absolutely sinful but delicious with a chewy texture. It was chocolate heaven as the Choco Bueno with Marshmallow ($5.20) was made with dark chocolate with choco oozing out of it; while the Cookies n Creme Cheesecake ($5.80) had a nice balance of sweet and salty to it.

The Matcha White Chocolate ($7) had an intense shade of green that could not be ignored and it did not disappoint. It was authentic matcha overload with a right amount of sweetness and bitterness; and the cake was moist and not too dense. The Orh Nee ($8) gave artisanal twist to the traditional teochew dessert. Looking pretty in lilac colour, I could taste the layers and texture from the mixture of yam chunks and gingko "puree"; and the coconut shavings on top of the cream added a local touch. Not exactly "orh nee" as it was missing the fragrance of the shallots but overall it was delicate, light and not too sweet. I could see why this is the best-selling item in Luna. 🍰

A class of semi-frozen desserts, semifreddo is a halfway between ice-cream and mousse. It was akin to a frozen nutella with a richness of ice cream and the texture of frozen mousse. The hazelnut taste was rich with the bitterness of the dark chocolate, and the added crunch from the crushed biscuits and chopped hazelnuts. It was cold chocolatey heaven! 😋

Food is an adventure in itself. More to explore. Even more to share.

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