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Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet

From the classics to the twist of old favourites and impressive showstoppers, turn your stressed to desserts.
Jessica Chew
Jessica Chew

The variety selection of these large cookies on display were too appealing to just walk pass. Rich and dense with a right amount of sweetness, these chunky cookies were absolutely sinful but delicious with a chewy texture. It was chocolate heaven as the Choco Bueno with Marshmallow ($5.20) was made with dark chocolate with choco oozing out of it; while the Cookies n Creme Cheesecake ($5.80) had a nice balance of sweet and salty to it.

The Matcha White Chocolate ($7) had an intense shade of green that could not be ignored and it did not disappoint. It was authentic matcha overload with a right amount of sweetness and bitterness; and the cake was moist and not too dense. The Orh Nee ($8) gave artisanal twist to the traditional teochew dessert. Looking pretty in lilac colour, I could taste the layers and texture from the mixture of yam chunks and gingko "puree"; and the coconut shavings on top of the cream added a local touch. Not exactly "orh nee" as it was missing the fragrance of the shallots but overall it was delicate, light and not too sweet. I could see why this is the best-selling item in Luna. 🍰

A class of semi-frozen desserts, semifreddo is a halfway between ice-cream and mousse. It was akin to a frozen nutella with a richness of ice cream and the texture of frozen mousse. The hazelnut taste was rich with the bitterness of the dark chocolate, and the added crunch from the crushed biscuits and chopped hazelnuts. It was cold chocolatey heaven! 😋

Creamy, light and fluffy, this jarred tiramisu had a Japanese twist to it with the ladyfingers layered with light and airy matcha-infused mascarpone custard filling. The matcha was not bad with a nice sweetness to it but the original (soaked in alcohol) is still the best!

Double the scoop. Double the happiness. The rectangular butter waffle was light and had a crisp outer layer. Pairing it with the valrhona guanaja and salted gula melaka ice-cream, it was an indulgent treat after a stressful day. The chocolate ice cream was much loves as it had a bitter-sweet balance with all the chocolatey taste to it. 😍🧇🍨🍫

Chocolate and banana make a good team. The chocolate was rich and the banana flavour wasn't too strong that it overwhelms, while the crunch from the sesame brittles gave the dessert a nice added texture. Overall a delectable combination of chocolate and banana that lifts a frown into a smile, and not forgetting the cool sweet vanilla ice-cream. 😊

Studded with chocolate, the classic chocolate chip cookie is lightly crunchy and chewy with a gooey chocolate filling. Not overwhelmingly sweet and an absolutely oozing happy treat! 😁

New flavour from Yole which is much loves. I love the creamy and tangy blend between yogurt and ice cream. Refreshing, sourish-sweet and so good that it is best to have it without any additional sauce or toppings (and added calories). 😋

Pretty assortment of speciality éclairs than are 'leveled up' of the usual ones. Each choux puff is filled with a different cream filling that had a perfect consistency and a delicate explosion of flavour. Some had an interesting glaze that gave it an added crunch or topping that highlight the unique creation. A sure winner that is both deliciously sweet amd exquisite in design. 😍

Look at the beautiful layers of golden brown whirls that made up the curves of the crossiant. August's pre-order box came with the original, chocolate, and unique creations that were pumped with special fillings and twice-baked. My favourites were the original, the uji hojicha and lemon meringue. Each piece had a perfectly thin-crisp and flaky exterior; and a fluffy and buttery interior that were absolutely scrumptious. Worth the hype? 💯😋🤤

Artisan éclairs are made daily in-house here that feature the classics and on-trend flavours that looked so ever elegant. I decided to settle for a box of the dark chocolate, lemon, tiramisu and lychee white peach. The choux dough was crisp and light; and each was filled with its own rich and fresh cream that I could taste the flavour within. It's not too rich nor sweet either. A perfect treat at any time of the day and not forgetting - it's one-for-one on Burrple Beyond. Even more to buy and share!

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Mint Mocha Frappe ($7.50)
Chocolate Banana French Toast ($12)

The mint mocha was a chocolately-minty cold treat on a humid afternoon. It was rich and thick but nicely balanced.
Other than the thick toast itself being sweet, there was nothing much to rave about if it wasn't for the toppings. Dressed up with banana, strawberries, blueberries and chocolate syrup, the banana was the star as it had a nice burnt caramelised crunch that gave the toast an overall sweet touch.

Food is an adventure in itself. More to explore. Even more to share.

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