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Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet

From the classics to the twist of old favourites and impressive showstoppers, turn your stressed to desserts.
Jessica Chew
Jessica Chew

With coffee, mascarpone and cocoa taste, this Italian classic dessert was elegant and light with the right level of sweetness. Unfortunately for the price, I was not particularly awed as I had better ones.

There's something about a good yuzu cheesecake that is invigorating. A citrusy tang of yuzu had my tongue tingling upon the first bite; and pairing it with the sweetness from the raspberry glaze, it was refreshing. The buttery biscuit base and pistachio bits added a coarse texture that complemented well with the overall rich and creaminess of the cheesecake.

The thyme-infused cone was freshly made on the spot, maintaining its crispiness. It was thin and complmented the earthiness of the roasted green tea flavour very well. Much loves! 😋

The dry and crumbly biscuit added texture to the dark chocolate ice-cream that was super rich with an intense bittersweet taste. Super indulgent and delicious! 😍

Pistachio Chocolate Cake ($6)
Earl Grey Lemon Cake ($5)

Simplicity and stunning, these cakes looked perfect for garden parties. The Pistachio Chocolate Cake donned a flower field look; was crumbly and chocolatey rich. The Earl Grey Lavender Tea Cake, on the other hand, was disappointing as it was a bit on a drier side and the notes of earl grey were subtle.

Western meets Asian version of a classic apple strudel. Unfortunately the pastry was too thick and doughy; and cutting it into bite pieces was a messy affair as the apple filling would spew out. The combination of vanilla ice cream, chopped pistachios and custard creme anglaise was delicious though. The custard creme anglaise was light, smooth and creamy with a nice of balance of sweetness to it.

Honey Lemon Rosemary Tart
Pink Pear Elderflower Tart
Citronella Passionfruit Cheesecake
($7.50 each)

These tropical desserts hit all the right summer notes as each has its own distinct flavours. The Honey Lemon Rosemary Tart had a light sweetness to it with a slight sourish tinge and the scent of rosemary. The Pink Pear Elderflower Tart was fragrant and sweet with the delicate floral flavour coming through. The Citronella Passionfruit Cheesecake had a right density to it with a tangy note.

White Cold Brew ($8)
The Huat Shake ($9.80)
Coffee-Infused Gula Melaka Ondeh Ondeh (5 for $6)

Back here for my favourite white cold brew and a taste of the Huat Shake and the coffee-infused gula melaka ondeh ondeh. The Huat Shake is a coffee-based milkshake made with espresso, milk, chocolate bits and peppermint ice cream. The shake was thick, creamy with a refreshing aftertaste from the peppermint but the coffee taste was lacking. But if you love a shake that isn't too sweet, this is good and going at a special offer of $4.80 (U.P. $9.80) with any purchase. The pieces of ondeh ondeh added on as a nice sweet treat though I felt it could have more coffee and more gula melaka filling.

Matcha Hojicha Latte / Hojicha Latte ($5.80)
Key Lime Tart ($7.80)

The hojicha latte was rich and had a toasted nuttiness to it. What blew me away was the key lime tart. It was unbelievably good with its luscious custard, which was a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Love the overall tanginess of the tart! 😋😘

Super comforting to sip into a cup of hot chocolate on a cold rainy night. I had the 70% Costa Rica which was a nice balance of sweet and bitter. Perfect! 😋

Cafe Latte ($4.60)
Chocolate Reese Cheesecake ($7.50)

This garden-themed cafe makes me feel like I'm out of the bustling SG with its harmonious mix of floral, food and earthy interior furnishing. Coupled with a good cup of joe and a slice for my sweet tooth, it was simply relaxing and comfortable.

I tried the new limited chocolate frozen yogurt and added the rocher sauce, making it a cup full of chocolatey and nutty goodness. As much as I love chocolate, I think I will stick to the original flavour in future for its tangy-sourish taste.

Food is an adventure in itself. More to explore. Even more to share.

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