Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet

From the classics to the twist of old favourites and impressive showstoppers, turn your stressed to desserts.
Jessica Chew
Jessica Chew

With a price range from $8.50-$10.50, the cakes at Patisserie G were aesthetically attractive and tempting at one look. Featuring G Spot, Lychee Rose Cheesecake, Chocolate Nebula and Peachy Earl, it was an assortment of cakes with different taste profiles. I would recommend the G Spot that was presented in a shiny chocolate dome with a single gold flake. As it was using dark chocolate, it had a nice balance of bitter-sweet to it while not being overly too rich.

The Peachy Earl got me intrigued with its pretty pink design and it's my first hearing of a peach and earl grey combination for a cake. The peach flavour was unfortunately very light and subtle as it was mostly overwhelmed by the strong taste of the ear grey. Still a nice fruity tea and light cake.

A smooth, rich chocolate ganache in a chocolate cookie crust and topped with a large dollop of fresh raspberry cream makes it a simple yet decadent dessert. Bitter-sweet with slight tangy-ness, this was a crowd pleaser both to the eyes and on the taste buds.

Where East meets West, the localised ondeh ondeh cake was made up of layers of pandan sponge cake with grated coconut and gula melaka. The cake was soft and moist, and light to the palate.

The matcha tart, on the other hand, was an intense shade of green and was rich in matcha flavour. It had a slight bitterness to it and overly not too sweet, but the crust was on a softer side and lack the buttery and cumbly-ness. Overall, I find that the desserts (both $12 each) are priced on a higher end. Still worth a visit for its autumn-themed vibe and decor.

The beautiful sky blue glaze of the cake caught my attention. The Moroccan Cresecent ($12.90) has luscious layers of speculoos sponge with cinnamon mousse and blueberry compote. The compote was more jelly-like instead of more liquid that oozes out when you cut through the cake. Overall very nice flavours with a light sweetness to it. Pair it with some tea and you have a teatime fit for royalty indeed!

Most of the cakes and kuehs were sold out at this peranakan-inspired cafe when we reached, leaving us with a quick decision of Yuzu Cheesecake and Bandung Lychee Tart. The yuzu cheesecake had a citrusy-tang to it, and I really like the lychee boba and the rose-milk mousse on the bandung tart. As it was cold and rainy, the smooth and medium-bodied latte provided a nice warmth; and the hot chocolate was velvety smooth and rich with 60% couverture chocolate.

Steady Pom P-P and Violettta's Gin-Spot ($18 each) are Tipsy Flamingo's signature cocktails, with the former a special creation of PCK's brother (i.e. actor Pierre Png). Both hand-shaken gin cocktails were sweet and refreshing, which suited well with the summer vibes and atmosphere of the gastro-bar.

Insta-worthy tart that was not only beautiful to the eyes but also refreshingly appetising. It had a nice balance of sweetness and citrusy tang, and the red finger lime gave a small citricburst of flavour. The biscuit-like and buttery crust had just the right thickness and was crispy. Absolutely hitting all the right notes for me. 😍

No meal would be completed without desserts...and we ordered all three! Each of the desserts had its own unique taste and texture. If you enjoy whisky, the alocholic dessert would add a smile to your face with its light and cream sponge cake drizzled with Japanese whisky. My favourite of all three however was the Kulto Cheesecake ($12). It was cheesy yet light with an added zesty-ness from the ice-cream. 😋😍

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Warm, fluffy and crispy waffles with belgian chocolate ice-cream; and drizzled with nutella sauce and topped with berries and mini choco slabs. Pretty average as compared to others but still indulgent and definitely happy food!


The idea of an assorted platter of desserts to end a lovely evening could have been a sweet finish if the desserts were better. The platter included vanilla ice-cream, panna cotta, chocolate cake, tiramisu and chocolate fudge/brownie. I give it tops for the beautiful presentation, but sadly it fell short in terms of taste and texture. Only the ice cream and tiramisu were worth the calories.

Single? Made it double! The waffles were light and crispy and soft on the inside; and topped with a tall swirl of chocolate soft serve. Served with their selection of handcrafted toppings, I picked 3 toppings (adding to a total of $16) for an added sweetness and crunch - maple syrup, toasted caramel marshmallows and almond thins. Definitely hitting a sweet spot and loving it!

The two must-trys and probably what differentiates this place from the ones at Bugis street are the double layer milk pudding and signature ginger milk pudding. A Chinese version of Creme Brulee, the hot double layer milk pudding was silky and comforting minus the crunchy caramelised layer. Their signature ginger milk pudding was freshly done on the spot as the milk was poured in front you and the curd slowly formed under the steam. The texture was similar to tau huay and the gingery taste wasn't too overpowering. Perfect if you are looking for a warm and nutritious dessert.

Food is an adventure in itself. More to explore. Even more to share.

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