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Featuring Breko Café, Bee Cheng Hiang Grillery, Omakase Burger (Picnic Food Park), Da Paolo Bistro Bar (Rochester Park), HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill (VivoCity), Ps Cafe
Grace Lau
Grace Lau

It was bomb. The pulled pork was tossed with a really savoury sauce, and the serving was really generous too. Although the supposedly crispy lotus slices have lost their crisp in the burger, this dish was sensational! Top up $1 to upgrade your ordinary fries to sweet potato or cottage fries!

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Absolutely love the build-your-own concept here:) Fun aside, the sliders tasted pretty bomb. The sweetness of the caramelised onions brings out the flavour of the bakkwa really well


One of the best burgers I’ve had!

Sandwiched between 2 soft buns was a thick patty wrapped with a slice Parma ham, topped with brie cheese and caramelised onions~ I must say that they’ve done the caramelised onions right! There was also a generous portion of thick cut fries and salad on the side.

Guess who has jumped onto the Impossible bandwagon too?

Ps.’s rendition of the impossible Burger was palatable... it just lacks the bleeding beet juice @omakase burger

To no one’s surprise, the burger was HUGE - stack of spinach, crispy onion, cheese and tomato slices between 2 fluffy toasted buns

It also comes with fries and dip on the side, and we got ours in chuncky-cut. The burger was so massive we had to takeaway our fries :o

The patty was shockingly believable - definitely the best meat alternative hands down. We also had a real beef burger on the side and my meat-eating friend could not tell the difference at all :o

Tall burger alert! The burger was delightful, and the Brie cheese went really well with the multi-grain buns. Beef patty was decent 👌🏼 Will be back for more!

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The burger wasn’t greasy at all, and the sourdough buns were really soft! Ordered the set with German white cabbage salad on the side :) Will definitely come back to try the other dishes!

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