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Eating Up All Dem Eat-ups 🐽🐽

Eating Up All Dem Eat-ups 🐽🐽

Featuring OTC Cafe, Shin Minori (Katong Square), Tenjin
Ade Tan
Ade Tan

My go-to japanese buffet place whenever I need a sashimi fix 🥰🥰 The quantity and quality they offer at this price point never fails to amaze me, with a huge variety of Japanese dishes available, most of which are definitely average to above average! In fact, their sashimi is fresher than most places that sell it ala carte. Thanks to Shin Minori and Burpple for the amazing spread at last week’s Eatup, where we managed to sample some of their newer items on top of the already super extensive menu. ☺️☺️ Sashimi was fresh as usual (particularly enjoyed the salmon belly, seared tuna and cuttlefish), Aburi Shake Mentai sushi (beautifully seared salmon with just the right amount of mentaiko sauce), Snowy Cherry Blossom Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard with sweet egg white foam that was an interesting rendition of the typical chawanmushi), Yaki Gyu Kuro Kosho (grilled beef steak with black pepper that was perfectly done medium rare with good proportions of fat to meat) and Harvest and Temptation maki roll. Amazing amazing meal as always, and they even have robot servers to speed up the whole process! Definitely well worth a try especially with 1-for-1 on Burpple Beyond 👍🏻👍🏻


Absolutely love it when restaurants choose one item and do it well, which is evidently the case here with all the ASMR crunch going on throughout the meal. 👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks to Tenjin and Burpple for hosting this amazing feast that really showcased their simple but fantastic menu! Shoutout to the tempura here - crispy batter that isn’t overly oily nor cloying, and generous in portions with a good variety of ingredients (anago/eel, crab leg, ebi/prawn, white fish, vegetables (love love love the pumpkin and mushroom), free range eggs with an ozzy yolk), covered in spicy/non-spicy tare (would have liked more sauce but maybe that’s just a personal preference; also non-spicy eaters can totally opt for the spicy sauce too which is more flavourful but will not kill you with spice). 😋😋 My favourite of the lot has got to be the Inaniwa Udon ($24.80++), where the star of the dish was definitely the cold Inaniwa udon that was thin (unlike the typical thick ones) and chewy with a really smooth silky finish, and really appreciated the alternative of noodles apart from the usual rice at most tendon restaurants. 🤤🤤 But if you’re a diehard rice fanatic, the Tempura Moriwase ($24.80++) and Premium Toku-Jo ($22.80++) are definitely equally satisfying, with the difference being in their method of preparation and (duh) presentation. Less extravagant options like the Special Jo ($14.80++) without the fish and crab legs, as well as the Vegetable Yassin ($12.80++) are also available. All sets come without bowl of miso soup and kyabetsu salad with sesame dressing to make it a perfect wholesome meal. Sides like the Truffle Chawanmushi ($3.80++) deserve a special mention with their innovative take on the usual boring chawanmushi, by adding truffle kombu to really amp it up! Their Hojicha ($2.50++) here is also really fragrant and pairs perfectly with the tendon. Definitely a very versatile dining spot - be it family, friends or date night, the cosy restaurant is spacious unlike typical tendon restaurants for a comfortable meal with sufficient personal space to enjoy a good meal over good conversations 😌😌

This somehow managed to be both gorgeous and very yummy. The rose-shaped green tea cubes with a jar of cold milk was both aesthetic and made me ecstatic! For this price point for an innovative delicious drink, plus the quiet cozy ambience, I wouldn’t hesitate to come back to catch up with friends over this again 💯💯

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This was a typical cafe-ish food and nothing impressive. Every component was done simply with an extra generous serving of avocados, but felt that more effort can be put into each component (better quality bread/toasted bread/sauce).


This sounded both interesting and intimidating. The ribs were pretty decently done (could be more tender and smokey flavoured) and the mala spice was definitely present (albeit a little more salty then spicy/numbing). Would still prefer the usual sweet bbq ribs over this, plus portion was pretty small with like only 4 small ribs?

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Food was pretty good for a library cafe! This was definitely the star of meal with its thick tender fried chicken patty slathered with honey mustard and mayo and topped off with a perfect oozy egg. This reminded me of a cleaner version of Park Bench Deli’s fried chicken sandwich and was definitely their best dish among the ones we tried. 🤤🤤

Ade Tan

Level 7 Burppler · 426 Reviews

Cause food makes the world go round (and me too 🐽🐽) Good food good lobangs @adeateee

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