1-for-1 Deals

1-for-1 Deals

Featuring Dumpling Darlings, Wheeler's Yard, Dim Sum Haus, Benjamin Barker Cafe, Pasta Supremo, Dopa Dopa Creamery, Enjoy Eating House and Bar, HOLLIN (Suntec City), Wing Zone (Bugis+), T Bob's Corner
Claire Chan
Claire Chan

Great ambience, good bike theme decoration and quite cozy and definitely very spacious!!

Used Burpple Beyond and ordered a 60 Deg Chicken Breast and a Porky Bowl.

60 Deg Chicken Breast was simply outstanding. The sous vide preparation made the chicken tender and moist at the same time. The mashed potato had the right smooth consistency. Presentation of this dish was simply appealing to the eyes.

Porky Bowl, a safe choice and a right choice too! Flavourful and tasty! The egg was done the way I liked it, a little watery. The combination of the pork, egg and rice definitely worth the try!

Would definitely be back again!!! 👍🏻👍🏻


Ordered a variety of drinks (8 Cups for 16$)
The drinks were not too bad, would recommend the Wintermelon w Zesty Lemon drink as it is refreshing. Or try the Brown Sugar Boba w Oolong tea but note that it’s super sweet despite opting for less sugar.

Service wise.. It was disappointing! Caught one of the staff rolling her eyes and being impatient. Could be better..

One of the best Muslim-Owned Western Joint in Singapore! 😋

For 8 Main Dishes, we spent abt $120 (w Burpple) This place is cozy and definitely great for groups!!!

Highly Recommend their Lobster Thermidor (The rice was fragrant and light, Sauce was surprisingly tasty but a little disappointed that the portion is was tad too small) also try their Lamb Chop (It was Tender, soft and flavourful) and Tenderloin (Good portion, though consistency wise could be improved) :)

Needless to mention, though a little short of staff, the service was great!!!
This place definitely exceeded my expectations and will be coming back again! 👍🏻👍🏻

Heard many good reviews and decided to come and try it, would pick this over Swee Choon anytime for its quality 👍🏻 My Cantonese Dimsum tastebud definitely giving this place a thumbs up!

1. Charcoal Chicken & Shrimp Siew Mai 😋
Siewmai was stuffed with a good ratio of Chicken and Shrimp fillings and the roe above it added a nice texture and crunch. Must order!
2. Steamed Pork Ribs w Yam
A good portion of pork ribs and was quite well seasoned, the pork ribs were soft but could be more flavourful.
3. Chicken Feet w Black Bean Sauce
Chicken feet here was well seasoned w the black bean sauce and was soft.
4. Xiao Long Bao
Nth really stands out for this dish, the skin was on the thicker side and there weren’t much soup in it, can give it a miss the next time. :)
5. Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun 😋
This dish is another must order. Exterior was crispy and the interior was oozing w smooth & rich salted egg yolk lava. Note this bun is on the sweeter side. Eat it while it’s warm!
6. Century Egg & Lean Meat Congee
Average dish, the congee is on the thicker consistency and wasn’t hot enough when served. Can give it a miss and order other staple food :)
7. Steamed Crispy Rice Roll w Shrimp 😋
This is another must order! Wrapped in a crispy inner skin & covered in a smooth layer of rice roll this dish is filed with fresh prawns. Pretty flavourful and savoury!

Spent $39 on 7 dishes for 2 person, menu was rather extensive and portion was good! Would come again 😊

*If you are using burrple beyond, note that 2 pax is only entitled to one redemption*

We ordered a set of 6pcs of smokingQ wings and 6pcs of sweet samurai boneless chicken. Portion was really small and disappointing. (as shown in the pic) The boneless chicken was too dry. I personally wouldn’t pay $8.45 for that portion.

One thing that is worth complimenting is that, Wing Zone offers a wide range of flavours for us to choose from, it’s halal certified and their service was pretty fast.

Other than that, I wouldnt recommend it.

Heard good reviews about Pasta Supremo, known for their handmade pasta and their twist to fusion food. We tried their Spiced Supremo Chicken Skin, Mushroom&Black Truffle Cream Bread, Vege Wege Pasta and their Prawn Olio Olio.

Spiced Supremo Chicken Skin🐓 was deep fried to perfection, light and crispy. Seasoning on it made it even more addictive! Worth the calories!!

Stuff on Bread 🥖: Mushroom & Black Truffle Cream. It was creamy and had a nice truffle aroma.

Vege Wege Pasta🥦, a vegetarian option. Wouldn’t recommend it because of the strong aftertaste from the herbs that will linger in your mouth. It’s a healthier choice if you are looking for a cleaner diet.

Prawn Olio Olio🍤, definitely try this if you are a Mala fan! It was our favourite pasta out of the 2 we tried. The Sichuan Garlic Oil gave it an Asian twist and it had a little numbing sensation when you have it. The tobiko and lupcheong crumbles added a nice texture to the dish making it more dimensional.

Would definitely come back again to try tje other pasta with the Burrple Beyond!!! 😊

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Had the double scoop and tasted the Lemon Basil Sorbet and Roasted Green Tea!

Have to say, it was really worth it! The lemon basil is refreshing, it has a good sweet & sour taste. The roasted green tea was rich and fragrant, it’s more towards the bitter side.

Would totally visit again to try out other flavours!

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Benjamin Barker Cafe offers quite an extensive selection of food choices. The interior was cozy and the decor was contemporary.

Food Wise:
- Salted Egg Calamari, honestly speaking, it’s underwhelming.. nothing special.

- Salmon w Almond Crust, tasted good, worth the price. Salmon was light & fresh, the almond crust added a slightly crunchy touch to the dish. Downside of this dish is that the portion is small.

- Chilli Lime Seafood Aglio Olio, not a wow/ fantastic dish but worth trying. Lacks the zesty and garlicky taste that I was looking for.. but you can’t go wrong with aglio olio & spaghetti.. right?

- Boom Chicka Wow Wow Burger, friends tried this and gave their approval. The bun was great, soft, a little airy and buttery. The kind of bun burgers shld have. The fried chicken was well battered and very juicy.

Overall Rating:
7/10 (would definitely visit again)

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Tried their new Earl Grey Latte (R) , the earl grey tea fragrance was there but it tasted slightly subtle perhaps the ratio of the milk was a little too much. Also tried their Pink Guava Green Tea (L) , it was refreshing but would recommend to go for 25% sugar level. Slightly disappointed that they ran out of their handmade pearls which seems pretty interesting!! Looking forward to try their pearls on the next visit!

I’ve heard great reviews from friends before going and glad to have entered before the lunch crowd came. The set lunch is super worth it! It comes with 4 pcs of gyoza, pork noodles & a drink of your choice (not those usual soft drinks that you have in a set but it’s some special concoction)! Will definitely be back for more even if that means that I’ve fully utilized my 1-1 next time!

Don’t be deceived by the looks of the horfun. Once you start popping the horfun into your mouth that’s where u will realise how special and flavorful it is. I’ve honestly never tried a horfun this tasty before!

Will definitely be back for the pig trotters bee Hoon, silky egg horfun & chef J’s bbq pork another time! :)

It’s sooo good that we ordered a 2nd plate of the bee Hoon. The wok hei and the sauce that infused into the beehoon has bring the whole dish to the next level. We’ll be back for more next time!! 🤤