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Chloe Loo03
Chloe Loo03

In picture: Guac & eggs, iced lavender latte & hot lavender latte. We also tried Brave hawaiian, Chix avo sandwich, smoked salmon sandwich, hot & iced generra. Generra is mocha with freshly squeezed orange juice, interesting combination but prob not easily liked by everyone. Hot lavender latte taste more fragrant than the iced one. The food are not bad, both chicken are well flavoured & abit spicy, while the smoked salmon is a little salty. Overall, an enjoyable meal 👍🏻

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We had the manuka mystic & manuka passion. Both are pretty refreshing & nice 👌🏻 The whole making of the drinks was done by the robot, which got us fascinated for awhile hahah. Service was good too 👍🏻

We had the sea bass pasta & lasagna, & both was pretty good! Pasta was al dente & flavourful, but the sea bass was a little too salty imo. & of course the main highlight would be their garlic- deep fried garlic, chunks of garlic. Its all over the pasta & it rly enhance the entire flavour 👌🏻

Ice cream bar: 88% dark choc & Sea salt butterscotch. Their ice cream are nice! Just the right amount of flavour, sweetness & texture 👌🏻 Cosy shop & great service as well 👍🏻 But the 88% dark choc was a little too bitter for me, I would prefer the 80% one imo

We had the chicken karaage burger & orecchiette. The sweet potato fries on the side was good, well-crisp & flavourful. The rest were pretty mediocre. Nonetheless, it was a pretty & quaint cafe to chill in, & they have good service too.
Side note, the beef dishes were not applicable for burpple beyond.


We had the chilli crab pasta & beef burger, & both were pretty good! The chilli crab sauce was flavourful & pasta was the right amt of texture. Beef was not tough & the bun was fluffy & crispy on the outside. The svc was rly good, as the waiter tried his best to provide us the best svc. Would recommend 👍🏻

Had the blueberry & earl grey ice cream on waffles. Ice cream was pretty mediocre, while waffles were crispy but not very fragrant.

Had the dory salad with 1 side & a can drink which cost ard $11 each. Rly worth it with the burpple beyond! 👍🏻 Fish was soft & tender, & there were a wide variety of sides to choose from. There were no much choices for the can drink but it’s included in the burpple set so 🤷🏻‍♀️

Had the otah toast & matcha espresso. Otah is not too spicy & sourdough is crispy on the edges & soft on the inside. Matcha espresso is literally matcha on top of a layer of espresso which is an interesting combination. Would like to applause them for their environmental efforts in using metal straws for their drinks 👍🏻 👏🏻

Ordered the salivating chicken & rosemary chicken in the bigger portion. Both chicken were tender & flavourful 👍🏻 Salivating chicken is in mala sauce so it might get abit spicy aft a while... The smaller portion would’ve been sufficient for females with smaller appetites

Tried their all-day breakfast & rosti. The food items were pretty average, but rosti was abit jelat for one - would’ve been better to share it. It is a quaint cafe located at the back of the mall, and was full house during the lunch hours of that saturday that i visited.

We had the Tortellini truffle & Pizza marinara. The pasta was very generous with the mushrooms & the cream sauce was not jelat at all. But it’ll start to dry up & became sticky aft quite a while. Pizza crust was thin & crispy, with a seafood on each slice. Flavour was good, but the seafood were all not de shelled so it got quite messy finishing it.

Documenting down my burpple beyond journey ✌🏻

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