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Chloe Loo03
Chloe Loo03

Had the blueberry & earl grey ice cream on waffles. Ice cream was pretty mediocre, while waffles were crispy but not very fragrant.

Had the dory salad with 1 side & a can drink which cost ard $11 each. Rly worth it with the burpple beyond! 👍🏻 Fish was soft & tender, & there were a wide variety of sides to choose from. There were no much choices for the can drink but it’s included in the burpple set so 🤷🏻‍♀️

Had the otah toast & matcha espresso. Otah is not too spicy & sourdough is crispy on the edges & soft on the inside. Matcha espresso is literally matcha on top of a layer of espresso which is an interesting combination. Would like to applause them for their environmental efforts in using metal straws for their drinks 👍🏻 👏🏻

Ordered the salivating chicken & rosemary chicken in the bigger portion. Both chicken were tender & flavourful 👍🏻 Salivating chicken is in mala sauce so it might get abit spicy aft a while... The smaller portion would’ve been sufficient for females with smaller appetites

Tried their all-day breakfast & rosti. The food items were pretty average, but rosti was abit jelat for one - would’ve been better to share it. It is a quaint cafe located at the back of the mall, and was full house during the lunch hours of that saturday that i visited.

We had the Tortellini truffle & Pizza marinara. The pasta was very generous with the mushrooms & the cream sauce was not jelat at all. But it’ll start to dry up & became sticky aft quite a while. Pizza crust was thin & crispy, with a seafood on each slice. Flavour was good, but the seafood were all not de shelled so it got quite messy finishing it.

We had the pistachio rose & chocolate cakes with honey yuzu & jujube teas. Pistachio rose was light & fragrant, while the other one was chocolatey & rich 👍🏻

Had the overload & truffle mac n cheese. Portion was just nice & tasted pretty ok. The cafe was still crowded even on a weekend 2pm, so we were only left with the outdoor seats

Quaint restaurant located at the ground level of stadium, serving mexican & indian food. We had the beef chimichanga (in the photo) & fish in a blanket. Beef chimichanga was pretty good & flavourful. The fish was also soft & tender, but can be a tad too salty.

We had the salmon eggs benedict - cant go wrong, & the linguine black pepper crab which tasted a tad too salty

Tried the smores & truffle pies. Personally not a fan of the truffle taste that is incorporated in a sweet dessert. Smores on the other hand is rich in chocolate 👌🏻 We were expecting the crust to be the buttery kind but it was actually the flaky kind.

Minimalistic & quaint place that serves rly good coffee. Smooth & flavourful. Cafe is just a short walk from chinatown downtown line 👍🏻 Perfect place to chill & hide from the bustle of life.