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Always Room For Desserts 🍮 🍨 🍦

Always Room For Desserts 🍮 🍨 🍦

Featuring Atlas Coffeehouse, Curious Palette, Paddy Hills, Tom's Palette, The Workbench Bistro, The Chop House (VivoCity), Chalk Farm (Paragon), PS.Cafe (Paragon), Beans & Cream, Wimbly Lu (Tyrwhitt)
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee
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A decadent moist Chocolate Lava Cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream. Yep. That’s the description on Afterwit’s Dulce or dessert menu. Unfortunately, that’s definitely not the case.

It looks like the supposed lava cake is retrieved from the fridge when ordered. It’s not warmed up, but some crushed Biscoff cookies are topped onto the cake. When we cut into the cake, it was surprisingly sturdy, dense and solid. There was no trace of lava, just a chocolate interior that was more like about-to-melt chocolate.

The vanilla ice cream is pure white, with no trace of vanilla seeds inside, it looks almost like coconut ice cream instead. That said, it does taste slightly of vanilla and not coconut. It is quite frozen though, and I could feel some ice crystals as I was eating the ice cream.

This is definitely not what we expected when we ordered this dessert, and we probably wouldn’t order it again. Nonetheless, it’s still a very chocolatey dessert that chocolate lovers would probably enjoy, so get this if you love chocolate, just don’t expect any molten lava and you’ll be fine.

It’s way more worth it to get a large bowl, especially if you’re sharing, but we were pretty full and just had a hankering for acai so we got the classic small bowl. HAAKON’s Classic Acai Bowl comes with chia pudding, blended Acai, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, dried coconut, nuts and granola. I enjoyed the multitude of flavours and textures in this simple bowl, but I did feel that the Acai was a little too sweet. In addition, the chia pudding layer was frozen and quite hard to eat until it had defrosted. Still a yummy and healthy dessert that’s available till late as compared to many other Acai stalls around the area.

*Note: HAAKON is FavePay friendly!

If you’re looking for some desserts after your mains, or a sweeter start to your morning, try the Waffles & Ice Cream at 6 Letter Coffee. There’s not a whole lot of flavours to pick from, so we got the Belgian Chocolate with this.

There’s also an option to change the waffles to matcha or chocolate waffles (which I wanted to, but completely forgot while ordering!) which cost an additional $2. Thankfully, the regular waffles are pretty good already. This took a while to serve as the waffle griddle was heating up. It’s beautifully plated with two waffles sandwiching a scoop of ice cream of your choice, before being drizzled with chocolate syrup and granola.

The waffles are slightly crisp on the outside, but easy to cut into. We realised that the waffles seemed to be overbrowned on one side, but it didn’t add too much bitterness from the browning, and instead worked well to balance the rich ice cream. The Belgian chocolate flavour was a great choice, as the chocolate was prominent, and there were chocolate chips as well as brownie bits in the scoop. The ice cream doesn’t melt that quickly, so you don’t have to gobble the dessert down, but I recommend pushing it off the waffles so they don’t get soggy.

I think the granola was a nice touch. The additional crunch was so satisfying, but I think the oats could’ve been toasted longer or seasoned more as they still had a strong earthy and powdery taste. Actually, nuts would’ve probably done the same job but I appreciate the effort to add granola on top.

Butterknife Folk released a multitude of local flavours in time for National Day week. I was curious to try the chicken rice flavour, so I purposely made my way down after seeing that it was available today on their IG stories.

I ended up trying the Milo Van MILO, chicken rice, and the kopi gao. The milo van milo is truly amazing, it’s literally the same taste of milo van milo in ice cream form - thick, chocolatey and malty. Takes me back to sports days in school. It is quite sweet, so this is probably better for sharing.

The chicken rice flavour was interesting. It’s a savoury ice cream with prominent tastes of ginger. Actually not bad, but I wasn’t sure if I could finish a whole scoop of this on my own.

Enter the kopi gao flavour. Strong black kopi with condensed milk. I was hooked from first lick. The coffee taste is so aromatic and strong, and this flavour is the perfect balance of sweetness plus a slight contrasting bitterness from the coffee. I’ve definitely never had such strong coffee ice cream before.. This one is a hot seller for sure as the tub was almost completely empty - I think I might’ve gotten the last scoop! I really hope they bring this flavour back often as it’s really good!!!!

Actually wanted to try more flavours like the soursop, pineapple tart, sugarcane lemon and chilli crab, but sadly the sweet counter girl wasn’t there today. The staff today wasn’t friendly. It was like she was hurrying the customers to make a decision quickly so I just settled for the kopi gao.

I was also thinking of getting a tub to go, but the ice cream apparently only lasts 45 minutes unrefrigerated. :( Guess this is only suitable if you’re going to eat it fast or head back home immediately. Note that a styrofoam tub of ice cream costs $20, but if you buy the thermos container for $15, you get ice cream refills in the thermos for $18.

Nestled right at the entrance of The Bijou condominium directly opposite Pasir Panjang MRT is the kins’ cafe which has been making waves in the cafe scene with their Burnt Cheesecake.

It’s definitely not the most photogenic, and it defies all the rules of what a cheesecake should be. With its burnt exterior, uneven top, and gooey middle, the basque cheesecake breaks all the rules and remoulds it in its own glory. The slightly bitter burnt crust balances the sweetness and saltiness from the gooey cheese perfectly, resulting in a gastronomical experience of epic proportions. The mouthfeel and delicate balance of flavours is incredible. You really have to try this for yourself and experience the magic of your first bite, and many subsequent bites, first hand.

Note that takeaway is only available for the whole cake as the cheesecake slice will melt, so it’s only suitable to be eaten at the cafe!

This is what dessert would look like if a pancake and muffin had a baby. The Berry Berry is a gorgeously plated dessert which, at first glance, appears to be two crisp golden pancakes topped with flower petals, berries, berry sauce, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, two cubes of vanilla ice cream and crushed Oreo. It’s a feast for the eyes, and the tongue, plus stomach.

Upon cutting into the pancake, we realised it was actually thick, and the top was crusty and crispy while the interior was light and fluffy. It was buttery and slightly savoury, which the sweet berry compote and tart fruits complemented well. I loved the nutty crunch from the seeds, and the two small cubes of ice cream were a nice touch that proved less is more. This dessert was so delightful, it would have been easy to devour the whole thing singlehandedly had we not agreed to share beforehand. I would say this is a MUST ORDER at Paddy Hills and is definitely worth making the trip down here for despite its inaccessible location. I’ll be back for this!

Right in front of Haw Par Villa and at the exit of the MRT station is an old-school ice cream stand selling blocks of ice cream cut with a knife and sandwiched between wafers or rainbow bread. We spotted this on Sunday morning but I’m not sure if they’re there everyday. Apart from the regular stands at Orchard Road, you hardly find these anymore. They even ring the bell! How nostalgic.

These traditional ice creams have evolved with the times, and there are a variety of newfangled flavours like lychee and Thai milk tea available as well. I’m sentimental, so I went for my childhood favourite - chocolate ice cream wafer sandwich. Nothing mind-blowing, but incredibly comforting and brings back tons of old memories.

No words can describe how incredibly happy I was when I walked to Butterknife Folk and saw the Pistachio flavour available. I literally squealed with delight at the ice cream display. We immediately ordered a pint, which was pretty expensive at $20, but for ice cream this quality - I think it is well worth it.

Since the ice cream is made in small batches, this was no doubt a different batch than the one I had gotten last week. It was same same yet different. While the pistachio flavour was as strong and you could see the specks of pistachio, they were more finely ground than before, and this gelato seemed to be softer and melted faster too. However it was still the same great taste and I converted three out of four of my friends to Butterknife Folk fans!

Perfect for when you want some amazing ice cream to share calories with your friends, or when you just want the amazing ice cream to yourself for a chill night. Remember to bring a thermal container if you plan to buy some ice cream back so you can get $2 off your pint purchase!

A lighter option on the menu with charcoal frozen yoghurt in a coconut crusted chimney cone. I love that the yoghurt wasn’t too sweet and we could actually taste some tartness. The charcoal added some grittiness to the froyo that I personally enjoyed. The chimney cone pastry was better than I thought, it was sort of like a less buttery and flaky croissant, but that’s not a good description of it. I liked that it wasn’t too oily or sweet, and the coconut flakes added a nice aroma to the pastry. There’s a thick piece of dark chocolate below to catch the melted yoghurt and prevent it from soaking into the pastry, so it doesn’t get too messy. Overall I enjoyed this quite a lot, and would likely visit Good Food again, maybe to try the other chimney cake combinations!

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Lured in by all the cookies and indulgent fillings that are piped in with syringes. You get to pick which cookie you want, and a choice of three fillings. Being indecisive, we went with the Half & Half although the Biscoff, Reeses and Pretzel Cookie bases looked amazing as well. A syringe full of Nutella was poked into the four quadrants of the cookie and ejected, before the remaining Nutella was swirled on top.

We were also eyeing the soft serve and the guy serving us suggested topping it with soft serve as “it’s very good together!!!”. After making payment, you can wait for your cookie at the small eat-in section next to the cashier. There are no seats, and only two tables, but it’s very cute and instagrammable. Don’t spend too much time instagramming or taking photos though, as the soft serve melts very very quickly (as evident from our photo).

On its own, the soft serve doesn’t really stand out as there’s not much of a distinct flavour but I found it complemented the cookie and filling extremely well. It brought out the chocolate and buttery cookie as well as Nutella taste even better. The cookies tend to be on the soft side, which are lovely and easy to eat with the tiny plastic spork. The Nutella filling wasn’t too overwhelming either, and each component of the cookie and soft serve actually shone as a sum of their parts.

I find it rather amusing that all the staff are in pretty good shape (most likely gym buffs and health-conscious individuals), but are serving such calorie-laden treats. How ironic. Anyway, as their catchphrase goes, it’s worth every calorie and I’m not denying that. Will be back to try the other flavours!

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Thrilled to see this unconventional nutty ice cream flavour and it’s done so well here. The Cashew taste is evident, plus there’s a generous amount of crushed cashews inside the ice cream for more bite. While this flavour is uncommon, it’s not strange or some newfangled concoction. This will definitely please nut, and especially cashew, lovers.

Do remember to check their daily flavour rotation before heading down if there’s something you want in particular!

*Note: Butterknife Folk is GrabPay friendly!

I was mindblown from my first sample. I love pistachio ice cream and will try it everywhere, so trust me when I say that Butterknife Folk has one of the best pistachio gelato. It’s so so nutty, and there’s even some crushed pistachios inside! You HAVE to try this if you’re a fan of pistachio ice creams. The gelato at Butterknife Folk is rich and creamy, and it doesn’t melt very quickly.

A single scoop goes for $5 while a double scoop goes for $9. Both cups and cones cost the same.

If you’re gunning for a particular flavour, check their Instagram before you head down to see what flavours they are serving for the day as they make their ice cream in small batches which means that the flavours change quite often. They do have many interesting flavours that are definitely worth a shot anyway.

*Butterknife Folk is GrabPay friendly!

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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