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Always Room For Desserts 🍮 🍨 🍦

Always Room For Desserts 🍮 🍨 🍦

Featuring Atlas Coffeehouse, Curious Palette, Paddy Hills, Tom's Palette, The Workbench Bistro, PS.Cafe (Paragon), Chalk Farm (Paragon), Beans & Cream, Wimbly Lu (Tyrwhitt), A Spoonful of Sugar
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee

Maybe a little too early for dessert at 10am, but how to resist especially with the chendol photos around the cafe? We opted for the durian chendol, which came with a generous dollop of durian purée on top.

The durian purée was thick and creamy, and provided a lovely bittersweet contrast with the shaved ice, gula melaka syrup and chendol bits. The ice isn’t as fine as bingsu, but it’s finer and more even than what you’d usually get at a kopitiam or coffee shop. Hidden under the mound of ice were two attap chee and some kidney beans in coconut milk. Very very enjoyable dessert overall, and I would recommend going for the durian chendol over the regular as the durian really elevated my enjoyment of this dessert!

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Hershey’s McFlurry is back!!!

I love this more than the regular Oreo McFlurry as the Hershey’s soft serve is chocolate (duh!) and who doesn’t love chocolate?! Well if you say you don’t then we can’t be friends.

The soft serve is creamy and smooth, plus it’s not too sweet. Goes really well with the crunchy Oreo cookies for some extra crunch and even more chocolatey goodness.

I’ll definitely be getting more of the Hershey’s soft serve line, especially excited to try the hot fudge sundae, before this special flavour goes away!

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Ever the innovators, Butterknife Folk was offering four different mooncake and tea gelato flavours for Mid Autumn Festival. We headed down on Mooncake Festival and two days after, and this was what we had the second time.

Honey Orchid Dancong (left):
A collaboration with Pekoe Imp, this tea gelato flavour is incredibly aromatic. The roasted oolong flavour comes out very nicely and it’s not too sweet at all. It’s not as decadent as the other flavours, and is not only a great tea pairing to go with the mooncake flavours, but versatile enough to pair with almost any flavour offered.

Kaya Toast (middle):
A local favourite made into gelato form and Butterknife Folk have indeed done a masterful job. There’s generous green swirls of Kaya in the gelato, as well as crispy pieces of toast that are almost crouton-like. I really really love this flavour, as well as the texture contrast in the creamy gelato and crunchy toast bits. You have to try this one to appreciate how good it is!

Teochew Flaky Yam Mooncake (right):
A festive offering that comes only once a year - this flavour is sure to satisfy those who love this pastry, and those who love yam. The taste of yam isn’t overpowering, but it’s just strong enough to make itself known. The flaky pastry isn’t quite so flaky anymore, but still provides a light crispy texture when bitten into. If you like yam but didn’t quite like the Orh Nee flavour on rotation here a while back because of the shallot oil aroma, be glad to know that you won’t get any of that here at all. However, you’ll probably have to wait till next year to get your hands on it when mooncake festival comes round.

Had my eye on this the instant I saw it on the menu and places my order for the Orh Nee together with our food orders.

I really wasn’t expecting a firm mould of yam paste to be served, but it is what it is. You’re provided with a jug of coconut milk to pour and mix to your desired consistency. Based on the three bowls we had at our table, our general consensus was that it was way too much effort and we would’ve preferred if the chef had added in the milk prior to serving. Tastewise the dessert was not bad, it’s not too sweet, and you can actually smell the aroma of the fried yam paste. The ginkgo nuts weren’t bitter either, which is always a plus.

This was the main draw of the day for me. BUNDT isn’t near my workplace or house, so I made a special trip down to get these once I saw the banana brownies were available on the menu they posted yesterday night. Staying true to my word, I placed an order via DM on Instagram for these brownies, muffins and avo-toast last night too.

After quoting my Instagram handle, my food was prepared on the spot but my brownies were already neatly packaged in their brown paper wrapping. Compared to the peanut butter and pink salt or the double chocolate brownie flavours, I actually enjoyed the banana the most. It seemed to have the perfect balance of sweetness from the banana to match the semisweet black cocoa, plus this was the most moist thanks to the banana interior. Even my friend who doesn’t like bananas did admit that this was a delicious brownie, and she enjoyed it despite the banana bits.

If you ever see this on the menu, go straight for it. I think the other double chocolate and peanut butter variants are more common and can wait, but the banana flavour is released once in a blue moon so snap it up quickly when you can!


If you walk by Bundt by The Backyard Bakers, be prepared to be assaulted and drawn in by the amazing smells from their tiny unit. The little takeaway joint is perpetually permeated by inviting scents of baked goodies, and I actually walked in exactly when a fresh batch of these black cocoa brownie goodies just came out of the oven.

At $4.80 for a tiny piece, these black cocoa brownies are by no means affordable, but it’s worth treating yourself every once in a while.

We tried this while seated at the two small tables at Bundt once the brownies had cooled down sufficiently for them to be wrapped in their signature brown parchment paper. I’ve never seen (an unburnt) brownie this black, and Bundt’s are so full of cocoa and so chocolatey good. It’s incredibly moist and soft, plus the peanut butter center adds some creaminess and saltiness to the semi sweet brownie. The combination of black cocoa, chunky peanut butter and pink salt is just incredible. I would totally recommend getting this, and I’m sure I’ll be making a return visit again soon - this time, I’ll make sure to make a reservation for the brownies BEFORE heading down.

Perhaps the BEST brownies I’ve ever had in Singapore (also one of the most pricey).

The Black Cocoa Brownies at Bundt are legendary, and although I visited without making a reservation, I was lucky enough to have made it down early so there were 1) fresh brownies and 2) they weren’t booked yet.

It’s worth noting that this particular brownie was kept overnight but it was every bit as moist and chocolatey as the one we had at Bundt itself. The brownies are so decadent, but not sweet. The rich taste of cocoa is evident, and the double chocolate brownie has crunchy pieces of chocolate chips that make every bite oh so delicious. Super indulgent, but worth every calorie. I can’t imagine how amazing this would taste if it were heated up and served with some ice cream! Gotta get myself more of these brownies soon!

Another case of the more you order, the more worth it your gelato is. Venchi has three different sizes - mini (single scoop), regular (double scoop) and large (triple scoop). Each additional scoop of gelato costs only $2, so it would make more sense to just get more scoops and share. However, if you don’t want to share, you can even get all three scoops just for yourself because the ice cream is just THAT GOOD. This is perhaps the best gelato texture I’ve ever had in Singapore. It’s soft to the point that I was worried my gelato might melt and flop off my cone. Thankfully it didn’t, but it had a luxuriously soft and creamy mouthfeel that was super smooth. I can only describe this as heavenly.

Between both of us, we ordered the Green Pistachio from Bronte, Gianduiotto Venezuela and Piedmont Hazelnut. Despite being a true pistachio nut (pun intended), I wasn’t impressed by the pistachio flavour at Venchi. While the gelato texture was good, it was lacking any nuttiness altogether (if you can’t tell which one the pistachio scoop was, it’s the one on the bottom in the double scoop - a combination of how pale the green was and bad lighting). The Gianduiotto Venezuela, however, was so good! There were bits of chocolate chunks and nuts in the rich chocolate ice cream. If you love chocolate, this surely won’t disappoint. The Piedmont Hazelnut was fantastic too. It was like Nutella in gelato form, not too sticky and not too sweet.

Although known for their chocolates, Venchi’s gelato are pretty dang fantastic too and I would definitely get another the next time I’m nearby!

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A decadent moist Chocolate Lava Cake served with Vanilla Ice Cream. Yep. That’s the description on Afterwit’s Dulce or dessert menu. Unfortunately, that’s definitely not the case.

It looks like the supposed lava cake is retrieved from the fridge when ordered. It’s not warmed up, but some crushed Biscoff cookies are topped onto the cake. When we cut into the cake, it was surprisingly sturdy, dense and solid. There was no trace of lava, just a chocolate interior that was more like about-to-melt chocolate.

The vanilla ice cream is pure white, with no trace of vanilla seeds inside, it looks almost like coconut ice cream instead. That said, it does taste slightly of vanilla and not coconut. It is quite frozen though, and I could feel some ice crystals as I was eating the ice cream.

This is definitely not what we expected when we ordered this dessert, and we probably wouldn’t order it again. Nonetheless, it’s still a very chocolatey dessert that chocolate lovers would probably enjoy, so get this if you love chocolate, just don’t expect any molten lava and you’ll be fine.

It’s way more worth it to get a large bowl, especially if you’re sharing, but we were pretty full and just had a hankering for acai so we got the classic small bowl. HAAKON’s Classic Acai Bowl comes with chia pudding, blended Acai, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, dried coconut, nuts and granola. I enjoyed the multitude of flavours and textures in this simple bowl, but I did feel that the Acai was a little too sweet. In addition, the chia pudding layer was frozen and quite hard to eat until it had defrosted. Still a yummy and healthy dessert that’s available till late as compared to many other Acai stalls around the area.

*Note: HAAKON is FavePay friendly!

If you’re looking for some desserts after your mains, or a sweeter start to your morning, try the Waffles & Ice Cream at 6 Letter Coffee. There’s not a whole lot of flavours to pick from, so we got the Belgian Chocolate with this.

There’s also an option to change the waffles to matcha or chocolate waffles (which I wanted to, but completely forgot while ordering!) which cost an additional $2. Thankfully, the regular waffles are pretty good already. This took a while to serve as the waffle griddle was heating up. It’s beautifully plated with two waffles sandwiching a scoop of ice cream of your choice, before being drizzled with chocolate syrup and granola.

The waffles are slightly crisp on the outside, but easy to cut into. We realised that the waffles seemed to be overbrowned on one side, but it didn’t add too much bitterness from the browning, and instead worked well to balance the rich ice cream. The Belgian chocolate flavour was a great choice, as the chocolate was prominent, and there were chocolate chips as well as brownie bits in the scoop. The ice cream doesn’t melt that quickly, so you don’t have to gobble the dessert down, but I recommend pushing it off the waffles so they don’t get soggy.

I think the granola was a nice touch. The additional crunch was so satisfying, but I think the oats could’ve been toasted longer or seasoned more as they still had a strong earthy and powdery taste. Actually, nuts would’ve probably done the same job but I appreciate the effort to add granola on top.

Butterknife Folk released a multitude of local flavours in time for National Day week. I was curious to try the chicken rice flavour, so I purposely made my way down after seeing that it was available today on their IG stories.

I ended up trying the Milo Van MILO, chicken rice, and the kopi gao. The milo van milo is truly amazing, it’s literally the same taste of milo van milo in ice cream form - thick, chocolatey and malty. Takes me back to sports days in school. It is quite sweet, so this is probably better for sharing.

The chicken rice flavour was interesting. It’s a savoury ice cream with prominent tastes of ginger. Actually not bad, but I wasn’t sure if I could finish a whole scoop of this on my own.

Enter the kopi gao flavour. Strong black kopi with condensed milk. I was hooked from first lick. The coffee taste is so aromatic and strong, and this flavour is the perfect balance of sweetness plus a slight contrasting bitterness from the coffee. I’ve definitely never had such strong coffee ice cream before.. This one is a hot seller for sure as the tub was almost completely empty - I think I might’ve gotten the last scoop! I really hope they bring this flavour back often as it’s really good!!!!

Actually wanted to try more flavours like the soursop, pineapple tart, sugarcane lemon and chilli crab, but sadly the sweet counter girl wasn’t there today. The staff today wasn’t friendly. It was like she was hurrying the customers to make a decision quickly so I just settled for the kopi gao.

I was also thinking of getting a tub to go, but the ice cream apparently only lasts 45 minutes unrefrigerated. :( Guess this is only suitable if you’re going to eat it fast or head back home immediately. Note that a styrofoam tub of ice cream costs $20, but if you buy the thermos container for $15, you get ice cream refills in the thermos for $18.

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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