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Featuring FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, Matchaya (Icon Village), Twenty Grammes (Bugis), Shake Shack (Jewel Changi Airport), Ramen Nagi (Suntec City), Wolf Burgers (PasarBella @ Suntec), IZY Dining & Bar, Genki Sushi (Chinatown Point), Omurice Keisuke, Jia Bin Klang Bak Kut Teh


SPICE up your weekend with this malaysian style Jia Bin Klang Dry Bak Kut Teh , comes piping hot served on the claypot , consisting of soft and succulent pork FATTY belly , pork ribs , and pigs intestine.. all sizzling with their special dark soy sauce with the bak kut teh herbal aftertaste .. sweet , herbalicious , and the slight spice from the dried red chilli .. All you foodies that loves the EmPOWERing SPIKE of flavors on your tastebuds , this is for U! (S$8.80)

My 2nd Fav : The Jia Bin Klang Hua Diao Wine Chicken (S$8.80)
Super Aromatic plus the burst of wine infused onto the piping hot claypot , i really love the gravy paired with the chicken chunks !
And also do not forget the herbal bak kut teh soup version which they ACE! *Complimentary Refillable Soup too!
#HUNGREESPIKE Ratings : 4.97/5
Ambiance : Spacious restaurant , fast and alert staffs .. & come early to beat the queue!

Finally got to try the long awaited SHAKE SHACK!! DROOOLS!

Got the Double Classic Shack Burger , housed in between those THIC non-GMO Potato Butter Buns..
two juicy well done all natural Angus beef , tomato slices , lettuce, shacksauce and Overflowing OOZing Cheese on both patties!

I'm impressed by the STRONG beefy flavor & juicyness even though it's well done , the Buttery crisps on both sides of the buns .. and their SPECIAL SAVORY ShackSauce.
Combinating these SPIKES your tastebuds! ($12.70)

Also took the Cheese Fries as the side dish to share!
Ending the meal with a REFRESHING ShackMeister Ale , more on the Bitter side , following with a kick of sweetness and SMOKY Aftertaste ! 12 Oz ($9.50)

#HUNGREESPIKE Ratings : 4.98/5
Shack Shake is now on my Ranked as TOP 2 on my Burger LIST
I Highly Recommend U the Classic ShackBurger !! DOUBLE or x2 !
Ambiance : 2 Storey Spaciousness , & very friendly Staffs .. be prepared to queue but its worth it !
Location : 02-256 Jewel, 78 Airport Blvd, Changi Airport Singapore, 819666

🍄🍄🍄 The Truffle Chicken Chop comes with fresh garden salad , corn , shitake mushrooms , fries and a bowl of Strong Savory truffle sauce , chicken was grilled to tenderness juicy perfection , loving their crispy skin too !

The Truffle sauce Spikes this dish to new heights !! now im gonna TRUFFLE all grilled meat ($16.90)

BBQ Chicken Chop, Char Grilled Skillfully ! With Fries & Salad. ($14.90)

Tori Chicken Aglio Olio - Above average Standard , gravy was top notch creamy & herbylicious! ($11.90)

Mushroom Soup was damn good ! Freshly made with fresh mushrooms .. not canned soups .. A PLUS!! Grumpy bear is now offering 1 for 1 mains !
Will definitely go back to try their chilli crab chicken cutlet and their Signature Grumpy Steak!
#HUNGREESPIKE Ratings : 4.95/5
Ambiance : Modern & very friendly Staffs !

Picked the Dark Chocolate , which has that Heavy cocao bitterness..
Red berrylicious .. Bursting my Zinging taste buds in EPICC sourness ..
Thai Red tea Ice cream , tasted just like bubble tea ~
Combining all the mouth watering flavors.. ranging from salty, sour , sweet , bitter , creamy.. •×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•
Plus a lovely Rainbow Crepe Cake !
#HungreeSpike Ratings :: 4.97/5 •×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•×•
Ambiance : 4.96/5 .. Cafe like seatings, instagrammable art work like the " I want it all" at the back and Chillin Hits Songs

°•°•°•°•° •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°
Both Buns Toasted to buttery crispyness
Tucked in between those buns.. a medium rare beef Patty that has 4 premium blends giving that melty juicyness , Crunchy Smoked Applewood Bacon with a hint of sweetness ,
Melted cheddar 🧀 , 🍅 slices and fresh lettuce and their signature OMASAKE sauce with 13 ingredients.
I would prefer to have more sauce on the burger for more intense flavors !
My 2nd fav is the ULTIMATE OMASAKE Burger which consists of additional smoked Applewood Bacon , mushrooms and sauteed sweet onions!! •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°
Took the OMASAKE set , which costs $22.90 SGD for the Applewood and $23.50 for the ULTIMATE OMASAKE set .
Best side dish imo is the Chilli cheese fries ~ cheesy & porky , topped with minced pork , chives , red kidney beans and cheddar cheese ~ °•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°°•
Hungry SPIKE Ratings : 4.82/5
Ranked : 4th on my Top 5 burger lists
Ambience: 4.9/5 Going into next lvl , imcorporating nature , music and a hip layout !
#foodie #omasakeburger
#omasake #burpple #foodporn #foodgasm #instafood #beef #patties #igsg #trending #instagram #wheretoeatsg #burgers #chillicheesefries #hungryspike #western #foodphotography #oishii

$15.95 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
My 2nd fav ramen is the GREEN KING ramen , tonkotsu broth , mixed of basil and Parmesan shreds , giving that cheese mayoee broth ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• My ratings : 4.96/5
#foodie #ramen #foodpics #ramen #japan #japanesefood #burpple #japanesecuisine #eat #foodporn #foodphotography #wheretoeatsg #oishii #trending #instagram #foodblogger

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Recently went to the highly anticipated NEWLY opened Omurice Keisuke outlet ~~ 🐣🥚🐣 O---O---O---O---O---O---O---O---O

Got the Omurice COMBO set , with Mentaiko Spaghetti, Terriyaki Chicken Hamburg & GREEN Salad.
The Omu was scrambled perfectly.. melting in mouth , creamy & eggy , filled with Ketchup flavored rice , chicken ,corn & remember to pick my TOP 2 FAV gravy's -- WAFU & Tomato / Chilli !! O---O---O---O---O---O---O---O---O

Mentaiko Spaghetti has such a STRONG Mentaiko flavor with a hint of cheese .
Terriyaki Chicken Hamburg was small but really grilled tenderly and juicy ! +
Be sure to queue early!! It's worth the wait !

Spiky's Oishii ratings: 4.94/5
OMURICE Combo Set ($12.90++) Located at Omurice Keisuke Bugis + #04-01 S188067
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Handmade Noodles flavored with Pandan , colors just like a Christmas tree , noodles are thin, springy, coated with a special Strong aroma oil u just can't resist !
4.8/5 ! ---------------------------
Happy holidays! 🎆🎇🎄⛄
#foodie #wantonmee #noodles #photography #foodphotography #foodporn #malaysia #wheretoeat #trending #instafood #Instagram #colors #hosengkee #eat #burple #foodblogger #photography #yum #makan

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Unagi Sushi, big generous portion topped with Terriyaki sauce ,
The Oyster Sushi , one of my fav too , flamed torched with parmesan cheese, peppers and herbs , love the chardness , and the mix of flavors from salty , spicy , herby.
The Salmon Belly Sushi! For all those people that love salmon fat melting in their mouth , this is for u!
The Special Singapore Sushi , seared tuna topped with seaweed paste , sesame seeds and chives, a unique combination! Tasted like the ocean~
The TRIO Lobster Rolls.
My All Time fav , the LARGE Ebi sushis, topped with a hint of mentaiko , i had trouble picking it up with the chopsticks, very crispy , succulent prawn .
Highyl Recommened as its afforadle and has the utmost good quality!
My Rating : 4.89/5
#foodie #foodpics #japanesecuisine
#foodphotography #eat #sushi #salmon #flamed #instafood #trending #Instagram #genkisushi #oishii #foodporn #foodgasm #wheretoeatsg #burple

Spicy , sour , salty.. an explosion of flavors !
Spicyness lvl 4.8/5 .

Cheese Maze Soba , flamed grilled to perfection .

Fried Gyoza , crispy and juicy!
Love the Takoyaki balls ~ One of the best so far locally , the bottom is Ultra crispy with soft fillings that melts in your mouth.
Give it a try ! Menya kokoro has arrived in Singapore! Newly Opened ~
My rating : 4.9/5 ~ I'll be back to try their original Tokyo Maze Soba and more Takoyakis!
Happy Halloween & weekends all!
#foodie #menyakokoro
#japan #japanesecuisine
#eat #dryramen #sg #eat #oishii #Instagram #trending #instafood #soba #foodpics #foodporn #photography #foodphotography #foodblogger #burple #wheretoeatsg

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Oooishii! .
4.8/5 . Matcha fanatics must try !
#japanesefood #foodie #japanese #matcha #oishii #burple #photography #foodpics #foodphotography #coldnoodles #yum #foodporn #foodporn #foodgasm #menya #trending #Instagram #wheretoeat #igsg

Cucumber sushi topped with Sea urchin , kani flakes , salmon roe , crab meat.
The best part is the Sea urchin, where it melts in your mouth , just like sea butter! ~ $50
Hokkaido nanatsuboshi rice topped with grilled wagyu beef slices , soft boiled egg and sliced seasonal truffle ~
Love this so much ~ The strong aroma of the truffle plus the hint of chardness from the grilled wagyu beef ! --$42
This has that Strong flavor of sea urchin homemade sauce ,kinda similar to salted egg sauce ~ $32
Lastly ,
Their unique homemade dessert,
The Strawberry Chilli Sorbet ,
Chopped strawberries , shaved iced, cream and a hint of spice , sweet and spicy ! -$12
Overall 4.8/5 ! .
Happy weekends and July !! #foodie #food #photography
#oishii #uni #seaurchin #nokke #gyudon #dessertstagram #yum #eat #wheretoeatsg #burrple #strawberrychillisorbet #foodphotography #foodoholic #foodpics #finedining #izy #instagram #trending #eat

Here to make you Droooool ~

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