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Local Hawker Dishes 🇸🇬

Local Hawker Dishes 🇸🇬

Featuring Da Shi Jia 大食家大大大虾面, Curry Times (Velocity), 13 Stages (Kallang Wave Mall), Yan Ji Seafood Soup (Far East Plaza), AH LOCK & Co., Dynasty Fried Porridge, Kim Choo Kueh Chang (East Coast), Jia Yi Wan, Fu Lin Yong Tofu (Suntec City), Ruyi Yuan Vegetarian (Tanjong Pagar)
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee
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This is one of the healthier and also one of the pricier dishes on the menu at Curry Times. It does take a while longer to serve - we were informed it would take about 15 minutes, but it didn’t feel that long.

For $19, the portion of cod is quite small, but you do get some rice as well. The cod is slathered in sweet sauce with preserved radish, which did get a bit too salty after a few mouthfuls. It does go well with the white rice though, and the crunchy chye poh was a nice contrast in texture to the silky soft cod fish flesh. The cod fish is well cooked and sweet, and I could appreciate it on its own or with the rice. Overall, I really enjoyed this dish, but it is definitely quite pricey compared to the other items on the menu.

Note that you can pay with FavePay at Curry Times, but there’s a 10% discount with DBS/POSB cards at the moment (April 2019) so choose whichever payment method benefits you more.

Tofu portion is decent for the price, but the century egg is sliced too thinly for you to taste much of it and overall there’s just not enough century egg to tofu. The version at Curry Times tries to include crumbled salted egg yolk too, but I felt it didn’t add much to the overall dish. Would’ve worked better if they just gave more and thicker slices of century egg atop the silken tofu.

Note that the sauce is sour instead of savoury, which was interesting. Although I prefer a savoury sauce with this dish, the sourness kept me intrigued and coming back for more bites.

Overall not a bad dish if you like tofu, but I think I’ll try the tofu with chye poh the next time I visit.

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Affordable and great zhi char in a newly renovated, clean and modern coffee shop Bistro 8. Wasn’t too crowded at 7 on a Saturday night, and you get to order from various stalls so there’s definitely something for everyone. Great for dining in a group with friends and family or even on your own.

- Signature Fried Porridge (MUST TRY!)
- Omelette with Preserved Radish/Chye Poh Egg

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Found the meat in the Ngoh Hiang here to be too dry and tough. None of us really enjoyed this dish. Probably would’ve been a better idea to buy assorted ngoh hiang from the Five Spice bee hoon stall rather than Dynasty Fried Porridge in the same coffee shop (where the old fried porridge stall lot used to be)

What vegetables you can order really depends on what they have for the day. Since they had Green Dragon Veg, I decided to go with it as it’s a lighter option than sambal sweet potato leaves, and they usually turn out really well!

Dynasty Fried Porridge serves really long stalks of Qing Long Cai. I’ve never seen any other place that cuts them quite so long and it’s a little hard to eat without having the stalks sticking out of your mouth. For some reason, the veg had a sort of gasoline smell to it when bitten into. It wasn’t bad, just not what I was expecting. Not sure why that was the case. I probably wouldn’t order this again next time so I can try the other vegetables instead.

One of my favourite dishes at any zhi char stall, but it’s definitely not easy to achieve a good balance between the perfectly fried omelette, and sweet but slightly salty chye poh.

My mom always says that chye poh that’s sweet and not salty is high quality. I’m not sure if that’s true but that’s how the chye poh is here and it’s amazing! There’s just enough chye poh bits inside to keep you hoping you’ll get some in the next bite but without overwhelming the rest of the omelette. And for the omelette texture, oh man, it was great! Slightly charred on the top, with a little bit of crispness, and a fluffy, pillowy soft interior. I felt like I was biting into a cotton candy cloud. We all loved this omelette!

My only gripe is that this was way too small. Maybe we should’ve ordered a large. Despite how it looks, note that the omelette is actually covering a mound of lettuce which soaks up the oil (and also gives it a lot more volume than it actually has). If you love chye poh omelettes, just go with a large. Trust me on this.

This dish was given a huge space on their shopfront board and a whole page of the menu right next to the signature fried porridge so we had high hopes for this.

Fried the KL way with tons of black sauce, this plate of Hokkien mee was not bad. It was hearty, just salty enough, and comforting for a noodle or carb lover. It’s cooked with cabbage, Crystal shrimp, and topped with crispy lard. The cabbage still has some bite in it, and the lard is perfectly fried here - totally elevated the taste profile of the dish.

Despite that, I didn’t think this was fantastic or any competition against the fried porridge. Order if you REALLY like noodles or fried Hokkien mee, otherwise just go with the fried porridge cos there’s no fight about the taste.

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Hadn’t visited this coffee shop for a while and it’s been under quite a drastic revamp. The fried porridge was gone for a while as the chef had left the stall, and the original stall replaced their signature dish with fried bee tai mak. While that was nice, I didn’t love it as much as the fried porridge so we stopped visiting.

Thankfully, the fried porridge is back, with a snazzy new shopfront in the same, but modernised coffee shop.

This was the small fried porridge (which serves 1pax) as we wanted to try the other items on the menu, but after my parents took a bite of the porridge, they decided we could’ve easily demolished a large. The fried porridge is thick, creamy, savoury, and everything you never thought porridge could be. It’s definitely not a ‘sick person’ food, and it’s so sinfully good, especially with the crispy pork lard toppings that add an extra crunch with the chewy porridge grains!

I’ve never had anything like this anywhere else, and the chef who dreamt this up is really a genius. This totally deserves to be their signature dish, and is a MUST ORDER! They open past 12am too so looks like this might be a new supper or late night dinner haunt for me in the future 😉

Very very shiok bowl of YTF. You can choose the ingredients you want and they’ll deep fry it for you before ladling thick gravy on top. Not healthy due to the deep frying and copious amounts of gravy, but boy does this hit the spot every time!

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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