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Local Hawker Dishes

Local Hawker Dishes

Featuring Lawa Bintang, Da Shi Jia 大食家大大大虾面
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee
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Opted for a fruit juice as a ‘healthier choice’ and went with Green Apple instead of Lime Juice. Although I don’t usually like green apple, I really enjoyed this cup of juice. The green apple juice was sweet and not ‘siap siap’, paired with the sour plum bits on top which added refreshing bits of sweet and sour flavours, I had to mentally remind myself not to down the whole cup in one gulp 🤣


This was one of the side dishes the waitress at Da Shi Jia recommended. We ordered the small portion which came with 5 pieces. The prawn rolls were freshly fried upon ordering and were served hot. The skin was fried to golden perfection, and remained crispy throughout our meal. The minced meat filling was juicy, with water chestnuts that gave a refreshing crunch and welcome change in texture that kept us wanting more. The sweet chilli sauce that came with the dish was a good accompaniment to the prawn rolls, as they weren’t too sweet. The sauce was just sticky enough to coat the prawn rolls and not too watery to soak into the skin and make the rolls soggy.

All in all, this is a dish I’d order again :)


Ordering the prawn noodles from Da Shi Jia is a multi-step process. The first step is for you to choose the size of the prawns you want (price and number of prawns vary according to the size you pick), followed by a choice of noodles (you can even pick half-half! Great news for indecisive noodle lovers like myself 😂), and lastly, you can choose what additional ingredients you want to add on (e.g. fishcake, pork ribs, etc).

My mom ordered the largest size and it came with 4 halves of prawns. She also opted for Bee Hoon and kuay tiao mix and no additional ingredients. The prawns came with roe and the flesh was sweet and juicy. Each bite of the pork slices was tender and even better after being dunked in the prawn broth. The prawn broth is really really rich and you just can’t help slurping it all up. Overall, while this is a satisfying bowl of prawn noodles, it didn’t blow my mind, and I would ultimately go for the wok-fried white Bee Hoon instead (since it also comes with a refillable bowl of the yummy soup!).

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Finally made a trip down to Da Shi Jia. Parking tends to be a problem along Killiney road but we managed to park at Singtel Comcen (mandatory security car boot check required) and walked across the road.

Ordered the white Bee Hoon instead of their signature prawn noodle soup as I’m usually more into dry noodles. The default white Bee Hoon comes with the “big big” prawn, which is the second largest option ($16.90), but you can top up to the 大大大 option with an additional $3 (pictured, 2 prawns cut into halves per bowl).

We were all amazed by the size of the prawns, and even better that both my prawns came with roe! While I enjoyed the prawns in my bowl, my dad said the prawns were not very fresh (wasn’t a problem for me though). The white Bee Hoon absorbed the fragrant flavours of the prawn gravy and the noodles were cooked just right, not too soggy nor too undercooked. A good amount of white pepper topped the dish, and the Bee Hoon came with a bowl of prawn soup and chilli. I really enjoyed the green chilli provided, as well as the sambal chilli paste at each table. Each bite was chock full of umami goodness, and made even more shiok with addition of chilli! The prawn soup is really thick and yummy! The best part is that you can ask for more soup refills. Yay! However, I was quite disappointed that I couldn’t really detect the ‘wok-hei’ that other reviewers mentioned. It was still a nice dish overall, but could’ve been better with some smoky ‘wok hei’ to elevate the taste profile of the dish.

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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