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Hawker Food

Hawker Food

Best hawker food, tried & tested 🥟
Edith L.
Edith L.

Decided to get half a chicken (white) from Ah Tai and half a chicken (roasted) from Tian Tian, and the stand-out dish was definitely Ah Tai’s white chicken. It was extremely soft and tender (even the chicken breast) and the chicken pieces were so thick and juicy! Tian Tian’s chicken pales in comparison, although I have to say that Tian Tian’s rice is much more fragrant and flavourful

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The meats here are so good - the char siew has a rich, caramelised flavour and is thick yet soft, and the roast pork had a delightfully crisp skin. The quality of the roast meats here justifies the long queues at lunch time on both weekdays and weekends.

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Saw a steady stream of patrons buying ban mian from this stall at Serangoon Gardens Market, and decided to give it a try. It really didn’t disappoint! I really loved the chilli (they gave a small portion but it packed sufficient punch for a chilli lover like me), and the noodles were handmade and wonderfully bouncy. The soup with egg white mixed into it was a wonderful touch too!

Queued 1 hour and 15 minutes for this on a Thursday evening (what?) and it was still hands down the best Hokkien Mee I’ve had in my life (so far). The broth/gravy was so, so flavourful, filled with the rich prawn flavour and the noodles were perfectly done with a strong wok-hei flavour. The prawns were so fresh that they tasted sweet! The chilli is not bad too, but I wouldn’t say it was spicy enough for my chilli-loving taste buds. Do give this a try! Well worth the Michelin recommendation.

Came here to try their wanton mee with high expectations, and their wanton mee really didn’t disappoint! The noodles were perfectly springy and had a strong, unique eggy taste. The chilli (provided in a bottle at the side of the table) was so flavourful and also crazy spicy (yum). The wantons were also large and fresh, making up a perfect bowl of wanton mee. Probably one of the best I’ve ever had.

My partner loves Hambaobao’s pulled pork burger, and for good reason - the pulled pork is really tender and flavourful and the buns are perfectly grilled and buttered. Tucked in Beauty World centre in an unassuming location, Hambaobao is definitely a must-try for gourmet burgers at very wallet-friendly prices.

Finally tried this after living a short walking distance away for my entire life - it didn’t disappoint at all! Had the signature prawn dumplings (hargao), liu sha baos, xiao long baos and the siew mai! All dishes we ordered were simply amazing. The prawns in the hargao were incredibly fresh and springy, the xiao long baos were so juicy and well-flavoured and the liushabaos were delectably buttery. Definitely restaurant standard dim sum in a coffee shop setting.


The dry ban mian here was insanely good. You can choose between large, fresh prawns (that you have to peel yourself) or meatballs - I had the meatballs and they were delicious, soft and filled with meat, and in a large portion too (6-7 pieces for a small $4 bowl). Topped with two different types of chilli (fresh chilli and fresh belachan), the spice level is really high. If you’re afraid of spice, please don’t mix all the chilli in! Put some to the side and mix it in slowly. The waiting time during lunch gets up to 40 minutes, so be prepared to wait.


Braved the insanely long queue to get this piping hot bowl of fish soup and boy was it worth it. The soup was really rich and flavourful and the fried fish slices were huge, crispy and fresh. At $4.50 (+ $1 if you want to add fish), it’s really worth it. My friends tried the tom yum fish soup as well and it’s good too! I prefer the original though, for the rich fish soup goodness.

We ordered two portions of chicken wings and all this cost $5.50, which was really quite affordable. The basmati rice was so incredibly fragrant, fluffy and flavourful, the egg was perfectly done with a runny yolk and all the ingredients had significant effort put into them - all fresh and satisfying. The only gripe I would have would be that the chicken could be bigger (but then again I’m very used to Punggol Nasi Lemak’s giant chicken drumsticks), and the chilli wasn’t very spicy.


We had both the harcheonggai wings and the cutlet, and we loved both! The portion size was so generous that I was struggling to finish my food at the end, and the wings and cutlet were so juicy and well flavoured with the prawn paste. I’d definitely recommend this place, so give them a try. The prices are really affordable too, $5+ for a large cutlet. Their rice is fragrant and the chilli is really good as well!

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The huge juicy fried chicken is to die for everytime! Their standards are consistently high, and their ingredients are freshly made and really good.


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