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Hawker Food

Hawker Food

Best hawker food, tried & tested 🥟
Edith Loo
Edith Loo
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Had porridge here for lunch on a Friday afternoon - the queue gets long from 12pm onwards, so we managed to beat the queue around 11.45. Do note that you need to top up to add egg and youtiao! I didn’t really like the youtiao though because it wasn’t crispy and felt kinda soft and chewy, unless it’s meant to be like that... I also found the porridge slightly bland by itself, had to add quite some soy sauce and pepper. I actually think I still prefer the Kovan market porridge. But good choice of wholesome food if you’re in the area!


This Hokkien mee is the more soupy kind, rather than the more fried, dry kind. I added all the chilli provided inside and it made it even better; very flavourful and yet packing a good punch. I’d say this is one of the better ones I’ve tried, but I still love chomp chomp’s most, and Yi Ji Hokkien Mee at Kovan (near Punggol nasi lemak) for their crazy chilli. 👅

Had the small green curry ($6), large Pad Thai ($9) and the Giant Phad Kapao (huge Thai basil chicken with egg and rice). The green curry and the basil chicken were really good and portions were huge, but we all found the pad thai too sweet for our liking. Will recommend if in the area!

The ban mian here is really good - I think the best part of it is the chilli that really packs a punch. The chilli isn’t just ordinary chilli sauce - it’s fresh chilli which really gives the ban mian some extra edge. It’s really spicy though (coming from a spice lover) so if you think you can’t take it, ask for less chilli! The noodles are soft and springy and I love the pork slices and meatballs.

I had this twice in a day (one for brunch and one for supper) so I can tell you that it is that good. 👅 I always get the big spicy because it packs so much flavour and the spice level is exactly how I like it. I heard the seafood one is good too! I’ve tried the original non spicy once but I found it really boring and ordinary compared to the spicy version.

Located in the heart of Ang Mo Kio, near Ang Mo Kio polyclinic and also a stone’s throw from the MRT, this could be the most glorious bowl of yong tau foo I’ve had yet. The ingredients are fresh, prices are very affordable and the best part is the rich and flavourful soup that blew me away. Many mediocre yong tau foo places have pretty bland soups but the soup here is to die for.

I mean... just look at the sheer amount of pork (we asked for a 6 people portion). The pork cutlet here is delightful, and their servings are very generous. The absolute best part of Loo’s is the CURRY. The curry is very flavourful and spicy as well; unlike many other curry rice places that often disappoint me with their non-spicy, gravy-like curry. Prices here are extremely reasonable as well. For this spread (6 people portion of pork, cabbage/veg, fried eggs and a large bowl of curry) we paid about $3-4 per person max.

I LOVE THE COFFEE HERE. From the moment i tried this for the first time a few years ago (was attracted by the strong coffee smell and a long queue), I fell in love. The coffee here is insanely strong, smooth and rich, and really packs a punch. It’s so flavourful that my go-to order, Kopi C kosong, is still packed full of flavour (despite having no sugar - many poorly done kosong coffees taste bland and are frankly disappointing). They painstakingly make their coffee fresh and the uncle and auntie are really sweet and cute too. 100% recommend, would travel just to have this coffee.

We were going slightly crazy at the sight at this giant bowl of mala (for 4 people) so hence the hand size for comparison LOL. but really, RRH never fails to impress. The portion sizes are large and you can let them know how many people are eating, as the aunties are the ones picking out the portions for you. Do get at least Zhong La though! There was once I was feeling slightly sick and got Xiao La and it was a huge regret for me because it wasn’t spicy at all and was really salty.


At just $2.80 a bowl, this laksa is so value for money and the rich, thick broth is so heartwarming. The ingredients here are simpler here with tofu and eggs, don’t expect your typical prawns etc; but the laksa is very comforting and flavourful. Chilli can be added by yourself at the counter; I like my laksa spicy so I usually go for almost two servings of chilli. A go to whenever I’m in the area. Don’t forget to try the popiah next door and the iced desserts which are cheap and good too.

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This needs no introduction because most westies love this place and frequent it for breakfast or supper. BUT I realised many of my friends who don’t stay in the west have somehow never heard of this gem, so here’s me recommending KKM to everyone. I always go for the Big Spicy because it’s the best thing ever; the broth is spicy and rich, filled with lots of ingredients like pork meatballs, pork, egg and some liver. I’m so addicted to this that I travel from Kovan to Bukit Panjang by 1 hour of public transport just to have this so what are you waiting for!!!!! yum

This stall is so popular that the wait time can go up to 45min, and they sell out by around 11.30am latest (but don’t hold me to this, I’ve reached at 11.30am before and they were already sold out). Best is to reach as early as possible lest you miss out. At $2.50 a plate, you can choose between fried fish fillet (pictured) or another type of bony fish that I haven’t tried. The ingredients are all made fresh on the spot by the family; I always see them frying the fish and making the rice as I queue. It’s really good and this is my go to in the Hainan market! Other good things I’d recommend in the hainan market are the lor mee and the Punggol noodles at the corner.

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Already thinking of my next meal 👅

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