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Featuring East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Da Dong Prawn Noodles, Song Kee Fish Ball Noodle (Yio Chu Kang), Piao Ji Fish Porridge (Amoy Street Food Centre), Cafe Pandan, Hup Hup (Block 80 Circuit Road Market & Food Centre), Boon Keng Road Fish Head Bee Hoon, Joo Chiat Place Fried Kway Teow, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Deng Wen Ji (Haig Road)
Maureen Yeoh
Maureen Yeoh

I paid almost $25 for these three sets.
Price list and menu can be found on their IG.

I am not usually a huge nasi lemak fan as I'm not that great with spicy food. Their sambal is definitely on the spicier side (even for my family who can take spicy).

The rice has a strong whiff of lemongrass but I don't quite taste/smell the pandan. I do like lemongrass so it's ok for me but I guess it really personal preference.

I enjoyed the fried eggs though. Because my friend who got it for me were there at 8am a few items were not available hence I did not manage to try several items which I wanted to.

But from what I've tasted and it's quite a distance from where I live, I don't think I will make a trip specially down but I might try again if I'm in the vicinity.

Visited Hup Hup at 80 Circuit Rd for their Mee Siam.

It's a quiet level two food centre with the first level being a wet market. It seems to be one of the very few popular stalls in the food court and surprisingly quiet for a weekend.

$3 for this plate of goodness and their mee siam tastes slightly different from the usual ones. Their noodles are the orange type of beehoon - not sure what's the difference but it seems softer? The sauce is also a lot more peanutty in taste and has a strong taste of the lime.

I quite like it but I doubt that I will return just for it. Perhaps if I'm in the vicinity. 7/10

We got a dry and a soup version. Reached about 1130am and only got served at 12pm thereabout. Would encourage to come earlier cos we were not able to dabao more packets due to limited supply. Many people were also turned away cos they were sold out. Unless you're a friend of the owners of course, he will try to 'squeeze' some bowls out for you.

The noodle and soup serving were small. But I've heard that if you come on a weekday morning they are a lot more generous. I have yet to try that yet. The soup in the soup version is a lot more watered down. I really enjoyed the thick broth on it's on. First taste it has a really strong shallots (I think?) Taste to me. It was gao but still light in a sense like it's not greasy or thick. Yummy, only a pity that it's a very very small bowl.

$8 for a bowl each is slightly on the pricier side for sure but definitely I think the scarcity makes me want to pay for it. Will definitely return!

Really tasty hokkien mee. Flavour is on point. The only thing is that I generally prefer it to be the wet type but will definitely return for the taste again!

Got these instead as Chong Pang was closed. There was a pretty long queue but the aunty was very nice to apologize to everyone who was waiting cos she was taking long to prepare the food.

Their skin was crispy and flavourful but the pity is that the wings were smaller than expected and also if didn't feel like it's well marinated inside. The chilli was also normal.

I prefer Chong Pang considering they are similarly priced

We had the dish at the East Village outlet.

I really liked the claypot rice! Well seasoned and they were generous with the salted fish which gave it really nice flavours. The only thing was I felt like it didn't have enough of the crispy bits. Perhaps it wasn't well mixed?

About $15 for the small portion

I had it at the East Village outlet. It was bustling for Sunday dinner. We had to wait a while to get seats.

Wanton Mee was Eng's style (the shop front used to be Eng's, even the safe entry still reflects Eng's) but I find it so much better than the previous Eng's that was at that location.

I am usually not a fan of wantons but theirs were really well seasoned. One of my favorites for sure!

Oops smelled so good that I wolfed it down before remembering to take a pic. We ordered the $5 version and it was yummy!! Their hokkien is the wet type and the stock is flavourful and sweet.

I can't believe this is a no pork no lard place!

Very very normal. Maybe even bland. No queue as they have an electronic queuing number system so you can sit and wait. That being said, the wait is really long for a mediocre bowl of fish soup.

Will not return specially for this but may go back if I’m in the vicinity for a simple meal.

Surprisingly good find near my hood in a old kopitiam style with only one other prawn mee stall which was not open when I visited other than the usual drinks stall.

Wok hei is there, cockles are juicy + plump. I felt like the cockles were cooked just right my companion thought they were a bit over. They are on the sweeter side but not as sweet as laofuzi. I feel like they can do with more eggs.

Was really happy with this find tbh but that was until we saw a rat climbing across the top of the electrical wiring before it went missing into some of their crockery...... will be looking for my next new favourite ckt then

Can’t believe I have never tried this despite hearing about it for years! The curry goes really well with rice and I love drowning my rice in sauces (sinful but so good!!)

The braised pork is rly good and a must get. I really liked the fish cutlet too.

I would return if there’s no queue (:

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$12 for this bowl + $0.50 for the rice. Definitely not cheap. The fish quite thick slices and shiok. Prawns were big and juicy. But I did not particularly enjoy the soup cos it was more of prawn than fish... my companions enjoyed it tho! Might be a personal preference. Would prefer if there’s more soup or refills too!

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