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Yee Jun Poon
Yee Jun Poon

This white based pizza blew my mind with the subtle truffle flavour, umami of mushrooms and the richness of the mascarpone.

We also ordered the Meat Lover pizza ($30) which was good as well. The only downside is that their pizzas are slightly salty (we like salty) and left us rather thirsty after. We love the ambience and there was a 1f1 happy hour when we went just before the circuit breaker.

We ordered the Pulled pork burger and the meat lovers pizza.

Pulled Pork Burger
Pretty good burger. The pulled pork was juicy and tasted fresh. The burgers came with some fries, which were pretty standard. The size of the burger was moderate, not too big but also not too small that makes you wanting for more – it’s just the right size.

Meat Lovers Pizza
They only serve thin crust pizza here. The crust on the pizza felt overdone and felt biscuity. This dish is primarily meant for sharing among a group of people but if you love pizza, you might eat the whole thing for yourself. Taste wise, it was pretty alright, nothing special but also nothing too bad.

The place itself is mainly a drinking establishment and is designed in such a way. Music is blasted on speakers (think club music) and they have screens showing sports highlights. They also had a Halloween theme when we went there which was pretty cool. We were there around 6pm and the place was pretty empty with just 1 or 2 other diners. Though more people started streaming in subsequently.

Overall, I think it’s an alright place and would recommend if you have discount code, if not you can find better value for the prices elsewhere . That being said, I would think it would make a good drinking spot and to chill with friends.

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Tried this out of curiosity as I have never had tortellini and I was pleasantly surprised! The portion is not big but I did feel fuller than I expected after the meal. I feel that they could have been more generous with the Iberico Pork as well. Otherwise, I really like the brocoli which was cooked to perfection. Not too crunchy nor soft and it soaked up the sauce really well.

This dish of lasagna with beef ragout, topped with parmesan and cheddar is definitely a crowd pleaser! There is a good ratio of cheese, meat and pasta. Definitely one of my favourite lasagna of all time.

Spizza serves up decent pizzas. I like that it's not oily and the crust is crispy. The serving size is also decent for the price. We also ordered a smoked salmon pizza(not pictured here) of the same price. I felt that they were a little stingy with the salmon. Some slices barely had salmon on them. Taste wise, nothing to complain about.

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So we got the Pappardelle alla boscaiola ($25) and Spaghetti e polpa Di granchio ($28).

The Pappardelle was really good. Pasta was a little softer than Al dente, the way I like it. And it was flavourful with a good amount of mushroom. However I felt like I couldn't taste the beef so I'm not sure if they minced it such that I couldn't really get the meat texture.

The spaghetti had a good kick to it from the chilli crab. It was also creamy yet not too overwhelmingly so. It was my favourite dish from here.

Overall I think the pastas are better than the pizzas here.

Ambience was nice and quiet on weekday night.


The Bulafa pizza was a bit dull for me. The flavour was quite flat in my opinion. But my friend really enjoyed it so it depends on how much you like mozzarella I guess.

The beef pizza was a little disappointing. The toppings were quite sparse and the beef was just average.

For both pizzas, the crust were thin and yet gave a good enough bite. It was crispy and held the toppings well. I think this was my favourite part of the pizzas.

Overall a decent dish. I won't say the best as it was more oily than creamy (due to the truffle oil?) and hence I felt like it was more like an aglio olio. They were quite stingy with the bacon as well. But it was rather tasty with good flavour from the mushroom, although I couldn't really taste the truffle.

Serving size was decent but I wasn't full after eating it and I'm not a big eater.


Take your date out for a fun Italian meal, without breaking the bank. You're here for the handmade pastas, whether you like your Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms ($14.90) or Italian Meatballs ($12.80). On sides, bad for their Fried Mozzarella ($8.80), deep-fried oozy cheese sticks that comes with an appetising tomato sauce for dipping.
Photo by Burppler Lenice Yeo

If the unchartered west is where you're aiming to bring your date, pop by this cosy resto for amazing Italian nosh. Must-orders include the Traditional Stuffed Roman Schiacciata (from $10) – think creamy, aromatic truffle mushrooms embedded in a fluffy, chewy and slightly crusty flat bread. Trust the Burpple community's gut and go with the divinely crispy and crackly Porchetta (from $9), before finishing off with the delightful Pistachio Tiramisu ($14).
Photo by Burppler The Fine Diner SG

Had carbonara, lasagna,and the 4 cheese pizza. Carbonara not too good quite diluted. Lasagna and 4 cheese pizza was decent. Pistachio lava cake had very little lava but the cake itself decent. Not worth at full price imo.

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