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Omakase/Degustation Menu

Omakase/Degustation Menu

Featuring Nouri, Lerouy, Braci, Cloudstreet, Restaurant JAG, La Dame de Pic
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Cola and beer lollipops
Wattleseed madeleines
Bergamot pate de fruit
Vegemite on toast

Enjoyable petit fours to end the meal! The cola and Beer lollis are refreshing and fun to eat! Picked up a new ingredient - wattleseed. so, wattleseeds (edible seeds from Acacias) are the unsung heroes of Australia, they are roasted and grounded commonly used in baking for the coffee, chocolate and hazelnut flavor profile.

If you are not on cloud 9 by now, this dish will send you right there with its intense, rich, unabashedly shy explosive flavors. So overwhelming, so bold and yet cohesive .

Paired with Clai, Tasel 2012. Sweet Croatian wine balanced with vibrant acidity. Oh, the lovely aromas of orange rind, apricot, honey and caramel

Love the subtle licorice hint from the caraway seeds, cutting through the richness of the mascarpone. Very refreshing combination of honey dew and grapes in the form of granita and pulp

Paired with Eric bordelet, Poire Granit N.V. Crisp refined pear cider from the Loire Valley cider producer Eric Bordele. Perfect set up for desserts from the lovely bouquet and pear aromas, hint of sweetness balanced with a fresh acidity.

Pre-dessert: Goat’s milk, watermelon
Goat’s cheese sorbet, basil oil and fermented watermelon juice

Taste of spring and summer all in one bite! Simple ingredients, complex flavors

Bread course: Singapore stout and licorice bread

Inspired and replicated from chef Rishi’s travel, this highly addictive rye bread is the perfect prequel before the main act, aimed to throw all diet plans away. Spiked with dark stout and licorice then glazed with sticky molasses, the texture of the bread is dense yet fluffy at the same time, highly complex in flavor. Balanced off the richness of the bittersweet molasses with the fluffy whipped butter schmear

A great prelude to the main, we’ve got a nicely seared turbot, white flesh fish with a firm texture. The sauce made up of fermented chargrilled yellow peppers fermented had a nice touch of acidity balanced out with the almond. Together with the pickled onions, this really elevated the mild delicate turbot .

Paired with La Castellada, Pinot Grigio 2011. Deep orange in color, earthy notes, rounded of form and lengthy in the memory.

The marron (closely related species of crayfish) hits all the right notes with the beautiful punchy curry made with millet. Topped with nasturtium for the peppery kick, fennel and celery .

Paired with Dupasquier, Roussette de Savoie Marestel Altesse 2014. Dark golden color, honeyed aroma, rich bouquet, delicate fruity notes with a buttery finish


NZ Venison chopped and dressing with fermented plum and pickled cashews, topped with baby zucchini compressed in basil. On the bottom, you’ll find zucchini purée with a touch of wasabi .

Paired with David and Nadia, Pinotage 2017. Medium bodied South African wine with red fruit notes. Tasteful and balanced.

Hokkaido scallops intricately rolled with nori and kohlrabi (root vegetable with a cabbage like smell and taste of broccoli stems but milder and sweeter), sour cream snow finished with kohlrabi juice .

Paired with Steffan Vetter, Sylvaner 2016. Full bodied, dry wine with mineral characteristics.

Snack 4: Green Pea sorbet, Smoked eel (river eel from NZ), Caviar

Pleasantly surprised at the richness and intensity of flavor from the smoked eel broth, which paired perfectly well with the refreshing and light pea sorbet made of only peas and lemon juice. Perfectly accompaniment for the Kaluga Queen caviar

Snack 3: Beetroot, Smoked Goat Cheese, Puffed rice

Creamy, sweet and crunchy. All in one bite!

Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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