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Slightly on the pricey side but affordable if you use burpple. Usual price $17.90 for small bowl. Every salmon cube and rice were covered with mentaiko sauce so overall it’s still worth the money. Con: Perhaps should consider allowing burpple users to do takeaways when the shop is already collaborating with grab.

$4.50 for 2 regular softserve ice cream. Definitely worth every single penny. Totally love the nutella brownie cheesecake flavour. Every bite of it has the chocolate crunch and brownie bits. A perfect dessert on a hot day.

No words can describe the taste of this mexican food. Just gotta try it and rmb to pair it with their hot sauce!

Phad thai was savory and moist, except that the omelette could be slightly fluffier. Overall presentation was good. 1 for 1 deal comes with a drink and we ordered thai milk coffee which taste instant-made. Price was at affordable range. Total spending: $13.30 for 2pax

Rice was tasty and blends well with the tender chicken breast meat. It was a good choice of food after a workout which you can enjoy a satisfied meal without worrying about the calories. The set comes with a expresso but you can top up extra $ for other coffee choices. Total spending: $23 - slightly pricey.

Lighting was pretty bad that day (I’m blaming the lights instead of my own photography skill! Heh!) Comparing to other milk flavour ice cream, this one definitely shines out. The texture was silky smooth and melts instantaneously. Once you have it, you can never stop!

The cup is definitely as big as my hand. Huge portion for a $6.70 2 scoops ice cream compared to other dessert shops. What’s more, it’s a 1 for 1 deal! Each spoonful of ice cream is extremely flavorful and melts instantly in your mouth.

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Best decision ever to get the matcha flavour donut for breakfast. It’s not as sweet and oily as the normal donuts, so fret not to get yourself indulge in this snack anytime anywhere! It comes with a extraordinary tea too!

Totally not a fan of ginger but this samsui chicken caught me off guard. What’s spreaded on the chicken leg was grinded ginger with spices. I finished every bit of the dish feeling extremely satisfied.


Generous in servings, with every tempura dipped in the mildly hot teriyaki sauce. Definitely worth every single penny.