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Yee Jun Poon
Yee Jun Poon

The star of the Scrambled Lyonnaise was indeed the scrambled eggs. Cooked to a perfect combination of runny and firm texture, its the perfect scrambled egg we were looking for. The potatoes reminded us of potatoes you get in a curry puff, which wasn't a bad thing.
We added on an apple cider sausage (+$3) which definitely made the meal more complete!

The Hearty chicken stew was pretty good as well. The chicken was really tender although a little bland. The stew was creamy and surprisingly not salty. I loved the bread which was soft and had a crispy crust.

Overall a satisfying meal. The ambience was pretty good although this place is a little hard to get to.

Every component of this dish was cooked to our liking. I like how the scrambled eggs were done, soft and still a little runny. This place is great for chilling with friends over a good meal and the service was great too!

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The chicken texture was okay, not dry but not the exactly tender. My biggest gripe was that it was rather bland and I had to keep coating the meat with the tomato sauce for some flavour. The sauce is not too bad, a bit on the sour side but I think it was fine. The potatoes were also rather bland. I'm not a big eater but I didn't feel full or satisfied after this.
There's nothing much to complain about but also nothing stood out in this dish.

The pork was not bad but the real star is the truffle mash. Strong truffle taste/smell and the mash is creamy.

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Everything I ordered was good. Used Beyond and it was super worth. Would come back for it again

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It was mostly dry. Didn't enjoy it.

It was good and the serving size huge.

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Got the prawn pasta and smoked salmon cake. Pasta was good. Smoked salmon cake is literally sliced smoked salmon in pandan cake. It's good but not that great


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