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I SEE SEE - Ice-Cream, Cakes, Coffee

I SEE SEE - Ice-Cream, Cakes, Coffee

Featuring Sunday Folks, Nesuto, Creamier (Toa Payoh), L'éclair Pâtisserie (Dhoby Ghaut), Kindred Folk, Geometry, Icenoie Hokkaido (Tanjong Pagar), The Dark Gallery (Funan), Three's a Crowd, Sugarhaus (Serene Centre)
Zhengyu Chua
Zhengyu Chua

Chocolate ice cream drizzled with thick gooey chocolate sauce! Will revisit! 👍

Blueberries cake that came on top of a brownie texture cookie. It it together and feel the burst of flavour coming into you. It's crispy on the top, soft in the middle, and a crunch at the base. A surprise twist yet wonderfully created

Matcha with azuki bean cake, not overly sweet and will not taste jelak as you eat. Great as a cake for most who don't like it too sweet

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3 different chocolate origins and darkness % icecreams from 65, 70 & 75. We personally prefer more thick (gao) type but still, good effort.

Brownies are dry on the inside, be sure to mixed with your icecream else we find it too dry... Mocha drink was erm, not that great either.

$14 with 1-1 but chances of coming back are low. There are better ones out there for tummy and pocket.

Nevertheless, funan really has a huge change and removing the "DigitalLife" concept, it literally moved into a Lifestyles for more people who are not there just for the "D"

Great ice cream in the neighbourhood! Will return! 👍

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As per title, its simply chocolate. Every mouthful is filled with creamy goodness of the chocolate which is not that simple to make but simple to eat, that even kids would enjoy.

Waffles was a tad average at best, firm but lack of crispyness which I much fancy

Overall still a good hangout place.

Cost: $7.80
Personal Ratings: 4/5

Iced black drink (pretty average)

Plain Ole Chocolate + Little White Rabbit

White rabbit: has that little nice addition of starch? Paper on it. Not too sweet, flavour wise reminds me of the past

Plain ole' choc: plain looking indeed but flavour has a very chocolatey finish. Rich and vibrant 👍

Waffles: Given 2 slices of waffles each. Would be great if they have a lil more consistency on it. First place was good but not crispy. Second plate was equally good but every knife down was crispy, felt & taste so much better with those magnificent ice cream.

Overall, don't miss it if you are nearby, but if you do, they still have 2 other outlets although they started out with TPY

Iced black drink
Waffles w/:
Earl grey lavender + roasted pistachios

The usual star, been sick but nevertheless go for it since 1-1

Great pistachios for this time, the bites are much more prominent than the last and flavour wise is smooth

Earl grey lavender has a nice pleasant light aftertaste.

*I did mentioned the ones from Sunday folks are better but their price is on the higher ends ($9) compare to creamier ($3.10?)

So anytime of the day I would choose Creamier Earl Grey Lavender but when I'm feeling particularly luxurious and am in Holland V, I may go for Sunday Folks Earl Grey Lavender

Creamier will be missed dearly in Toa Payoh as my workplace is just 10mins walk from it haiz..

Yes nuts! Good and smooth consistency, delicate and light, kind of refreshing but lacks the nutty bites! Came huge and promising but disappointingly at the end when we saw the bottom stock up with cereals 😂
Still a worthy mention 4/5

Also had the sea salt version via burpple 1-1. Couldn't find the photo though 😂 Didn't had a lot of sea salt ice cream but this version is good nonetheless. 4/5

Out of my continuous gourmet on Sunday Folks. Tested out the 4 flavours of Chocolate, Pistachio, Sea Salt and Earl Grey Lavender.

I would say Earl Grey Lavender would keep me coming back for more whereas Chocolate needs much more improvement if I were to come back for it.


My tastebud and your tastebud might not be the same but I'm sure we love to eat!

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