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Cheat Meals πŸ—πŸ₯“πŸ•

Cheat Meals πŸ—πŸ₯“πŸ•

Definitely not healthy. Far far from it, but good once in a while πŸ˜‰
Komal Salve
Komal Salve
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I was told that this was CRAZY spicy but it was definitely not. It was only slightly hot. The portion was huge! The chicken was not that great. Why in the world was this more expensive than STEAK?! This price is ungodly for pasta. For mediocre pasta.

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The crispy outer layer of breadcrumbs was well seasoned and the Italian hearbs, probably just oregano, enhanced the flavour. The mozzarella could have been more melty...it felt slightly tough, which was not bad.
$11.90 ++

I ordered one burger and it came as two tiny burgers with patties the size of one small meatball for each... Was so disappointed. Only good thing was the cheese. And the fries. Well, at least the burger came with the fries. Nothing special

The broth was thick and strongly flavoured. A little too strong and crabby for me. I prefer the normal tonkotsu soup ramen but this was still a good experience. Portion was huge. Really enjoyed the free flow of bean sprouts and boiled eggs.

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Crispy, juicy, crunchy pieces of chicken stacked on a fluffy golden waffle drizzled with lusciously decadent maple syrup.
Loved it! Chicken was well-seasoned and not dry. Waffle could have been more buttery, but it was still nice and crispy. This came as a weekday lunch set for $14.90 with free soup+drink+ice cream. Very worth it if you have a great appetite!

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Crispy chicken served with maple syrup. ~$17 It was AMAZING! Chicken was so nicely seasoned! Great looking cafe, too!

Butter chicken, malai kebab, chicken tikka, chana masala, murg pudina, jaipuri vegetables, and palak paneer, for 2 persons
But can be shared with more than 2!

Comes with criss cross fries which were AWESOME!!! Suuuper crispy! And it's served with this AMAZING sauce which was probably made with sour cream, lots of garlic and kick of chilli. It was wonderfully garlicky! I loved it so much I wanted to buy just this sauce to take home! The burrito was decent! I prefer the chicken from this burrito than the one from Guzman (which was horrible for me) but I wished there were more beans like they have at Guzman. Other than that, this is a must-try! You will not regret the fries.

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This new flavour/sauce supposedly is made using Szechuan peppers and cumin and other stuff but please. It was just the normal soy or spicy sauce with a BUTTLOAD of spiced powder on top. Would have still been okay if the powder was not just way too heavy with cumin. The cumin was just too heavy. It almost choked me.
If you don't know how to use cumin, don't experiment with it. It's supposed to be used sparingly. My tongue was starting to burn from the heat of the cumin, not from the spiciness. Could not even finish it in the end.
Luckily, it was the same price as the other flavours. Just stick to the original flavours, which are both wonderful.
$8.95 for a 6-pieces meal for Students! Students basically get $2 off any meals.
Normal price - $10.95

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