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Yummers To My Tummers

Yummers To My Tummers

Featuring Artisan Boulangerie Co. (Killiney), Daehwa Vegetarian, Big Prawn Noodles

Queued about 30 mins on a Saturday morning for this. We ordered a dry and a soup version.

The broth was so flavourful - full of umami and sweetness of the prawns and pork bones. Soup also went well with the shallots. Every sip was delightful and I didn't even feel thirsty after the meal. Definitely quality prawn noodles to satisfy my cravings!

Weirdly, the soup accompanying the dry noodles was thicker and richer than the soup version and it tasted slightly better.

I think the only difference between the $5 and $7 version is the number of prawns added. Definitely worth the wait and will return!

We ordered the kimchi pancake, kimchi jjigae and ttukbaegi bulgogi (mushroom soup), both the stew and soup came with a bowl of rice and were full of flavour, ingredients and were very satisfying. Kimchi pancake was also yummy, although I would have preferred it to be more crisp rather than just soft.

The banchan (mashed potato and kimchi coleslaw) was good and also refillable.

We paid about 38 dollars for 3 pax. The store is located about 5 mins walk from onenorth MRT - will definitely return!

Visited the Killiney Road outlet. Was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance - spacious and minimalistic.

We had the truffle mac and cheese, savory waffles, chicken and mushroom quiche and the raspberry chocolate tart.

My favourite was the savory waffles (pictured). Nice texture to the waffles, soft on the inside with a crisp exterior. Bacon and sausages went well with the maple syrup and the other sauce (which presumably was mushroom soup?). Simple but well executed dish.

Truffle mac had a strong truffle taste and scent. Needed a bit of salt and pepper, but was a bit jerlak at the end.

Quiche was a tad dry but has a good base.

The raspberry chocolate tart was a delight. The tartness of the raspberry cut well through the dense (but not overly sweet) chocolate.

Coffee was good as well.

Will return for the waffles and to try their other desserts and pastries!


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