Cakes 🍰

Cakes 🍰

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Grace Lau
Grace Lau

Would you just look at that molten cheesecake.. I still couldn’t figure out how they’re able to slice and serve each portion without causing the rest of the larger cake to collapse into a messy puddle of cheese. Please enlighten me

‘One of the best cakes...’- says a non-dessert person

We came in with pretty high expectations for their render of burnt cheese cakes and man were we impressed! It’s surprisingly light and it doesn’t leave you feeling sinful afterwards. It has the perfect balance of molten centre and dense cheesecake too. You really can’t go wrong with this one!

Couldn’t believe it’s vegan.. maybe it’s just a teeny bit on the drier and crumbly side, but hey it’s as good as any regular carrot cake to be honest!

The cake was light and fluffy. We initially though it was marshmallow on top but nope it was just cream dusted with literally over-the-top tiramisu powder. Absolutely loved that the cake doesn’t have the typical overpowering taste of liquor.

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Easily one of the best dense cheesecakes I’ve had! We asked the waitress for her recommendation, and this was her cake of choice.

The cheesecake at the edges tasted pretty average, but centre was so creamy and soft... wow it was spectacular. The dollop of cream was light and milky too.

It was light and doesn’t leave you feeling guilty or sick afterwards ~

Don’t expect a typical New York cheesecake consistency, as it breaks apart into crumbs when you fork it. The speculoos-like cookie base was really nice too!

Was not expecting the overpowering flavour of rum that hit my tastebuds almost immediately... I wouldn’t recommend this as a sweet dessert but fans of liqueur would love this :-)

The cake itself was nice, but brace your temporomandibular joints and prepare for the rock-like chocolate bits on the top that almost fractured my teeth..

Needless to say, the cake was very visually pleasing, and it tastes as good as it looks! The layer of cream cheese was light, and the cake itself was delectable. It makes a very nice post-lunch dessert :-)

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It was a lot more chocolatey than expected - Fresh berries and chocolate rice crispy calls atop a layer of chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream and rich chocolate mousse 🍫

Satisfies any sweet tooth!
There was a beautiful balance between the warm caramel/toffee sauce-drenched cake and the cold vanilla ice cream. Make sure you get some of both in every bite!

A worthy go-to treat for any chocoholic! Expect a super rich, fudgy and chocolate-y cake swimming in even more dark chocolate sauce + a scoop of vanilla ice cream 🍫🍫🍫

A student’s guide to good food 💁🏻‍♀️

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