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MLXG & Mala Soups!!
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$15; super cheap considering the amount of items we got! Pork intestines, chicken, crazy amounts of mushrooms & veggies. They do have quite a big selection of ingredients. The mala bowl at medium spice is more spicy 辣 than 麻, could possibly be more 麻 imo. Nonetheless it’s a really good & affordable bowl of mala. Loved it! They also offer a soup version, might try it another time. But I would definitely patronise the shop, decent fragrance with cheap prices and generous portions.

Clear pricing per portion, this came up to $8! Pretty fragrant but the portion tended to the small side, owner wasn’t very generous with the ingredients as compared to RiRi. Nonetheless, it was a good mala with quite a numbing yet fragrant taste! Owner was also really fast in preparing the food.

Their MLXG is alot better than their salted egg one in my opinion. There’s a charge for the base & ingredients are charged per portion. Quite flavourful & tasty!

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Yummy mala and collagen broth which brought out a lot of flavour for the ingredients ordered. Came up to around $150 for 4 pax which I’d say is a little cheaper than HDL considering I paid $50/pax for HDL. Their beancurd rolls were amazing too! It’s their signature item so do get it!

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Went all the way to Chinatown's market to try the much raved about Ri Ri Mala Pot. Almost every patrons at the hawker centre had a big bowl of mala goodness embossed with 日日麻辣香锅 on the bowl. And truth be told, the mala craze really lives up to it's name! The queues are long & so are the waits but I'd say it's definitely worth it! I enjoyed my pot of mala goodness to the last bit of it. My vegetarian bowl with medium spice came up to $15, and I shared it with 4 people with satiated tummies! Go for it if you don't mind long waits & have lots of time to spare! I absolutely love mala pots & I'm officially on the mala bandwagon!

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Comparable to RiRi's at Chinatown market, but the portions seem a tad smaller. This veggie pot came up to $11 for 2 people & you can choose your own ingredients so go all out with seafood and meat or go healthy with all veggies! It's up to you & though waits are equally, if not even longer than 日日's at Chinatown as they only have 1 stall in Bedok, it's still worth the wait as compared as traveling all the way to Chinatown for the easties! Singapore's really going gaga over Ma La!

I'm definitely onto this mala craze sweeping Singapore, I've been eating it on a bi-weekly basis & I can't stop craving for it. Hai Tian Fragrant Hot Pot is an alternative to the other Mala stall @ Bedok interchange. In my opinion, I enjoy Hai Tian's mala more because it's much less oily & the service is better, with more generous portions. Wait times still go up to 20 minutes during peak hours but all is well when I get my hands on a piping hot bowl of fragrant mala! This only cost $9 & prices differ depending on your choice of ingredients! Easties, give this a try! It's my favourite & I like it more than Riri's at Chinatown 🤤

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First time trying a food court styled Mala & man it was good! This bowl came up to $14.80 which is obviously more expensive than a regular coffeeshop/hawker Mala bowl. Paid $3 for the base and the items are self service, pick and they will weigh it for you accordingly. The bowl was really good, the taste was definitely there & there were cinnamon sticks which constituted part of the base, really giving an oomph factor to the bowl! Can't wait for my next Mala already 🤤 & yes I ate this all by myself 🌚

Visited Three Good Guys today after hearing about their salted egg stir fry. In my honest opinion, I felt like this was more of a miss of me. The salted egg flavour was flat and one dimensional, just creamy and that’s all. There was nothing special about it but I can foresee why people would like this, guess salted egg just isn’t my thing! Got really gelat at the end.

Their Mala on the other hand was much better, hit all the good spots of a good MLXG. I’d personally suggest going for the mala instead, you can still order a small portion of salted egg one since there’s no minimum spend for one at all. Ordered da la and it was spicy yet very fragrant. Thumbs up for the Mala.

8 servings of veggies ($1/portion) & 1 pork skin ($2/meat portion) came up to $15.50, which came as a shock to me since there was no mention of a surcharge for the pot base at all on their signboards/menu. They could afford to have more transparent prices in the future — from what I understand they just opened a week ago!

Found this 24 hour MLXG spot at Kovan. This cost $15 which is an pretty affordable price from MLXG charging by weight. They’ve great a good variety of ingredients including pig intestines & really a wide array of veggies, beancurds, etc. ordered this in 大辣 which was a bad choice because it was really pretty spicy. It was really flavourful though. Would definitely go back for this if I happen to be in the area!


hobbies include: chicken rice, mala and japanese food.

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