2018-2019 Instagram Reviews

2018-2019 Instagram Reviews

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), Stateland Coffeehouse, The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Tarte by Cheryl Koh (Shaw House), Nana's Green Tea (Plaza Singapura), Salt Grill & Sky Bar, Edge (Pan Pacific Singapore), Cold Storage, Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre, Kindred Folk (KAP)
good food archive
good food archive

wanted to try their ice cream for the longest time. the ice cream is milk tea flavoured, & was more milky than tea-y but you can still taste it. the brown sugar pearls were chewy & sweet, went so well with the cold & refreshing soft serve. melted quickly tho. i tried my friends bobo milk & after she stirred it there was no brown sugar taste, more like sweet milk & pearls 🥴 but ya i would recommend heytea, i wanna go back to try more ice creams!

🤓 used burpple beyond to try the breakfast/mains at the coffee academics today. i had an angus beef burger. the bun was fluffy, patty was normal but nice, & the curly fries were crispy & thin! way better than mcd’s (which i dislike). —
my friend’s french toast came with an espresso maple syrup which was love 😍 esp bc maple alr kinda has coffee notes (the real kind) so add espresso & it’s even more pronounced!

also tried the coffee! TCA’s known for their unique coffee flavours, and i was just trying my luck when i asked if they had decaf and the waiter was like “yeah?” and i was like “yOU DO???” so i ordered the (decaf) jawa (i think that’s it’s name) which had pandan, coconut & gula melaka in it!! i love those asian flavours so needless to say i enjoyed my coffee. i also felt super extra & classy bc it was served in a wine glass 😂 this place had so many bad reviews but i’m so glad we decided to check this out bc their food & drinks were so good! aiya they just too picky la 😤

it can be used to redeem breakfast, salad or pasta at oriole~ we got the espresso pancake & salmon rosti to share. —

1) espresso pancake - giant pancake with granola, sunflower seeds, fruits, maple syrup & espresso orange butter. was a little disappointed bc the espresso orange butter tasted like the cream between a khong guan lemon biscuit? no coffee taste at all leh... the pancake itself was buttery, chewy & not too sweet. altho i was disappointed by the butter, this dish was still good as a brunch item.
2) salmon rosti - the rosti was crispy and thin like noodles, i think they were put through a spiraliser 🤔 the smoked salmon wasn’t too salty which was a good thing, and the sour cream was milky! i’m starting to fall for sour cream 😍

overall this place had a good impression for me, the food was good, free water was delicious (had lemon & orange infused in them) & they have a wide range of interesting dishes. (i want to try the fish tacos ahhhh) their prices are quite high but worth it with the 1-for-1! we each paid $9+! will recommend this place to friends & family!

first pic - mango & salted caramel tart + strawberry cake. the mango tart was pretty typical (tasted good tho). the salted caramel one had a cake at the top, cream surrounding it, salted caramel below the cake and then the tart base. the cake was chocolate flavoured. this was my fave bc i love salted caramel 😋 strawbs cake was creamy yet refreshing bc of the tart strawberries (OOOOOH was that what they were going for bc tart... 2 meanings...) anyways. i usually don’t like cream but Tarte’s cream... gimme!!!

next is the bread. now that i look at it it reminds me of a green highlighter 😂 it’s pandan bread with pb & strawbs jam. can yall pls scroll to the last vid & look at how SOFT & FLUFFY THE BREAD IS. it felt like a sponge cake & i didn’t want to squish/poke it so hard bc i didn’t want to flatten/take away it’s softness. it also felt like that when eaten, and the fillings weren’t too sweet so it was so nice! i asked my dad to buy more of this instead of the more common ones he usually buys 😙

loved the vintage singaporean decor so much! we had an assortment of tarts.

1. sea-salt caramel chocolate tart (big one) - it tasted exactly like its name 😂 was good!
2. mini banoffee (basically chocolate & banana with cream), lemon cream, mixed berries & sea-salt chocolate tart. they also tasted like their name LOL but the tart base was buttery & crispy enough, & the fillings werent too sweet which made for a light & satisfactory dessert.

through our journey of finding this place, we discovered so many restaurants/cafés along this stretch that looked so good/were quite well-known & there was even an okonomiyaki restaurant beside the café flag white :o we were so shook & can’t wait to eat there again (๑>◡

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the meal started off with bread, butter and that grey thing that i didn’t catch the name of. i loved the bread, it was chewy, soft & crispy!

then it was appetiser that basically consisted of truffle, cheese, bread crumbs, figs, other fruit & onion jam. the combi was quite new yet good! truffle taste was so strong!
for my main i got the salmon with scallops, lemon puree & uni cream sauce. i loved it! the lemon was a refreshing touch to the main & there was a strong butter taste to the sauce. the salmon & scallops were so soft & fresh!! 😍 the best kind of seafood = soft, fresh, NOT DRY & FISHY

other mains: butternut squash ravioli, was kinda weird lol / snapper with asian inspired chilli sauce, loved this, was so well-marinated! / steak, was good usual steak

we also got caesar salad & truffle parmesan fries! the truffle fries were nice but i wish they were shoestring instead of thick cut 😝

i thought we were done but suddenly the waiter came to our table with that bday dessert, i was so not expecting this surprise from my fam awww. but lol apparently the person they were talking to had super bad english so my name was spelled totally wrong (ashley -> aireen....?) it tasted like vanilla ice cream (made of REAL vanilla, you can see the specks in it) and i enjoyed this bc i love real vanilla, i just hate artificial vanilla flavour 🤢

overall i’m really happy i got to spend my 20th with my fam! felt like a long time since i had a bday meal with them outside since we either celeb at home or with my friends 😩 what a great end to my favourite day of the week ;) oh no! not ending yet, i’m gonna end it with watching why not? the dancer hehe watched it bc of taemin but it’s a real cool show bc i love dance (tho i can’t dance lmao) ((kinda feel like learning tho))

👍🏻 = my faves

1) matcha cheesecake
when eaten together, i could only taste the biscuit crust 😅 but when i ate the green part alone it tasted faintly of cheese. tbh i got this twice for the crust only 😂
2) sencha jelly
tasted like matcha pudding! this one wasn’t very sweet and was nice even for a person like me that doesn’t like pudding/jelly
3) fresh berries tart 👍🏻
it tasted a little eggy and the crust was buttery. loved the combo of fresh tartness from the fruits with the tart.
4) chocolate tart 👍🏻
it was a tart crust with a dark chocolate inside. it was quite dark so this tart was quite chocolaty but not too bitter. crust was buttery. i love chocolate desserts so this was a yes!
5) chocolate pound cake 👍🏻
this was dark chocolaty too, and quite dense + moist. i love pound cakes!
6) chocolate macaron
tasted like a normal macaron. too sweet for me tho
7) charcoal matcha swiss roll 👍🏻
loooved the cream! it tasted like melted green tea ice cream and was creamy & smooth, with some red beans inside. the cake wasn’t v moist but the cream overpowers the cake so i was okay with it.
8) ichigo daifuku
wasn’t my style 🤔 the combi of mochi, red bean & strawberry was quite weird. i also felt that the mochi skin was too thick & soft? but personally i prefer hard and chewy mochi as compared to soft mochi.
9) matcha/ichigo madeleine
was my first ever madeleine, and it disappointed me... it was dry & had 0 matcha taste :( ichigo madeleine was slightly softer but also didn’t have a distinct strawberry flavour.
10) matcha pudding, ichigo tiramisu, mixed berries jelly
pudding was freaking sweet and had too faint matcha taste, tiramisu was just like strawberry & cream though they said it had mascarpone cheese? & the jelly tasted like hand soap 🥴
11) ichigo mille feuille
2 thin pieces of pastry with ichigo & cream. was not bad!
12) ichigo chiffon
too dry & no ichigo flavour
13) matcha & ichigo ice cream 👍🏻
(cont in comments)

bean & i feel weird 😂

mr bean launched the oreo cheese pancake again which i didnt get to try the first time it was launched, so i tried it today with my friend after volunteering! it was goood!!! it’s like molten oreo + cheese & i love how their pancakes are always overflowing with fillings! they also have new flavours like kimchi cheese & hazelnut cheese, and can make you fuller (?) bc its partly whole-wheat!! 😋 & i guess you feel “healthier” eating it knowing it contains whole-wheat flour? hhhh

btw my friend got a wrong order (chicken pancake) which was normal-tasting & miserably cold, so i encouraged her to clarify it with the cashier and in the end she got an oreo cheese one like she originally ordered, and got to keep the wrong order 👍🏻 good service mr. bean! we sat on those public benches in the mall to eat our pancakes & it was facing a clothing shop so we ate while giving comments when customers walk out with their tried on pieces & it was fun yet hilarious haha

so i only take pics there and then make a mess at my comfy brown table & soft chairs with back support 🤷🏻‍♀️ #doitforthegram lmao

today’s breakfast is earl grey cranberry bread from proofer. it was not a filled bun so i put some butter on it. it was not bad but the earl grey taste was often masked bc of the cranberries overpowering it. had this with a serving of veggies & black coffee!

had a cup of greek yogurt at night so i was still mostly full this morning. proud of myself for listening to my body & eating lesser instead of sticking to a fixed amount of food every meal! trying to practice eating as much as my body needs ☝🏻and it has been a few hours & im not starving yet! perhaps it was the decaf coffee bc coffee has been found to suppress appetite!

anyways, off to lunch with friends and then volunteering 👌🏻👌🏻

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at first bite this was still fresh out of the fridge so it was dry, & i was disappointed but as it rested at room temperature somehow it became moist so it was yummy! there were so many walnuts omg im a happy girl & the cinnamon + cream cheese parts of the cake tasted so good & strong. the portion was huge too 😋

had salmon & eggs brunch + organic lemongrass tea with the cake & i was so full after i finished everything HAHAHA currently in a bit of food coma oh no but im happy & satisfied!!! next time i’ll just have the cake taken away so that i can eat half at a time & store the rest for another time so i won’t be so full 😂 off to class now 😪

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(aka open house lah) loved the ‘pig’s ears’ biscuit the most, followed by my childhood fave chocolate cream biscuits and then the circle one which i didn’t really like. the pig’s ears were thin, crispy & not too sweet so it was easy to eat a lot at one go hhh thank god its portion sized into a little white bag. i was 30 mins late to the talk i wanted to attend and when i reached it was already Q & A oops but it was quite insightful. i found out that the intake will be small so im so scared i won’t make it in (if i even get an interview email) i’ll practice very hard now so that i can increase my chances of being accepted 😪 i really want this course so badly bc 1) interest 2) the other option is studying in aus but i wanna study in sg bc everyone is here... anyway i like this open house the most bc you can redeem so many free food 🐷 like hot dog buns, churros, thai milk tea, ice cream, coffee, biscuits, canned drinks & nachos!! i only got the biscuits tho my parents redeemed some other items too & im happy about my biscuits LOL icb i wrote a long ass essay about biscuits welcome to my account

archiving good food that entered my belly

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