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Featuring Open Farm Community, The Assembly Ground, Supply & Demand (Novena)
Dorothy Lim
Dorothy Lim

Truffle & mushroom pizza ($22++), Duck Pizza ($24++), Laska pizza ($20++), Crabmeat pasta ($22++) Egg bens Rosti ($18++)

As usual, assembly ground doesn’t fail to impress & satisfy my taste buds :) tried more variety of options this time, but I would still strongly recommend the truffle mushroom pizza - was still best to me

The black bean strozzapreti was really good - has a really earthy feels & the twists of the pasta helps to hold the sauce with each bite you take :) really well done! Loved the mushrooms that were cooked to a right consistency & the sauce that came with it. Really absolutely delish ☺️

Steamed barramundi was fine but I love the pasta a lot better. Portions are pretty small though for the price! I must say the ambience is really nice & quite chill, but prices are on the rather steep side & the portion really isn’t enough to fill my stomach, so might have to order >1 main each to fill that stomach or dessert I guess? ;)


This place is tucked inside NTU’s LKC medicine building, just opposite the TTSH hospital building. And would say that the quality of food is pretty good as well :) ordered a whole variety of food (was demolished before I remembered to snap a photo) BUT THIS THIS THIS pasta always steals my heart away....not the most adventurous foodie out there cos I usually stick to what I like to eat AND this is one of those dishes I always go back to ordering while I’m here 😊 please don’t get the smaller portion if you are looking to fill your stomach cos the portion difference is really huge. (Smaller serving is really tiny)

One of my favourite places to get a good fix of truffle mushroom pasta 😍 look at the mushroom, cheese & cream!! You have to go try it for yourself 😊

Other recommendations would be their pizzas (Morning After is REALLY good) & also the thick garlic truffle fries ($14++) that have. All pretty good stuff 🤗🤗🤗


This truffle mushroom pizza is really the bomb 😍 been patronizing this place ever since I found it in 2015, and each visit I will DEFINITELY have this as one of my orders ❤️ not on burpple beyond (why....😞) but fret not cos it’s on entertainer & they have a similar sister cafe at orchard (Benjamin Barker!) would say that the pizzas are really similar (same name even) but I prefer this one as it’s less cheesy. BUT both are still pretty similar AND REALLY GOOD

Laksa pasta is an interesting fusion food but I am not a fan. I would just go eat laksa any day over this but if you haven’t tried it, worth a try! :) the soft shell crab was pretty good :) some of my friends are crazy over this so might just be a personal preference. For me this pizza any day any time man 👌🏻😍

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