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Cafes 🌻

Cafes 🌻

Featuring Park Bench Deli, One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters, Columbus Coffee Co., Birdy's, Thus Coffee, Supply & Demand, Orchardgateway
Whitney David
Whitney David

Featured - Pizza & Carbonara from the executive lunch menu at Supply and Demand Orchard Gateway. $14.90 each! extremely filling for 2 people!

Flavours of the carbonara were there, it was creamy but i didn’t feel that it got overly rich as we went through the meal.

Pizza was good, the thin crust is amazing.

Overall, if you’re looking for a solid lunch deal that’ll satisfy both your stomach & wallet, Supply and Demand is the place for you!

Featured in the picture - the Chicken Stew ($17) and the Chicken Cutlet Korean Noodles ($18)!

the Chicken Stew wasn’t as thick & hearty as I would’ve liked but nonetheless the flavours were there. the bread was toasted nicely and the chicken was extremely tender!

the chicken cutlet was really good, fried to perfection and not overly oily. the spice level is extremely extremely mild. the noodles were the standout factor for me - springy and soft!

all prices were nett so total bill for both items came up to $35! very affordable quaint cafe, would recommend coming!

hidden cafe behind Sembawang Hills Hawker Centre. Ambience was cosy, service was 7/10. coffee was so so but the dishes were really good. not too pricey as well, prices seem on the menu are nett. food quality was 8.5/10, portions were substantial!! overall, would definitely go back again!

pictured is the duck confit hash ($20.50) & the halibut fish burger ($17).

both dishes were stunning. i feel that for the price, the portions are big and filling. duck wasn’t too salty, seasoned perfectly! the fish burger was tasty, the patty was on the slightly oily side but the flavours were there. the batter for the fish patty wasn’t too thick. generous serving of fries came along with it! it’s a must to mention their roadster beans, i got the 5oz white coffee with a single shot & it was just what i needed for the day!

ambience: 8/10
food: 9/10
price: 8/10
service: 9/10

would definitely recommend & go back in future 🤩


both dishes were hands down the best dishes on the menu. been to columbus a few times, have tried the burgers, pastas & other dishes but the chicken stew and the salmon soba noodles rose above all!!

i wouldn’t say the chicken stew dish is a stew bc it isn’t as thick as how i would expect a stew to be but it was seasoned beautifully & the flavours were extremely well balanced with the sourdough bread. was extremely filling even though it doesn’t look like it!

salmon soba noodles is an absolute must have! the salmon is soft and the furikake flakes balance the dish out from being plain! extremely flavourful!

service: 10/10 (i only waited 10 mins max for my food!)
ambience: 10/10
food quality: 9.5/10
price: 8/10

definitely would recommend & will be back for more!

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We got the turkey classic & the cubano!!!! both were heavenly but i personally prefer the cubano due to the well seasoned pork!! it’s slightly heavier than the turkey which is also a plus if you’re having it as your lunch! turkey was a colder more refreshing option.

i feel that it wouldn’t be worth paying $16 for each sandwich given the size but with burpple, it’s definitely extremely worth it!

the ambience isn’t to my liking because of the constant shouting of orders and tight spaces! definitely would serve better as a pick up & go kind of meal!

Had the smoked salmon burger ($17) and the truffle mushroom pasta ($18). Both dishes were not overly filling, slightly pricey but with burpple beyond, it was very affordable! quality of food was good! would recommend the smoked salmon burger over the truffle mushroom pasta (quite the norm) as it was extremely refreshing! would definitely pay them a visit again!

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Had the gashouse eggs ($13) and the french toast ($15), both were delicious! price was very decent and made extremely affordable by the 1 for 1! would definitely come back!