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Snack Monster Omnomnomzxzxz

Snack Monster Omnomnomzxzxz

For times when you just need a small bite between meals
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee
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Omg the Hazelnut Royale Pancake has quietly made its way back to Mr Bean! I have seen this at a few outlets sporadically but the it’s finally back in full force at the NUH outlet. I love the spongey-soft pancake which encases a thick and rich hazelnut filling. It’s full of Nutella-like chocolatey hazelnut goodness, with some crunchy bits inside! If you love Nutella or chocolate, be sure to pick this pancake up! Here’s to hoping that this flavour stays on the permanent menu this time!

The taiyaki fillings tend to be concentrated in the middle, so the edges are just pancake kosong. The cream cheese is thick and just salty enough to balance out the slightly sweet pancake. Might work a bit better if the cream cheese were spread out more evenly, but it’s easy enough to take a mouthful of the edge and eat some of the cream cheese.

MUST pick up every time I’m around Ngee Ann City. So good especially when you get a bite with both the peanut butter and mochi with creamy, chewy and cakey texture all in one mouthful.

Seriously atas and expensive cocoa dusted chocolate almonds at artisan chocolatier Läderach. This small box cost upwards of $25.

I really love cocoa dusted almonds, but artisan chocolate or not, this wasn’t fantastic enough to pay $25++ for one box. More worth it to buy the freshly made blocks of chocolate from Läderach or buy cocoa dusted almonds from Royce or another chocolatier instead.

Läderach freshly made artisanal chocolate is a treat, but an expensive one at that! So you gotta make your money count if you’re going for it.

This is my pick for the BEST chocolate at Läderach. If you love dark chocolate AND nuts, the 70% dark chocolate with hazelnuts is perfect! Although almonds are usually my favourite, I was surprised to find that I loved the hazelnuts way more. The 70% dark chocolate on its own isn’t bitter, but ultimately the taste falls a little flat. The addition of caramelised hazelnuts adds a whole lot of contrast and flavour - sweet, nutty and crunchy all at one go. Super delicious! 😋

Only realised that this was a product of Malaysia AFTER bringing it back to Singapore, but it was too late. Anyway, no regrets buying these biscuits from the local supermarket Rimping as they’re really good! They’re individually wrapped, so it’s great for snacking and sharing with colleagues or family. The chocolate/butter mixed biscuits are filled with a thick coffee chocolate cream, which complements the biscuit and isn’t too strong in taste. You don’t even have to heat the biscuit up to melt the cream! We demolished this pack in a day at the office, so my only regret is not buying more, but I guess a trip across the causeway can easily solve this!

I recall having tried this flavour a long time ago, but OCK was running a promotion for their cute old-school tingkat carrier where you get 4 puffs plus the tingkat for $18 (U.P $49).

The chilli crab puff is a decent stand-in for chilli crab. The filling is spicier than Jumbo’s chilli crab sauce, but then again, Jumbo’s is just plain sweet. I appreciate the slight heat in the puff personally. Don’t expect real crab meat in a $2 puff, and it’s all good. The filling is generous and yummy, although I do think this particular outlet has too much pastry crimped at the ends.

Japan represent from OCK’s Flavours of the World line of curry puffs. The shredded chicken is cooked with shiitake mushroom slices, onions, and glazed with teriyaki sauce to give rise to a sweet and juicy filling. I did find this less satisfying than the other puffs as the chicken was in shreds rather than chunks, and the other ingredients seemed to outnumber the meat - making me feel that this wasn’t as ‘worth it’ as the other puffs stuffed with meat. I also didn’t find the teriyaki flavour strong enough when eaten with the puff. Perhaps a sweeter or more savoury teriyaki sauce would be better in this puff so that the filling doesn’t get too diluted by the pastry.

I’d give this a pass and go for the other more unique flavours at OCK instead.

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This puff was stuffed with moist and juicy minced chicken char siew. The sweet and savoury filling is generous, and tastes pretty good especially if you like your char siew soft and tender. I did find that the texture tasted a little like vegetarian char siew but maybe that’s just me. While it was a nice puff, I probably wouldn’t order it again simply because I prefer the regular curry flavour or would prefer to try the other exciting flavours that OCK so regularly launches, but this would be a nice option for those who can’t handle spice!

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On a quest to try all things ma la and I stumbled upon this OCK Jewel Changi exclusive flavour after my flight back. Was that a sign? I think so!

This puff really packs quite a punch. When I was buying the puff, the staff actually told me it was spicy and asked to confirm if I really wanted it. I wasn’t quite convinced that the filling would actually be spicy, but my first bite into the bright red puff proved me wrong. There’s actually some heat in the filling with a detectable ma la aroma! Not numbing, but good enough for a quick ma la fix in an portable easy-to-eat puff. The pastry is just as crisp as their regular curry puffs, although I think the puff to filling ratio is a little skewed and could do with more filling.

Sadly I didn’t manage to get my hands on the other Jewel exclusive flavour of Kaya butter so better luck next time :(

This is one for those who really can’t decide what they want. With caramelised Piedmont hazelnuts, almonds and roasted pistachios enrobed in a mixture of Swiss milk and dark chocolate, you literally get almost everything Läderach has to offer in one chocolate.

I love all the nuts, especially the caramelised hazelnuts which are sweet on the outside, but provide a nutty and slightly bitter taste when bitten into.

I like my chocolates dark, so I wish this would’ve been made with pure dark chocolate. However, the milk dark mixture makes this a pretty safe choice for most people - even those who don’t like dark chocolate.

Swiss Dark Chocolate paired with a crunchy florentine almond croquant

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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