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Featuring Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City), Gyu Nami, Kei Kaisendon (Marina Square), Maki-San (The Cathay), IKURA Japanese (Thomson Plaza), Itacho Sushi (ION Orchard), Unagiya Ichinoji (Suntec City), Sora Boru, Ha-Oh Hototogisu (Paragon)
Loong Wye Kwan
Loong Wye Kwan

Wagyu beef bowl (regular) $10+

Total cost $11. Beef was soft but quantity not much in the regular bowl. Overall tasted average only.

Shoyu iberico ramen ($15.90++)

Soup base was light but balanced, could be more robust. Theres lemon, ginger, fried shallots, leeks, saffron. Taste wise was lighter than that of the crab ramen. Ingredients wise also little, only 2 slices of charsiu. Quite expensive for the small bowl but it"s light enough for you to polish off the bowl.

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Crab ramen ($15.90++)

Ordered my ramen without onions and leeks. The broth was delicious with crab taste (not too strong unlike keisuke) and the rocket leaves, sour cream, lemon and crab/tomato paste worked well to make the soup robust. There are only 2 thin slices of charsiu inside. Ingredients wise would say is little for the price paid, but I managed to finish the whole bowl. Noodles were okay, not overcooked.

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Gyoza ($5.90++)

Gyoza is still hot upon arrival. Skin is not thick and crispy. Filling is juicy and still has the crunch from the cabbage. Overall nice texture and makes you crave for more!!

Salmon sushi ($0.90++ or $0.60++ each)

Limited to 2 sushis for each person. $0.90++ for the one with Mentaiko. Very worth it!

Scallop With Spicy Salmon Mayo Rice ($8.50++)

On promo.
Scallops were nice. Goes well with the spicy salmon mayo and rice. Amount is quite little. But quite worth it at this price.

Unagi hitsumabushi ($32.80++ , or $29.80nett if u use j passport)

Unagi is nice and the broth is good too. Worth it!!

DIY mega san ($11.90)

Get to choose the wrap, rice, 5 ingredients and sauce. Very filling and the ebi fry is nice!

Onsen tamago don with pork katsu ($9.80 on Food Panda)

Pork katsu was substantial but thin and hard. Fortunately the onsen egg made everything softer and nicer to eat. The bonito flakes and jap teriyaki sauce also went well with the meat.

Omu curry rice with pork katsu ($9.80 on Food Panda)

Curry sauce was packed separately in another container which was good. Egg was fluffy but bland. Pork katsu was thin and slightly hard (should be frozen patty?) But all went well with the curry and rice so not much to complain about.

Vegetable Tendon ($14++):
Vegetables such as asparagus, mushrooms, lady’s fingers, eggplant, long bean and corn are deep fried well! I opted for the spicy sauce, which adds alil spice to the well fried vegetables and short grain white rice!

Small chirashi bowl ($13.50 for small bowl)

No service charge and gst on top of the price shown.

For small bowl, you get to select 2 fishes, 2 toppings and 1 sauce. Chose swordfish, octopus, edamame and sliced tamagoya egg for this, and sesame sauce.

Amount is substantial. And restaurant is halal certified! Order through the machine and collect it when your number is called.

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