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Featuring The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Matchaya (Icon Village), Fuel Plus+, Rakki Bowl, KOOKS Creamery (Serangoon), Dopa Dopa Creamery, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., Kindred Folk, The Mad Sailors, Lobsters & Ice Cream v2.0
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee

I wouldn’t have known about this tiny coffee shop if it weren’t for Burpple Beyond although I drive past the area almost every day. Olla Specialty Coffee doesn’t face the main road, it’s near Balmoral Bakery but faces the courtyard of the HDB estate.

Seating is limited, but it’s a very cozy little place. There are two tables and some seats against the wall with “armrest tables”, plus two tables directly outside. The outdoor tables were well sheltered from the rain so no worries even on a thundery day like today. The interior is lovely, and the baristas are friendly too. As we were seated outside, there was a slight accident with the first matcha soy latte drink that was made as it spilled while the barista was carrying it. However, instead of wincing in pain or cursing, the sweet barista was more apologetic that I had to wait longer for my drink! She immediately apologised and had a new drink prepared.

The matcha latte was really really good. It’s thick with a slight bitter matcha aftertaste. At $5.50 for two cups (or $5 if you opt for regular milk) with Burpple beyond, this is an absolute steal! I would totally return to Olla, perhaps to try their coffee and waffles this time!

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Made a reservation on Chope and I’m glad I did because the restaurant was apparently full house for the night. When we ordered, we were told that food might take a while to be served, so at least they warned us. Thankfully, we had a lot to chat about so time passed pretty quickly while we were waiting.

The Cheeky Git is a cheeky name for a braised beef cheek dish served atop mashed potatoes. The beef was fork tender and my dining party was amazed at how soft it was. With Burpple Beyond 1 for 1 Main Dishes, this was very affordable and high quality. Would make a return visit for this dish!

There goes my second and last Burpple Beyond offer for 4oz cups at Tom’s Palette! Nooooo! With the choice of two flavours per cup at only $5, snagging two cups at $5 is a total steal with Burpple Beyond. Anyway, $5 for a 4oz cup is still affordable and they have 10% discount for students anyway, so I’m still gonna go even after finishing my Beyond deals.

None of my favourite flavours or waffles today so I was forced to try something new but I’m glad for that. I went for the Mocha Macnut/Yuan Yang while my dining partner went for the Kueh Dadar/Parmesan Cheese & Cream Crackers.

Mocha Macnut: this hits all the right spots if you love chocolate and macadamia nuts. The coffee flavour isn’t that strong, so even if you don’t like coffee, it shouldn’t be an issue. I loved how generous they were with the large macadamia chunks, which provided crunchy spurts of nuttiness to the chocolatey ice cream.

Yuan Yang: I love how you can see the tea leaves in there, and it actually legit tastes like a good old cup of yuan yang. The coffee and tea flavours are balanced nicely with one another, with neither overpowering the other. Overall this was a little milder in flavour than the Mocha Macnut, so it should be enjoyed first lest it comes off as a bit tasteless, but I liked this!

Kueh Dadar: one of my favourite kuehs in ice cream form! Yay! The ice cream base has a light pandan flavour, with grated coconut and gula melaka mixed in to give a gritty and chewy texture. If you love the kueh, you’ll love this ice cream. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of their regular flavours, so you’ll have to check before heading down if you specifically want this flavour.

Parmesan Cheese & Cream Crackers: totally judged my friend for choosing this as it seemed like such a strange combination, but I revised my opinion pretty quickly after actually trying it. I honestly didn’t know what to make of this flavour at first bite. The savouriness of the Parmesan Cheese messes with your mind on how an ice cream should taste, but my friend urged me to take a bite with the cracker and omg that was amazing. I really can’t describe how this flavour tastes, but you have to try it for yourself. Don’t give up on it on your first bite if it confuses your tastebuds, take another bite (hopefully with the cream cracker) and you might find yourself loving this flavour too.

*Note: If there’s a flavour you really want, drop Tom’s Palette an email and they’ll update you if or when they have it! :)

Double scoops with premium flavours (+$0.70 per scoop, total $9), pots of tea ($6 each), butter croissant pastry ($4.50 each) - total for both sets with Burpple Beyond: $19.50

Such an indulgent dessert with two scoops of creamy gelato on a buttery flaky croissant pastry. Dopa Dopa doesn’t have the widest selection of ice cream flavours available, but they have many unique ones that they do well and we had a tough time choosing which four to have. The pistachio flavour is really good, nutty and not artificial tasting at all. The green tea toasted rice was a lighter flavour, but captured the fragrant roasty aroma of green tea and had little bits of toasted rice too for extra mouthfeel. The choco hojicha carries both the chocolate and roasted tea flavours very well, providing a spin on the regular chocolate flavour that leaves you craving for more with each bite. As for pecan, that’s one flavour I haven’t seen on its own before and I love it! The pecan has a sharper and more bitter taste than pistachio, which makes it perfect to counterbalance the sweetness in the ice cream.

Texture-wise, all the ice cream are super creamy and thick! I love them. However, they do tend to melt quite quickly and make the croissant pastry soggy so eat up fast.

Overall $19 for one set is quite pricey, and we could’ve done without the tea because it was quite light and tasteless. But I guess they have to recover the cost somehow. With Burpple Beyond 1-for-1, $19 for two sets is much more affordable so we would definitely revisit again and use the other offers!

A few different deals available on Burpple Beyond at Tom’s Palette including 1-for-1 4oz cup, waffles and double scoop and a takeaway tub (750ml). We originally wanted the waffles and double scoop deal but we arrived just when they opened at 1pm on Sunday and were informed that the waffles weren’t ready yet, so we settled for the 4oz cup instead.

We were excited by how many interesting and unique flavours Tom’s Palette had to offer like salted egg, lei cha, Parmesan cheese cracker. They do have the regular ‘safe’ flavours, as well as dairy-free flavours so you’re covered no matter how you like your ice cream. Thankfully, they do allow tastings and you’re also allowed to have two flavours in each cup (this is awesome!!!). We settled on the Lei Cha/Dark Chocolate sorbet for the first cup (front) and White Chocolate Miso Nori/Croc (or some chocolate name) for the second cup and loved all of them!

The lei cha was surprisingly very good. It tasted somewhat like matcha, with a grassy taste and some herbal afternotes. The dark chocolate sorbet was amazing from start to end, and never got jelak. It’s rich and slightly bitter, but not so creamy that it overwhelms your tastebuds. I think my absolute fav was the white chocolate miso nori which comes with chunks of white chocolate glazed almonds and has a sweet yet complementary savoury taste. The almonds add a lovely crunch to the ice cream too, and you can see the little bits of seaweed in the ice cream. Whoever came up with this flavour is a mad genius, but this flavour combination works like a dream! I really can’t remember the name of the last flavour but it’s named after a wafer chocolate bar and it’s a chocolate-based ice cream with chunks of the chocolate bar inside. This was the sweetest out of the flavours, but it wasn’t overly sweet and these four flavours were a great combination overall.

At $5 for a 4oz cup with two choices of flavours, Tom’s Palette is already very affordable. With Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal, it’s a steal! I’ll definitely be back for more awesome ice cream with or without the deal!

Kindred Folk is one of the rare places with both Burpple Beyond and Entertainer 1-for-1 where you can choose to use the deal for Pasta or Dessert. We used the pasta deal, where a single bowl of pasta would usually cost $13.90. This is pretty pricey for a single pasta dish at such a casual cafe, but actually very affordable and worth it after using the deal.

Both the pastas were fantastic as the noodles were done al dense and I loved how firm they were. If you’re a fan of bold flavours, go for the Spice It Up which is a tom yum aglio olio linguine with sautéed prawns. For a slightly muted but aromatic dish, go for the Green Eyed Monster which is penne and chicken breast tossed in a Thai green curry cream sauce. We enjoyed both pastas and will be back to use the other deals too!

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This was the free dish we got with Burpple Beyond main dish redemption.

There’s an option to have the bowl with rice or mixed greens as a base - and we went for rice this round. After TCA’s menu revamp, they only have one rice bowl protein option on the menu, which is quite sad as I did enjoy the salmon grain bowl! The crispy pork belly grain bowl is quite enjoyable as well, but I did find that the pork belly was too salty to be eaten on its own. It has to be eaten with the other components of the bowl to mellow out the saltiness, but it does really add a lot of flavour. In addition, the pork belly was too fatty for this to be considered a healthy grain bowl. Bring back the other protein options please!

Al dente pasta cooked with shrimp, and topped with shio konbu and an onsen egg. It’s quite cute to watch the konbu flakes crinkling and moving about as the bowl sat on the table.

After giving it a good toss, the resultant bowl of pasta was seriously umami as it’s name suggests. If you don’t know what umami means, just take a bite of this pasta. I’d suggest sharing this dish with someone else, because it did start to get a bit salty after a few bites although it was delicious.

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Another one of the popular dishes at OMC. Two slices of an extremely thick and fluffy French toast served with perfectly caramelised bananas, salted caramel, walnuts and berries.

The French toast is amazing. Slightly crispy on the outside, but so soft, chewy and dense on the inside with a little cake-like texture. It’s nice on its own, but you can enhance the sensory experience even more by dipping it in some salted caramel, sticking on a toasted walnut, and cutting a slice of caramelised banana. This results in a medley of flavours and textures all in one mouthful. Special mention goes to the caramelised bananas which are done to perfection - a crispy, burnt caramel crust atop a sweet, soft but not mushy banana. These people have got the caramelising down to a T.

There’s also the option to add on a scoop of vanilla ice cream at $4 but we didn’t think it was necessary, and the dish was already fantastic without it. But I can imagine that a scoop of ice cream would make this a real dessert treat. 😋

With Burpple Beyond, we got this and the Gashouse Eggs With Bacon Jam at only $15! So delicious and so affordable. Would definitely make a return trip here to use the rest of my deals! The most raved about dish at OMC - Gashouse Eggs with Bacon Jam ($13). I regret to inform you that the hype about this dish is REAL. It’s really that good.

Hidden in the pillowy soft cheese toast is a runny egg which spills its golden contents when sliced into. Apart from being a treat for the eyes, it tastes as good as it looks. Use the white bread coated in melted cheese to soak up the yolk, take a pinch of bacon jam, and you’ve got a party in your mouth. Trust me when a little goes a long way with the bacon jam. Whoever came up with dish is pure genius. I would make a return trip to OMC just for this dish. Also, since they’re on Burpple Beyond, we got this as our free dish! So affordable and so worth it!

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The most raved about dish at OMC - Gashouse Eggs with Bacon Jam ($13). I regret to inform you that the hype about this dish is REAL. It’s really that good.

Hidden in the pillowy soft cheese toast is a runny egg which spills its golden contents when sliced into. Apart from being a treat for the eyes, it tastes as good as it looks. Use the white bread coated in melted cheese to soak up the yolk, take a pinch of bacon jam, and you’ve got a party in your mouth. Trust me when a little goes a long way with the bacon jam. Whoever came up with dish is pure genius. I would make a return trip to OMC just for this dish. Also, since they’re on Burpple Beyond, we got this as our free dish! So affordable and so worth it!

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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