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Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

This refreshing mocktail ($11) is made of tarragon, raspberry, apple, lemon juice and tonic. It's really balanced and fruity. That sourness from the lemon balanced with the tanginess of the berries. It especially paired well with the blueberry pancakes I had for brunch. My dining partner ordered this mocktail for me and I was really pleased by it.

Decided to give LiHo's Seolhyang strawberry series drink a shot since there was a 1 for 1. The original price of each of these drinks is $6.90. Apparently the fruit is airflown from Korea three times a week due to its perishability. :O

The drink starts off blended but as it melts the strawberry-infused tea settles to the bottom. They also have actual crushed strawberry at the bottom, which adds to the overall mouthfeel of the drink.

You can adjust the sugar level but I didn't add any as it already has strawberry syrup added and that makes the drink sufficiently sweet already. The strawberry flavor is actually really nice, not too sour and pairs really well with the green tea. It's super refreshing. Going for the big size next time!


The idea that tea can help you whiten your skin tone is definitely rather ridiculous, but I was quite piqued by the idea and even though the tea was $6.90 for a medium cup I decided to give it a shot.

The tea has a Jing Syuan base sweetened with stevia. It also had some fruit pieces like grapefruit and citrus fruits floating inside. Apparently it is also infused with some Recherché Skin Brightening Plus for UV protection. There was also pink-hued sakura aiyu and white pearl as the topping.

It tasted really refreshing. Not too sweet or too citrusy. There was this delightful peach flavor lingering in the background. And the toppings were really delicious; from the slippery aiyu jelly to the chewy yet bouncy konjac pearls.


I really loved this refreshing drink ($4.90). Felt like the perfect pick me up on a hot and sweltering afternoon. I liked how the kitchen was open and I could see that the drinks and desserts are all made from scratch.

The rose flavor in this drink is actually really subtle, which is good because I really don't like super flowery and overpowering flavors. On the contrary, the white peach was really strong, with sweet peach pulp at the bottom :)

This is a bit on the expensive side for a drink, but with the Burpple 1 for 1 its definitely a lot more reasonable and I could try other of the delicious-looking menu items!


This tiny shop specializes in peach gum based drinks. Apparently this jellylike, amber-hued substance is derived from the resin of the peach tree. It is regarded as really good for the skin as it is rich in collagen. This is their main drink, which consists of red date and longan infused tea with peach gum chunks. ($4.90)

It was super refreshing in the hot weather. The peach gum chunks didn't taste of anything, but I liked chewing on the gum between sips of the lightly sweetened, slightly fruity tea. Its like drinking a healthy bubble tea, and besides the health benefits this dessert/drink is less than 150 kcals! :)



This is a blend of osmanthus and alisan teas ($3.60 for medium) with konjac jelly (+$0.60) at 25% sugar level.

The refreshing lightness of the high-quality alisan melded well with the osmanthus' distinctively floral flavor. The entire drink was a tad too floral for me, as I am not a fan of overly floral flavor. But it was still a fantastic thirst-quencher, perfect in the afternoon heat or for washing down spicy or greasy lunches. The konjac added a playful, chewy mouthfeel and a subtle sweetness to the drink but its lack of flavor meant that I could still taste all the complexities of the drink.

I really enjoyed my first Yuancha experience and could tell it was drink produced with much thought and care. And I like the thought that I am supporting a homegrown brand :)


I lift 💪🏻 I eat 🍩 I science 🤓

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