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There always room for desserts !!!!
Chu Ning
Chu Ning
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Blended Acai base, topped with granola, bananas, cacao nibs, chia seeds and cookie butter.

Acai was super smooth and cold when served. The winning factor in this acai is the cookie butter. Ultimate fave acai shop

Never was I a fan of brown sugar because it can get v sweet at times. But this drink came as a surprise.

Warm brown sugar pearls were added into cold fresh milk and after giving it a few good shakes, the drink was well mixed. The brown sugar taste didn’t really overpower the milk which is a good thing and the pearls were really soft and chewy.

Death Cream consists of a mixture of espresso, cream and vanilla beans. Slightly on the sweeter side and it sure contains a lot of cream. Recommend to be shared by 2 ppl since it can get slightly overwhelming after a few sips.

The Taisho M.A.D Milk tastes very nutty, not something I actually enjoyed. The M.A.D milk
is actually made up of macadamia nuts, almonds and dates.

Walked past this shop which had a queue forming and since it’s the durian season, I joined the queue as well. Wanted to get the Black Thorn initially but it was OOS unless you reserved beforehand. No choice, had to go with the MSW instead. Price was ard $19/kg.

The MSW wasn’t very bitter and the portion can feed 3 pax.

This bbt was highly raved but tbh, I think it’s over- hyped. Not saying that the tea was bad, but while it did have the tea taste, it did not have the strong aftertaste that I was looking for. The tea was smooth and not cloyingly sweet.

One of the better ones I’ve drank was from R&B tea.


Texture of the cheesecake was not as soft but more dense, different from the regular ones that I’m used to. Didn’t enjoy it.

On first look, the pastries were really tiny. It’s as though you can just pop the entire thing into your mouth.

That being said, this platter is not as worth as the ones with the 3 scoops of ice cream. But it’s worth a try if you’re using Burpple beyond since 6 scoops of ice cream could be an overdose as well.

Overall, their chocolate is quite dense but enjoyable.

My absolute fave is from project acai because the acai is frozen but not icy.

This bowl was more watery and not that cold. While I enjoyed the taste of it because I could taste honey, I wasn’t a fan of its texture. The fruits were similar but project acai’s granola were crunchier and nicer.

Can give this acai bowl a miss. It’s also more expensive.

Had the impression that the drink would be bitter but I was wrong. I could taste the passionfruit which made the drink neither bitter nor sweet.
Other awesome ingredients packed in that little glass bottle includes kale, spinach, passionfruit, orange, passionfruit and coconut water! Great detox drink.


Shilin night market was super crowded and this was the only food I managed to get there.

Mango sago was not very sweet and the sago was not hard as well. There were only 2 chunks of mangos in my drink.

The crepe cake had a thin layer of red bean. Flavours are quite light.

Forever hungry • Can be seen munching on a slice of pizza most of the times

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