Weekday Escapades

Weekday Escapades

Simple hawker fare plus the occasional better dinners!
Van N
Van N

Was deciding between this and Kin Moo just a few stores down, and chose this since it was more crowded (oops). Anw we got the tomyum soup with prawns, eggplant and minced meat and pad thai. All 3 dishes were really good, especially the soup!! The soup had just the right balance of spiciness and sourness, and very full bodied πŸ˜‹

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This store is actually 3 restaurants combined to one - Fatbird, Taan and Huolala. So it offers a wide range of food from chicken pot to skewers and mala! Got only the mala this time cos the waitress informed us that whatever we ordered ($20 worth of mala) was quite alot for 2pax, and can hold back on the skewers (how honestπŸ˜…). The mala was really on the spicier side, and portions were generous. Though one thing missing was the numbing effect of the peppercorns. We were also recommended to try their tomato soup, but it fell short of expectations cos we thought it'll be like HDL but really hahaha. Its a good to have but not a must have. Can just stick to a full portion of mala if you can take the spice. Oh yes! And they've happy hour promo for draft beer with a full pint of suntory at $12 πŸ‘πŸΌ

Got the seafood pasta in tomato sauce cause now you've too too up an additional $3 for the white sauce say WHUTT... and the prawn pesto. Both were fine, not amazing this time. The prawn pesto was a little salty tbh. Maybe cause the pasta was a little too hard, not that I like soggy overcooked pasta but still....😟

Damn it sounded good on the dinner menu, at the price point of $18, but the meat was really really tough and chewy. Don't think its the fault of the chef - but more of the cut of the meat. Please order something else.

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Got the Blood Orange & Mango, and the Dark Chocolate for our 1 for 1 takeaway πŸ˜‹ The Dark Chocolate won, hands down! Intense, rich and just the right sweetness. The Blood Orange & Mango was a little too sweet for my liking, and had that artifical sweetness similar to those bottled fruit juice..? It was not a gr8 experience, bloody hell~


As self explanatory as the shop name, this place sells a variety of udon, more so than the one at NEX. I got the beef udon with onsen egg, it was better than expected, the soup was deliciously salty. The sides - fried fish cake and chicken cutlet were unfortunately not hot and hence not worth the $2+ per piece )-:

Got the jingsyuan tea with cheese foam and the assam tea latte (with milk foam). It's just fine, the tea wasn't exceptional though at first taste of my jingsyuan it was refreshing. Also, the service was slow and staff seems inexperienced.

The soba noodles were really good - chewy and didn't taste like those packaged kind. I got the eggplant one and it was surprisingly good! While my friend got the mango salsa soba, could have more mangoes but it was alright. Will be back!

Got the DIY bowls. What's different about this place is that they make use of Konjac in their rice/noodles etc. So our carbs tasted kinda like jellyish? The sides were alright.

Got the Persian Prince(?) & Mojito! I thought that the flavours were quite okay. Can't exactly remember what else but just know that they've an array of other flavours!

Got the Ceylon milk tea with grass jelly, warm!!!! And it was pretty nice!!! Though the tea taste can be a lot stronger~

Got the GyuDon 2.0 and had high expectations for it!! But boOoo the meat was quite tough, and had this distinct charred taste which I don't particularly like. While there were quite a lot of condiments (some bread crumbs lookalike on the rice) scattered over the dish, the rice bowl still felt kinda bland 😰

Van N

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