Weekday Escapades

Weekday Escapades

Simple hawker fare plus the occasional better dinners!
Van N
Van N

But not exactly delicious!!! Got the Truffle Mushroom + Prawn Alio Alio(??). The truffle mushroom pasta was served with RED pasta, chunky mushroom pieces and a creamy alfredo sauce, taste wise it's pretty standard. The other pasta dish (with prawns) on the other hand, was quite unique. The mala taste hit me the moment I had my first bite, along with the crunchy ebiko. But tbh, it was also kinda weird - like the pasta and mala taste didn't go well.

Got this with peanut pearls!!! Tasted like tangyuan 😱

Had the choice to get one protein + 5 different toppings + base and sauce. The prices differ over which protein you got. I had the seared tuna ($11.90) and it was pretty yummy! Interesting cause we were supposed to add desired sauce, and shake it before eating.

Popped by this place for a quick dinner, got the braised pork (lu rou) and mala pork collar rice bowl. The braised pork was tender and the fats not overwhelming, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't too salty at all. Just that the food wasn't that hot when it was served. The mala pork collar was slightly overbearing on the "'Ma" side, but reasonable for the "la". Meat was tender and soft which was delightful, but as for ma personal tastebuds, I would recommend the braised pork!

Yums~ The beef slices were not bad, quite tender on a bed of tomato fried rice and omelette on the side. The demi glacé on the side isn't rly my kind of thing though. The tonkatsu was a pleasant surprise (we got it to make up for the 1 for 1) and we unanimously agreed that the brown sauce was a winner - a distinct pepperish taste and goes well with rice alone~

Got the recommended mazesoba and another one with braised pork. The former was nubbad, a mixture of creaminess (from the egg) and the veggies were a pleasant addition to prevent the meal from being too jelat. The braised pork on the other hand, was largely the same. A drier version and the meat was wayyyyyy too salty 😨 also a blackout occured when we were ending our meal, thank god we were almost done by then since the tiny shop was pretty suffocating haha

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Got the Son in Law eggs for starters - it came with chilli jam and a creamy center. Our mains followed - Miso Truffle Prawn pasta & Laksa pasta. The Miso Truffle was too salty despite several mouths and I feedbacked for a change, which the restaurant kindly recooked a new plate for me. Laksa pasta came lukewarm, was pretty dry and taste wise - felt like I could recreate it with the PrimaDeli laksa paste at home. Not sure if I'll be back, thought the atmosphere was good!

Got the Cha-ppong spicy level 1 and it was still pretty spicy!! Texture of the noodles was pretty unique - not overcooked and al dente like pasta! Portions are huge btw 😋

Was recommended by the waiter to get a few dishes to share between two. Decided on the fried wanton with XO chili, stir fried kailan for greens and the char siew. The wantons came fresh hot and crispy with the XO chili topping that I ate off the wanton, it was super yummy. The veggies and char siew were not bad too but the latter was nothing much to shout about. Portions were tiny btw!! Pricey if not for 1-for-1.

Quite nice - creamy plus many variants you could choose. Worth the set.

Back here a second time. Tried the pastas this time and it was pretty disappointing. The truffle bacon and mushroom (bottom) was much better than the tomyum which tasted really weird and mild. My colleague said it tasted like Tao Kae Noi...the seaweed...?

Van N

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