This is really affordable compared to other restaurants!! The small portion is only $9.80 😱 and for its price, the unagi was really quite good! It was grilled nicely - crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside (but I would have liked it to be more charred) Nonetheless, it was still a satisfying and affordable meal!!

I’m not the biggest fan of ramen, but I enjoyed the Tonkotsu ramen here 👍🏼😋! The ramen noodles were thin and springy (and you can even customize how soft or firm you want the noodles to be!). And the pork broth was very flavourful. They also provide free-flow hard boiled eggs and condiments. I recommend trying Takana (spicy pickled mustard leaf), as it goes well with the ramen 😋

Look at that beef!! 😍 This is part of their 25th Jubilee special menu. The Miyazaki beef was pan-fried, and was topped with a soft onsen egg! The beef just melts in your mouth and the fat-to-meat ratio was perfect. Love love this

This is part of Sushi Tei’s 25th Jubilee menu. This is a soft shell crab roll topped with fish roe and mentaiko sauce!! The soft shell crab was really substantial and I love how it has that burnt, crispy taste! The mentaiko sauce also complemented the sushi roll really well! Pity this is not on their permanent menu

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This came piping hot! The eggs were silky smooth and the unagi was very meaty and tender! Really flavourful as well 😊 Quite a decent meal for this price!

Really love how spacious the place is now! I still remember how tight and squeezy the original outlet was, and I must say it’s really heartwarming to see how they’ve grown 😊 As always, their sashimi is really fresh and well-marinated. The gyudon was a delight as well: tender beef slices topped with a yummy onsen egg! However, their portions are a lot smaller now and the queues are just as long 🙁

I’m a huge fan of sashimi and mentaiko, so this was really an ideal choice for me. Salmon sashimi topped with mentaiko and torched to perfection!! I particularly liked how they were generous with their sashimi. But would I choose this over their signature truffle beef bowl? Probably not. Because while it’s really good, it wasn’t exceptionally amazing. Nonetheless, I still really enjoyed this

I’m sure this place needs no introduction! I’ve been wanting to try Rakki Bowl’s signature Truffle Wagyu Don ever since my friend tried and couldn’t stop talking about it! The beef was tender and was drizzled with the right amount of truffle oil. It was on a bed of fluffy Japanese rice, and was topped with an onsen egg. Really enjoyed it! I’m really glad we chose the large bowl instead!!

Hotplate chicken on a bed of fluffy, steamed egg! This is one of their bestsellers, and now I can see why! 😋 Tip: scoop your rice into the hotplate and mix it with the sauce to eat!

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I’m a huge lover of fries and mentaiko, so I was really really excited to try this! The shoestring fries were hot and crispy, but the star of this dish was the mentaiko sauce!! 😍 I do wish there was more sauce though. Nonetheless, it was a still very good and would definitely order it the next time I’m at Genki!

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The unagi here is rly rly 😍!! It was perfectly charred and crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. You can eat the rice (white or multigrain) and unagi on its own, or mix it with dashi stock, seaweed, spring onions and wasabi! Both methods were equally delicious and I suggest you try both 😊 Hands down one of the best unagi places in Singapore. (Not surprising since they do specialize in unagi!)

Tanuki Raw serves a variety of cut sashimi (salmon, tuna, scallop, swordfish, white tuna, yellowtail, ikura, ebiko) in this bowl! The rice is flavorful, and different from the usual Japanese rice. However, I feel that this experienced was marred by the (very long) waiting time. Perhaps the long queue raised my expectations, but I don’t think this is worth queueing for. Nonetheless, it is still a good chirashi don if you are in the area and if there is no long queue.

The way to my heart is through my belly 😋

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