Enjoying blend of spices from Thai cuisine.
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Decided to go BKK Bistro as my friend was around Yishun.

Generally, I would say standard is passable with things like their $0.80 boat noodle and Tom Yam Soup Hotpot ($29.90). However, I wouldn't say it is something I would come all the way here for.

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Cheap and Delicious Thai dishes as usual. This time, I ordered the Bee Hoon ($4) by mistake but it is still delicious.

It's a pity none of the outlet is at the west or north side or I would have patronised often

Order green curry, rice, plain omelette, phad thai & honey chicken.

All of it was delicious and cost only $33.66 for all these. Affordable and delicious

For such a delicious meal, it cost only $4 for a tourist attraction mall which is so good and make it so worth it.

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Couldn't find Burrple for Mapletree outlet hence decided to post here instead.

Had the Green Curry with Rice ($6) which is not bad. Decent amount of chicken and vegetable and quite a good find in a business district area

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During the CB period, this restaurant has been closed for more throughout. It also doesn't help that my company bus temporarily stopped providing bus to Harbourfront for lunch. Even after phase 2, they did not allow for dine in until recently.

I have been craving for Thick Tom Yam Soup ($6) & Steamed Rice ($1) and there wasn't one that is authentic one near my house or workplace.

Once I try the soup, I can tell it is made from scratch and not MSG powder or anything. The food really made my craving worth it.

3rd time visiting Nakhon and this time ordered Honey Chicken Rice ($6) as my friend ordered this previously and looks not bad.

The chicken was coated with too much flour for me which makes the chicken quite tough. In addition, I find that the honey is too sweet.

I still love the other food from here but wouldn't order this dish.

Ordered the Kway Teow Soup With Beef ($4). Being in a tourist place like Vivo City, it is a rare gem to find such a affordable price for a main dish. Portion is huge and the broth is full of flavour. I didn't expect to find such a delicious meal at an affordable price.

I don't mind coming here again to try their other dishes.

Ordered Set C which consist of a main (Phad Thai) & dessert (Golden Toast with Dips) which I choose the Yam Kaya Dip and spent a total of $10.80.

The Phad Thai kind of dry but the taste is not bad. Might be due to me having it takeaway and the noodle and sauce dried up. The Golden Toast with Dips is nice. The Toast is toasted perfectly and it is a good compliment with the dip for the sweetness.

I would come back for the Toast but not the mains.

Ordered their Pork Thai Boat Noodle ($6). Moments after we ordered, the food was delivered within seconds.

I have never tried Thai Boat Noodle before hence I not sure what is the standard. The soup has lots of flavour in it which is delicious. The rice noodle is clear and chewy which I personally find the texture weird. Maybe I should try other noodle next time.

Overall, it is not a bad dish.

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