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Nicole L.
Nicole L.

Got half of each type of roll for a total of $17.20. This place is delicious and it’s always been my guilty pleasure... but seriously? $17 for one full roll? After eating this healthy but not-so-filling meal, I have to fast for the next 2 lunches alr

I get that the ingredients are a lot but I’ve had similar rolls in CBD for way cheaper :/ Aussie Roll where you at!

Delicious and tender beef bowl for only $10 (before GST) with Beyond! Would definitely come back again because it’s really worth it. Our server, who I suspect was the owner of the place, was also really friendly and personable.

But I wish that the rice had more seasoning (with teriyaki sauce or something)! It was a bit dry with just the egg yolk and the creamy white sauce.

The star of this meal is clearly the cold udon. The katsu was okay, but I found the Japanese rice to be disappointing in texture. The rice and udon set I chose was one of the cheaper sets (~$17) but if you wanted to get chirashi or anything fancier the sets could cost up to $29. And that’s EXCLUDING the drink and dessert in the Burpple deal 😬😬😬

The Burpple Beyond set came with a drink (I ordered a $3 Houjicha) and a dessert. I loved the matcha and black sesame ice cream! The black sesame was really rich and creamy.

Paid around $14 per pax after Burpple Beyond. Personally, I wouldn’t come back for the set because I think it’s not really worth it, especially since I didn’t really like the rice. I’d maybe come back for the udon though and get some of their cheaper mains.

Got the L bowl which was super filling and really hit the spot. Very generous portions of beef for $15 per pax after Burpple Beyond! One of the best beef dons I’ve had. And for this price point, it’s really a steal!

Would recommend coming at off peak hours, as the shop is rather small and the tables are placed closely together.

My all time favorite... I get this every time I’m here so it’s 10/10 for me, especially at this price point. What’s interesting about this place is that their rice is always really vinegary. It gives a nice kick to the don, and it’s quite unique to Umi Nami.

Paid $8.80 after Burpple Beyond

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This was really good for this price point! Unagi at a cheaper price point is usually very hit-or-miss, so this was a pleasant surprise.

Paid $8.50 per pax after Burpple Beyond

The ice cream was a bit too sweet for us and got jelat after a while. But if you’re in the mood for something sweet, this is always a good spot

Paid $13 for this.

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Got the smaller portion of the salmon bowl and the truffle beef bowl. Preferred the truffle beef bowl because of its richer flavor.

Though the salmon was generously portioned, I found the salmon cubes to be unevenly sized and shaped. It wasn’t really bite-sized and it made me feel like a bear eating huge chunks of raw salmon by the river stream lmao. BUT PORTIONS GENEROUS SO IT’S ALL GOOD

Paid around $8.22 per pax after Burpple Beyond


The broth was light and not too salty! Really liked the yuzu flavor in the soup + yuzu bits on top of the soup. This is a filling and healthy (?) meal that isn’t too hard on the wallet. Would be back if I’m in the area!

Paid $6.50 with Burpple Beyond.

Super worth and filling lunch for only $6.50 after Burpple Beyond!! Rich and creamy broth with a hint of spice.

Would come back again and try other flavours

We got this for free for giving a review online lmao

It’s okay for a free dish, but it’s nothing life changing! A bit oily too but hey it’s a fried dumpling.

For lamb fans - this is quite worth it! We got 250g of lamb for around $13.5 after Beyond. Only gripe would be that the sauce used to cook the lamb was too sweet.

Personally, I’m not a lamb fan because I really don’t like the smell. Some lamb dishes don’t have that lamb-y smell, but this did. So if you really hate the smell of lamb like me, this isn’t the dish for you.

no $ but rlly hungry

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