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Burpple Beyond Buds!

Burpple Beyond Buds!

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Alysson See
Alysson See

The service staff were extremely helpful and cheerful, making us feel like we were dining with a family.

Did a video review of the place! You may check it out on YouTube at the following link:

While the dishes were pricey, they were made reasonable with Burpple 1 for 1!
Don't order the oven baked salmon unless you really like cream/cheese.
Their Pesto Sauce Chicken is not bad!

came down at 11.30 for an early lunch and was disappointed with how cold the food was. everything except for the chicken was served refrigerator cold. Tried the Rosti also, which was very oily and buttery. Wouldn't come here again

Booked a table for 7 at 7.30pm on a Wednesday night.
Got seated at 8.30pm instead and ordered immediately
Food came around 9pm
Took 15 minutes to settle the bill

Super disappointed with the service and the food was too salty. Had to add clear soup 3 times to get a drinkable level.


I feel like chendol is more worth it.

The sauce was too sweet but the chicken was really nice and tender. The rice was also very nice.

The cashier staff was very bitchy in taking my order but i guess it's because it was getting late (8.50pm) and they were close to closing.

Service was very very slow (20+mins) to serve even when the traffic is slow.

The portion was generous (4 ribs) with nicely grilled potato wedges. Some ribs were really nice, juicy and had a thin layer of fat that went well, but some were a little tough. So like what the other burpplers said, the texture of the ribs were inconsistent. The sauce on the ribs was really nice though! Would come back for this dish if it was a 1 for 1.

Otherwise it would be ($25++)

The patty was juicy, but not very flavourful. However the buns were grilled to a nice golden brown crisp. Waffle cut fries were so so. It was worth it as a burpple 1 for 1, but not so much as a standalone dish ($25++)

The staff were really nice and friendly!
And the atmosphere was rlly nice atas and chill

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