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Loong Wye Kwan
Loong Wye Kwan

Hainanese chicken grain bowl ($18++)

Grain bowl comes with sous vide chicken breast which is still moist. Asked for the ginger and scallion dressing to be put separately. The chilli was spicy and so shiok! The grains were tasty and well seasoned with soy sauce.

Miso salmon grain bowl ($18++)

Healthy bowl of rice! Grain bowl includes brown rice, red quinoa and japanese white rice. Seasoned well with soy sauce so the base itself was already tasty. Well went with the lotus root, carrot, edamame and sugar snaps.

Chicken burrito ($6.80)

Comes with veg base, 2 sauces (chose roasted sesame and mayo) and up to 5 fixed toppings which are black beans, buttered corn, couscous, mashed potato and cilantro rice. Didnt have the rice but was still full.

Chicken daily bowl ($7.50)

Comes with base, 2 sauces, chicken, and 5 sides. Went with black beans, mashed potato, and the quarterly specials mac and cheese, cauliflower rice and sesame tofu. Liked all except the tofu which was bland and not so worth it. Otherwise a good healthy meal.

Light bowl with lemon herb quinoa and romaine lettuce mix as base, up to 7 sides including sweet corn, carrot, cucumbers, pineapple, seaweed, cherry tomatoes and beetroot, and up to 2 poke (I chose avocado miso salmon and spicy mayo salmon). Up to 3 garnishes which I opted out for garlic chips, just had ebiko and furiakake. Theres sauces at the side for you to drizzle or dip. Already filling. Ingredients are all fresh.

Mentaiko salmon rice

Comes with Mentaiko salmon, 4 pieces of teriyaki chicken, cherry tomatoes and healthy brown rice. Supposed to have onsen egg and avocado too but they forgot to put those in! :(

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Mentaiko salmon set ($23.90 for 2) on burpple beyond

Comes with iced yuzu drink, mentaiko salmon and 4 pieces of teriyaki chicken, onsen egg and avocado. Chose soba noodles for this.

Very filling!!


Jai ho with tomato wrap ($12.20)

Very substantial. The Vegs and tandoori chicken and hummus and yoghurt dressing went very well together.

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Small bowl ($9.90)

Sides can choose up to all 7 colours.. healthy eating!! Worth it!

Light poke bowl ($9.90)

Can choose from the mains (I chose brown rice mixed lemon and herbs qunoia- theres also romaine lettuce), sides (7 colours!!) Which includes honey pineapple corn carrot seaweed etc. 2 fishes (had avocado miso salmon and the special which is Mentaiko ebiko salmon).. and toppings which is free. Range of sauces were also very awesome. Tastes so good.

Will definitely be back again!!

Sesame chicken, mushrooms medley, onsen egg and grilled potatoes with soba noodles for just $6! A healthy bowl of goodness!

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Soba Noodles Bowl Set ($6.90): Bowl with Ice lemon tea:
✅ a rather healthy yet delicious bowl of goodness- Soba Noodles goes well with dijon chicken thigh, onsen egg, mushroom medley and boiled brocolli
✅ Sauce lovers like me can request for extra sauce FOC 😉
✅ Weekday lunch set (special) price: $6.90 - Bowl: 1 base + 1 protein + 3 toppings...+ Ice lemon tea... so worth it!