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Loong Wye & Michelle Kwan
Loong Wye & Michelle Kwan

Premium bento ($10.90)

Loved the rendang mushrooms.. it's a must order. The tofu w mushroom in star anise sauce was too overwhelming with the star anise taste, felt it wasnt very balanced and didnt like it. Long beans were ok, was abit tough.

Hotpot with Sesame Rice ($10.90):
Soup filled with fresh vegetarian ingredients, such as mushrooms, taupok, beancurd skin, brocolli, lettuce and a few other greens. I chose the herbal soup which is surprisingly light and yet flavorful! So nice that i didnt leave a single sip of soup on the bowl !

Regular bento ($7.90)

Loved the soy nuggets! Has a nice bite and texture like chicken. Broccoli and bitter gourd were alright as well. Went well with the sesame rice and old cucumber soup.

Regular bento ($7.90 +$1 for premium main)

Always never regret ordering the rendang premium main because it's so lemak!! Creamy smooth and nice. Long beans and brinjal/ladys finger were ok. Soup was nice.

Light bento with premium main (+1 so $8.90)

Curry mushroom, ladies finger and brinjal. All tastes nice, especially love the curry mushroom, very lemak!

Light bento (2 sides and 1 main)
Comes with soup

Sesame rice, french beans, broccoli and soy nuggets. Especially love the soy nuggets!!

Regular bento ($7.90)

Ordered the soy nuggets which was very nice!! Crunchy and nicely coated with the sweet and sour sauce and sesame seeds. The brinjal and ladys fingers was nice as well. Broccoli was average but they served alot. Overall a healthy and satisfying meal! Oh yes and the soup was old wintermelon soup with carrot which was tasty!

Regular bento with premium main ($8.90)

Rendang curry was a premium main so topped up $1 for it. It was so worth it. The curry was very lemak and the mushrooms were crunchy and absorbed the flavours well. The pumpkin was not too soft and the bitter gourd with shimeji mushrooms was good as well. Towards the bitter side. Sesame rice was fragrant.

Sharing with you our honest reviews of the food that we (Michelle and Loong Wye) have tried!

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