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Asian Me

Asian Me

Featuring Candlenut, Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice, Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre), Ming Fa Fishball / Meng Kitchen (Upper Thomson Road), Ponggol Nasi Lemak (Upper Serangoon Road), 109 Teochew Yong Tau Foo, Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre), Kim Heng (HK) Roasted Delights 金兴香港烧腊, Blanco Prawn Noodle House Pte Ltd, Shan Cheng Ipoh Horfun (Clarke Quay Central)
Fi T
Fi T

First impression: Looks like fried tofu
Upon biting into it, the floury chewy rice cake got me wanting more. It’s not overwhelmingly floury and just the right amount of sweetness. I particularly enjoyed the chewy texture. The skin was crispy and addictive as well — and also adding a crisp texture to the chewiness! The sweet brown sugar sauce and peanut also complements the rice cake.
It was a light yet satisfying dessert to end the meal!!


My favourite roasted meats place. All of their meats are on-point and worth every buck. (Even though the prices are above average by the kg) but this plate was VERY reasonably priced.

In this picture is my favourite combo - charsiew and shaorou. The charsiew is glistening with the char sweet salty sauce, and charred to perfection. And tell me you can see the juiciness of the meats!! Really balanced proportion of lean meat and fats too.

The main appeal of the shaorou is the crackling skin — even my friend could hear how crispy it was when I was eating it! Same as the charsiew, the juice and the fat-to-meat proportion is perfect. Have no idea how they do it but it’s always so consistent. Must try.

And, the chilli is also v v fragrant and complements with the meats with its tangy and spicy flavors. Oh and the sauce on the rice is SUPER good w the rice too!!! Wished they gave me more sauce.

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Hor fun was really packed with wokhey. Fish slices were really fresh and tender. I really appreciate how they weren’t stingy with their taughey - really adds a crunch to the horfun. Many San Lor Hor Fun I’ve tried are really salty and MSG-laden, where I’ll always have to drink a lot of water to wash the thirst down. But this horfun surprisingly did not induce the same effect even though it was super tasty.

YUMZ. One of the best san lor hor fun hands down!

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The smell of fresh pandan in the nasi lemak rice engulfed us first. Soft and pillowy rice never fails me. The drumstick was incredibly crispy and tender and juicy. The chilli was so fragrant and I love mixing it with the rice. The achar is one of the best I have - crunch cucumbers and pineapples and peanuty tangy sauce.

What a happy supper 😄


OHMY these were one of the BEST sotong I had in my life. They were ridiculously soft and fresh. I’ve never had sotongs this fresh!!!! And it was lathered with a generous amount of sambal which was super delicious and fragrant. It’s not overly salty or MSG-packed. Could really taste the effort into this handmade sambal paste. Lovely pairing with my 🍚!!

My visit at the one Michelin starred peranakan restaurant was pleasantly kickstarted by these fish crackers.

Crispy and tasty, yet not fishy or oily. Serves as a tasty snack with the sauce as well! Would totally buy a big pack of it as a daily snack hehe

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The plethora of ingredients caught my attention! Obviously not skimpy. The presence of garnishes - fried onions, ikan bilis, peanuts and chilli oil really introduces a myriad of textures. The noodles were also generously tossed with black sauce. The fried beancurd skin was super good and fragrant! But wished it was abit more crispy. Overall a satisfying meal and would gladly return to Queenstown for this frills-free and homely bowl of noodles!!!

Easily my favourite chicken rice in SG - for several good reasons.

First, the free flow achar. It’s slightly lighter compared to ones I frequent, but it’s just a light touch of tang to cut through the flavors of the chicken rice. It was a refreshing treat and also a chance to reset my taste buds to retaste the chicken rice and be awed by it all over it like I first tried it.

Second, the soup. I would willingly just come here for the soup. I think mine was peppery chicken soup. It was intensely flavourful with chicken goodness, and YES with chunks of chicken and cabbage as well. It was really a true-blue boiled soup and definitely NOT those msg-packed soup that gets you thirsty.

THIRD, the chicken, oh boy they were really succulent. The skin was gelatin-like and super satisfying. The meat was tender and soaked with the sauce. And the sauce!!! It’s just so addictive and tasty and yet not too salty at the same time. Love me some drizzle of the sauce w the ginger and chilli and dark sauce on my rice. And also, the chicken is drizzled with mini garlic bits which introduces an extra crunch and fragrance to the chicken. It’s the only place that I’ve been to that offers this unique garlic garnish!

LASTLY, the rice. We knew we’re in for the good treat when we eyed the rich yellow rice. It was super fragrant and yet not too oily and salty. I would gladly just eat one bowl of rice on its own because it’s that good.

If this doesn’t get you packing your bags to try this chicken rice, I don’t know what will.

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The aroma of pork lard, green onions and the broth of the porridge blew us away!

Every spoonful of the porridge was an adventure for our taste buds - first, the crunch of the pork lard, then the flavour explosion of the pork lard and garnishes and the porridge itself. The porridge is reminiscent of glutinous rice, it’s thick but yet not too overwhelmingly thick to the extent that you’ll get sick of it that easily.

Definitely a new experience and will be back for more! And to try the beehoon and KL mee

Haven’t been back for about 5 years or so. Used to love it so much, and glad my trip back did not disappoint!

It was really crispy and the batter was so so tasty and evenly coated. Fish was also fresh and had a nice bite with it. The chilli really went well with the fish. If only I can dabao the chilli!!

Decent amount of wokhey- but wish it was stronger still. It was pretty tasty, but did not like that the serving was so small and expensive. Would visit other places to get my wokhey fix definitely. Soup is pretty robust, can really taste that it had been simmered with prawn essence for some time!

The prawn rolls were really good though, would recommend!

This reminds me of a childhood flavour profile and brings back memories of primary sch food.

The curry was flavourful and wasn’t overly rich such that I could drink the curry on its own! Noodles were abit too soft for my liking, but I enjoyed how it pairs with the curry sauce. The batter of the cutlet is not too thick, thus doesn’t overpower the taste of the juicy chicken underneath.

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Fi T

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