Pasta La Hasta

Pasta La Hasta

Featuring Rookery (Hong Leong Building), The Communal Place, Pasta Brava, Chapter 55, Pasta e Formaggio (Marina Square), Nic & Tom Eatery, Reedz Cafe (SMU Administration Building)
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Fi T

Generous amount of clams, tasty white wine infused with garlicky olive oil. Simply a timeless combination. Fight me if you disagree!

Was pretty pleased with the depth of the taste - not simply just salty, garlicky and hints of white wine, but the taste of herbs was also infused. Usually parsley are added as more of a finishing touch/for show, but not here at Pasta Brava. Would revisit, but only with Burpple Beyond deal. Price tag is a tad too high for a commoner like me, plus I can find places which serve similar quality at lower prices.

This dish was interestingly translated to 一大粒面 (one big ball of noodles). It was served piping hot and the faint smell of garlic aroma greeted us. A simple scan of the dish got me excited about the great variety and amount of ingredients - prawns, mushrooms and SCALLOPS. Really worth the price. The spaghetti was fragrant and lightly tossed with olive oil and garlics. Not too oily but adequately seasoned.

A protein comes with 2 sides. I’ve chosen the fries and aglio olio. Pricing was incredibly cheap with 2 sides, dessert and an iced lemon tea.

Chicken was slightly overcooked, but bearable. Black pepper sauce is decent, nothing amazing. Fries were slightly soft and not crispy. Didn’t give a lot as well. But well they were still good bc what can go wrong with fries right!

Aglio olio was slightly dry (needs more olive oil!) but garlicky enough. Overall an affordable and decent meal.

Would come back because of the price and the portion of meat and pasta!

The sauce was really fragrant and garlicky, with hints of seafood essence. The pasta were al dente, but wished it was a little firmer. The seafood were fresh. A decent amount was given. Overall a decent, no-frills plate of pasta.


The tiger prawns were the first thing that caught my attention - they were really huge!

Pasta was al dente, and had a nice bite to them. The dish was fragrant and had a fair amount of garlic. It wasn’t too oily either. However, slightly too peppery for an aglio olio. Overall a good plate of aglio olio. Plus, super worth it w one-for-one.

One of the best aglio olio in SG!
Spaghetti was al dente. I appreciated that it was slightly saucy which enhances the flavor. It was a right amount of garlicky taste, and wasn’t too oily. Many pastas can be too oily and after eating you’ll feel very surfeited. There was a fair amount of seafood - two decently sized prawns, clams and squids. Would definitely revisit :)


JUST LOOK AT THE ZHUP. My favorite vongole hands down. The white wine taste coats every strand of pasta, smoothly gliding down with every spoon. Pasta was al dente. A decent amount of clams too - meat was substantial in each too, definitely not those scrawny small clams at some place. Would recommend!!!!!! (Note: would not say this is filling but every spoon till the last one was very enjoyable) 😍🤤


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