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Okay just look at how thick those slices are. Like they're literally almost as thick as my finger. This deluxe chirashi set ($45) came with salmon, sea bream, normal and fatty tuna, yellowtail, uni and a generous amount of ikura atop sushi rice with a side of ginger and wasabi. The bowl came with miso soup too.

The thickness of each glistening slice made each bite extremely hearty and satisfying. And the quality of the fish was really good too, with no overpowering fishy taste. My favorite was definitely the fatty tuna. I don't even like tuna that much but these melted in my mouth like butter with barely any chewing. It almost didn't even taste like tuna, it was so gloriously rich and decadent. And the ikura burst like bubbles in my mouth. This was definitely worth that price tag and Himawari is certainly worth a revisit for its buffet.


How to describe heaven in my mouth? This piece of wagyu beef was so beautifully marbled and fatty. The puddle of beef juice leaking from those four tiny rectangles was a clear indication of how juicy that meat was. And so tender, not the melt in your mouth type but with just enough springy bite so that I could appreciate its wondrous texture and feel the juices erupting onto my tongue.

The meat was simply topped with some bonito flakes, okra and pickled cucumber. It was accompanied by some Japanese shortgrain rice which tasted pretty normal, pickles and miso soup. It was a filling end to the lunch omakase and I felt really satiated at the end of the meal.

Simple flavors, but all marrying together to produce such a refreshingly umami dish. Served in a bubbling hotplate, there were crunchy sprouts in a clear broth with egg swirled into it as well as chunks of scallop and fresh snow crab meat.

The broth itself was the element that surprised me the most. It was surprisingly rich and packed with umami flavors which I couldn't quite distinguish but delivered such a bomb onto my palate. The seafood added a tinge of sweetness while the egg made it reminiscent of the ultimate comfort food; a zhnged-up version of egg drop soup.

The most beautiful delicate plate of raw fish I've ever eaten 😍 there's even flowers as decoration; makes it look like a blooming Eden of deliciousness.

From right to left; flounder, aburi red snapper, amberjack and medium-fatty tuna (chutoro). And the finishing flourish is a scoop of bright orange ikura.

My favorite was the aburi red snapper. Its a fish with such a delicate texture and flavor, and the torching added a distinct layer of smokiness that brought out the sweetness of the fish. All the sashimi was so fresh and just melted in my mouth. Such a pleasure to eat as a fish lover.

Even the wasabi was obviously high-quality as it didn't set my tongue on fire, but rather provided a level of earthiness that matched the fishy flavors perfectly, just as the Japanese had intended. :)

The mini lunch course ($120) was served omakase style, with no indication of what was going to be served on the menu.

It started off with this extremely delicate-looking platter. A tiny cup of spinach topped with bonito. Deep fried white fish with a tart, vinegary sauce. The most adorable squat tiny salmon nigiri. And finally what I like to call miso soup in solid form: dashi jelly, homemade tofu topped with tobiko. This one was my favorite; the tofu had such a delicate, unique flavor and just-firm texture.

Ah, such a nice way to whet the appetite and set the tone for the rest of the meal. Also the view of the skyline from the top floor of the Shangri-La is so beautiful, I couldn't stop staring with mouth agape. Thank you to my lovely dining partner for bringing me here! :) <3

It is most unfortunate I had the case of the sniffles as I chowed down on this bowl...the worst part of a cold (to me) isn't the hacking or runny nose, its that I can't eat. 😭

But still!! Enjoyed this $21 bowl of lavish goodness a lot. I had it done medium, and it came so super juicy and perfect. The beef slices were such a joy to eat. Just so soft and tender and barely required any chewing. Even through a badly stuffed nose I could taste the intense meaty flavor. (couldn't taste any garlic though, but again, blocked nose) Break the wobbly onsen egg and let the yolk coat the rice and meat with the rich golden lava, and enjoy the moment of culinary heaven.

The rice though, seemed to be just normal long grain rice, which was a pity because I think the softer starchier Japanese shortgrain would have been better. The whole restaurant was rather cramped and service seemed a little snappy. Still, quite enjoyed my first visit to this too-popular Japanese bar!

This bowl ($12) came with thin, springy Hakata ramen in a light tonkotsu broth, topped with char-shu, bamboo shoots and spring onion. I added some free flow red ginger and hardboiled eggs. The hardboiled eggs taste really, really good. That beautiful just-set golden yolk in the center...I ate like three or four of those.

The noodles are perfectly al dente, and the meat wasn't too fatty and well-cooked which was good. This is a really really light broth with barely any oil, but also barely any flavor and what felt like a ton of salt. Yes its shio ramen, but still it was so uncomfortably salty with barely any tonkotsu flavor.

Maybe this wasn't the best choice of ramen, but I was just not impressed. Plus the noodle portion is really small, to be honest.



Birthday treat from a good pal of mine. ❀️

Basically Japanese claypot rice. Sun with Moon's version ($22.80) has sweet soy sauce chicken thigh and salmon with flavored rice (made with mushroom, chestnut, lotus root, konjac and shredded egg) served with a side of nori and ikura. Sprinkled with red ginger which gave a refreshing tang. Also served with miso soup and sides (my favorite being the nanbanzuke, which is deep fried salmon with vinegar). They have a cute hourglass which you flip and after the sand pours through you can open the kamameshi, mix it up and eat it.

The protein is perfectly cooked. The salmon chunk was a bit thin though, I prefer huge meaty chunks of salmon. The chicken thigh was exactly that though and really tender. The portion seems kinda small but it was actually really filling with all the side dishes and the perfect ratio of rice to protein. And the rice is so good; perfectly cooked, like a more delicate, less oily version of claypot rice. All the toppings forming a delightful medley of flavors.

All in all, pretty good! Would love to come back and try their other dishes.


Thank you to my lovely dining partner for this $45++ treat. <3 (only available from 6-8pm!)

Their normal sashimi platter consists of perfect slices of swordfish, yellowtail, tuna, salmon and octopus. The fish was pretty average in terms of freshness, but they were the perfect size and thickness. And very satisfying to those sashimi cravings indeed.

My favorite dish had to be their unagi kabayaki. Tender, sweet and fatty, I ordered 3-4 plates of that perfectly portioned goodness. Their unagi maki is really the bombz too, a bulging piece of sushi with a huge chunk of unagi nestled with cucumber and tamago with an absurdly small amount of rice (just the way I like it :3)

I'd also recommend their yakitori sticks (tender grilled chicken thigh, yumz). For a more refreshing touch, add the teppanyaki mixed veggies (fried on a legit teppan). We also tried the yakiniku beef stirfry, which was also very flavorful and delicious. (it was a bit cold though).

Ambience-wise the restaurant was very quiet and the few people that came in appeared to be expats. Wait staff were friendly and efficient and food came in a reasonable amount of time. It was a perfect place for a quiet dinner and I really had a good time.


It was my mom's birthday so we got a free bottle of wine and this beautiful heart-shaped sushi cake!! Made with slices of fresh sashimi and avocado, topped with a scoop of ikura <3

I loved my experience here. The highlight was definitely the sashimi, which tasted extremely delicious and fresh. The slices were chunky, thick and generous. Even the slices on the cake were huge and everyone had a lot of fun deconstructing the cake and making our own sushi with our preferred portion of fish to rice.

Some of my other favorite items were the grilled pork belly, stir-fried mushroom with onsen egg, chuka wakame and homemade sesame tofu (very unique grainy mouthfeel and texture I've never had before).

The service was efficient with free-flow drinks and the cutest robot waiters I've ever seen!! Highly recommended for celebrating or just having a fun night out with good food :) totally worth the price ^^


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I don't normally go for AYCE buffets (I am bad at portion control and tend to overeat) but Shabu Sai is an exception. It is absolutely my favorite place to eat shabu shabu. At $15.99 for a free flow vegetable buffet and 2 plates of meat per pax, its a total steal.

The best thing about Shabu Sai is the spread of vegetables available. I particularly love the fresh kailan and round cabbage, but Shanghai Greens and enoki mushrooms are other favorites of mine too. (I eat low-carb so I treat enoki like noodles and slurp them up like nobody's business) They also have seasonal vegetables, in this month's case king oyster mushroom which were delightfully tender. They also have fishballs, cheese tofu and bamboo meat so I really didn't miss the fact that I had only two plates of sliced meat. They also have watermelon, oranges and tomato slices for you to nibble on as your soup boils or as an after-meal snack.

The meat is always fresh and fatty. I highly recommend the beef, which is always generously marbled with the most delicious flavor and soft texture. The meats pair well with a super flavorful soup like their sukiyaki, but those who prefer a spicy kick can go for their spicy soup base. I always personally like to have their seaweed or yuzu collagen soup to balance out some of their richer soup bases.


This was ordered off the brunch menu and cost $18 with a drink of choice. I went with the Hoshino Blend of coffee with hot milk and it was AMAZING. I am fussy about my coffee having worked as a barista for two years and this cuppa ticked all the boxes for me. Strong, aromatic, low acidity and the nutty flavor shone through the entire mouthful. I was really impressed as I was not expecting such good coffee despite the cafe's name.

I was impressed by the food as well. The souffle omelette was foamy on the inside yet full of eggy and umami flavor, especially enhanced when eaten with a dash of ketchup. The pancakes weren't of the souffle type but like a thicker, more airy version of the McDonalds hotcake, and I personally love McD's hotcake so no complaints there. I also like how they give an entire full jar of maple syrup to dress my pancakes with. The smoked salmon wasn't overly salty and paired with the simple salad well.

Overall, it was a very pleasant first dining experience at Hoshino Coffee. I would love to come back and try some of their other food like the souffle pancakes and steak. Also to order another cup of that coffee.


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