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Chew Sher Mein
Chew Sher Mein

An entire grilled squid ($12)! The whole thing was cooked in generous amounts of butter which perfumed the squid and gave it a lovely, rich, salty flavor. The squid itself is generously sized and has quite a nice bouncy texture, and it wasn't chewy nor did I have to break my jaw trying to chew it into pieces, which I appreciated. I also liked that I got to try different parts of the squid like the legs and head, etc.

Monjayaki is a runnier version of okonomiyaki (think melted cheese consistency). You scrape it hot and gooey off the griddle with tiny spatulas. The mixed monjayaki ($16) has bacon, prawn and squid mixed in, and I recommend it because it means each bite has the texture of gooey monjayaki, crunchy prawn, bouncy squid and savory pork.

It's got a totally different mouthfeel and a starchier taste compared to okonomiyaki, but really fun to eat. Towards the end, the monjayaki gets caramelized on the grill, which results in being ridiculously crispy and delicious. Add a tiny dab of okonomiyaki sauce and bonito flakes for that final dash of seasoning.

I came here once and fell in love with it. You know you've found a legit place when you're basically the only English-speaking individuals in the restaurant. It was just an incredibly fun experience for my dining partner and I. 😊

I love the okonomiyaki here. It is certainly equivalent to the ones I've had in Japan, in fact I might prefer these because they're just so super thick. These have a cabbage, dashi batter, egg and red ginger base and are freshly cooked on the griddle. You can dress them up as you please with extra okonomiyaki sauce, seaweed powder and bonito flakes.

I love how satisfying, creamy and chunky these pancakes are. They take a long time to cook as a result (the staff will help you with that), but really worth it. The premium okonomiyaki ($20) comes with four large prawns and more chopped up prawns in the batter.

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This rice dish consisted of a bowl of rice topped with fluffy beaten egg white and raw egg yolk. ($5.80) I added $3 for negitoro (raw minced tuna with green onion) and another $3 for a set with Japanese pickles, miso soup and salad.

I just mixed everything together and seasoned it with the pickles and soy sauce provided. It tasted very bland initially, so it really needed that injection of saltiness from the soy sauce. But that brought forth all the umami flavors of the dish. The egg yolk was incredibly rich and creamy which stuck to the rice grains but not really sure what the egg white did. The negitoro added good flavor as well.

All in all, a relatively clean, healthy dish which really allowed the high-quality egg to shine. :)


This was super worth it at $4.80 a piece. It consisted of a thin crepe pancake which was filled with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese (watch out for that cheese pull), dressed with mentaiko, mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce and topped with a sunny-side up and bonito flakes.

The ingredients and toppings all came together really well in a magnificent explosion of flavor. The saltiness of the cheese with the umami of the mentaiko and the sweetness of the okonomiyaki sauce. Of course, the chewy pancake sopping up the golden yolk which added a rich, creamy texture to the entire dish.

There were even some red pickled ginger sprinkled inside to balance out the richness of the dish.


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This hot, steaming dish ($19.80) was super comforting in this rainy weather. It normally comes spicy but I requested it non-spicy. The pot contains a mini hamburg patty, mushrooms, tomato slices, leeks and tofu. The set is completed with onsen egg, rice and miso soup.

The soup itself is slightly on the bland and diluted side (perhaps because of the lack of chili) but still respledent with a sweet tomato flavor. I was happy that the tomato wasn't soggy and overcooked.

That delicious hamburg. So perfectly cooked and tender with that slight smudge of pink in the center. The juices flowed out when I cut into it, and it had soaked up the sukiyaki broth so the meat had a faint sweet aftertaste of tomato. So good.


This is my favorite piece of sushi in Mitsu's 6-piece aburi sushi set ($32). The unagi is packed full of fat and umami, and well-grilled and glazed with a sweet sauce. It's such a large, generous portion too; look at the tails of that glistening slice of eel just hanging off a lump of perfectly seasoned rice.

This particular set is really value for money, with a wide variety of flavors (including a spicy nigiri) to try, all with that delicious smoky-sweet aroma of aburi sushi.

This $13 appetizer was certainly unexpected and something I had never tasted before in a Japanese establishment. The puffer fish is cut into strips, marinated and then grilled to a chewy, sticky, sweet texture and served with a side of Japanese mayo. It definitely reminded me of bak kwa more than fish because of its mouthfeel. Which isn't a bad thing and certainly a unique appetizer to start off a delicious sushi lunch.

This one is for all those who love light-tasting ramen. The ramen ($15.90) came in a mildly flavored chicken broth infused with a splash of citrusy yuzu. It was served with a piece of charsiu, soft boiled egg, bamboo shoot and nori.

The noodles were thin, soft and springy. I like they had just the perfect bite to them. And the yuzu added the most unique dimension to the ramen; a distinct bittersweet tanginess in the backdrop of the light broth. The broth itself wasn't too hot, which is understandable given that the ramen comes with the 'chintan' style broth which is heated at a lower temperature. Even the charsiu wasn't too fatty, heavy or oily.

The portion was a tad on the small size or perhaps it's lightness that didn't give me the same hearty feeling I'm used to having after eating a bowl of ramen. Still it's is a refreshing, different change that's worth a try.


These three glistening slices of beef will be the benchmark for anything beef-related I consume in the next few months.

Seared over a charcoal grill to a perfect medium rare with just a hint of red in the middle, you can still see the incredible layers of fat on the beef. It doesn't need it, but its served with a few condiments of salt, wasabi and lemon.

I liked dabbing just the tiniest dot of salt on the beef slice to elevate the umami of the meat even more. The wagyu literally just melts in your mouth to release a magically juicy, gamey flavor. Even the size and thickness of each slice was perfect to finish in just a few chews.

No omakase is complete without the sashimi course and this delicate plate ticked all the boxes.

Shaved daikon and shiso leaf to cleanse up the palate between bites? Check.

Freshly grated wasabi with nary a hint of that eye-watering fieriness but instead with a soothing mild earthy flavor? Check.

Edible flowers that made the plate an absolute work of art to look at? Check.

And finally, melt in your mouth slices of tuna belly and striped jack? Check.

Only wish the sashimi slices were slightly thicker, but I think that's just me being greedy haha.

The second dish of the omakase was braised wagyu beef tendon served with daikon and a sprinkle of chives.

The braising liquid is really sweet, almost like sukiyaki sauce. It really elevated the mild flavor of the daikon. The tendon is usually tough but here it was really tender and soft, falling apart with a poke of the chopstick. The beef was a bit too fatty for my taste, in my opinion. But the fact that a normally tough and chewy cut like tendon was made so soft and delicious really should be applauded. 👍

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