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My dining partner and I made takobabies! :) we decided to go for the original tako set. ($10)

The set came with an oiled takoyaki griddle pan, enough pre-measured batter for 9 takoyaki balls, a bowl of red ginger and 9 pieces of tako. First, we poured the batter and let it solidify sufficiently before placing a piece of tako and some ginger in the center of the hole in the griddle pan. After the batter had solidified significantly, the staff showed us how to flip the takobaby with sticks so the other side could cook.

Our takobabies came out slightly overdone and misshapen, but we loved them all the same. After they had cooled down slightly I dressed them with sauce (they paired fantastically with kushikatsu sauce) and popped them in my mouth. The outside was slightly crispy before giving way to a soft and silky inside with a crunch from the tako. The red ginger was a surprisingly important element as it gave the takoyaki a refreshing tang.

All in all, an enjoyable experience in a cosy restaurant which exuded traditional Japanese vibes. I adore KKT's concept and definitely appreciate what it brings to the Clarke Quay dining scene.

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We ordered the Meaty 5 ($10), Seafood 5 ($13.20) and the Vegetable 5 ($8.40). It was quite difficult to identify what the meat was because everything was 1 color. But a definite highlight for me was the unagi kushikatsu, which was tender and flavorful beneath the layer of crisp breadcrumbs. My dining partner favored the cheese and ham kushikatsu.

I liked how the skewers were served piping hot and and the batter was crispy but not greasy. It really was the perfect deep fried skewer. It went well with their special sweet and salty sauce. Rolling a skewer in the chiritori cheese nabe sauce resulted in a delicious, flavorful bite.

I was quite grateful for the bowls of cabbage they provided. Dipping them in the sauce provided a refreshing palate cleanser and allowed us to savor the skewers more slowly rather than wolfing all of them down at once. My partner and I went through 3 bowls of the cabbage leaves easily.

After seeing the amazing #cheesepulls on social media, I had to try this hotpot-esque dish where meat and veggie is piled on a pan and served with boiling stock. KKT's version ($19) came with a choice of chicken, pork or beef and I chose chicken. I was impressed by the huge mountain of mozzerella cheese atop chicken cubes. The fire on the gas stove was turned on and the cheese slowly melted into the nabe, resulting in a viscous, umami sauce studded with onions that my dining partner and I eagerly wrapped the chicken with.

The chicken was flavorful and well cooked and went well with the sauce. Side note: remember to stir the nabe as the cheese is melting, otherwise the cheese will congeal at the bottom and burn, which is what happened to us.

This rather interesting-sounding maki ($18) is stuffed with deep fried soft shell crab and topped with aburi-ed swordfish. The customary mountain of tobikko was present. One of the best parts of eating sushi is popping an entire maki into your mouth and feeling the ingredients just come together in the the first bite. The Crappy Maki gave me that experience, all the toppings and stuffings and rice melding together to form that perfect mouthful.

I preferred this slightly over the shiok maki because of the amazing crunch of the soft shell crab that provided such a lovely contrast to the silky fattiness of the swordfish. However it was a close call (mainly because of the shiok maki's heavenly sauce).

Perhaps topping this Crappy Maki with some shiok maki sauce would easily help elevate it to beyond shiok maki status.

This bombshell of a maki ($16.80) defined shiok for me. Stuffed with unagi and avocado, drenched with a creamy mayo sauce and then topped with fatty, smoky aburi-ed salmon, this was an explosion in my mouth. It was rich, decadent and indulgent, all the synonyms of shiok.

The magic that tied it all together was that sauce which enhanced the richness of the maki. The tobikko added a crunch and an additional layer of saltiness. My dining partner and I practically licked the plate clean.

The only downside was the monotony of the maki's mouthfeel. It was creamy and rich all the way through, with only the tobikko to provide variety in texture. However, still a must-try for those who love sushi.

This was our appetizer ($12). And oh boy was it worth every cent. Served in a sizzling hot pan and surrounded by a moat of bubbling juices, this dish was a zhng-ed up version of a tze char omelette. It had crispy edges with a soft fluffy center and was topped with sizable chunks of tender unagi. The onions added a delicious contrast of textures and flavors. It was the perfect portion to whet our appetites and quell the hunger pangs while waiting for the stars of the show (the makis) to arrive.

Second visit here, this time to use my Chope voucher for the Kaisen Chirashi.

I felt that the original price of $28 for the Kaisen Chirashi wasn't worth it as the fish was thinly-sliced and lacked that oomph of flavor when I bit into it. It seemed rather...cheap and low quality, particularly the scallops which were chewy and rather oddly colored. While the sushi rice was well-seasoned and warm, there was just too much of it in proportion to the fish.

The Unadon was the promo don for the day at $15. It came piping hot. While it wasn't melt in your mouth good, it was still tender, flaky and the sweet sauce it was glazed with paired well with the shredded egg and sushi rice.

All in all, reasonable food and ambience but definitely not one I'd write in my books as value-for-money if one is not using a promotion.


Arguably their most popular dish, the noodles were blanketed by a literal mountain of spring onions, chives and spicy pork, topped with a creamy onsen egg. My dining partner and I added flavored eggs on top of that.

We tossed the noodles for 20 seconds and dug right in. It tasted like an atas version of fishball noodles (really delicious). The noodles were firm and springy to the bite, and the contrasting texture of the crunchy greens gave me the true 'party in my mouth' experience. The pork and the chili oil were just spicy enough to give my taste buds a kick. Much appreciated the free flow ice water to quench the heat of this delicious dish!

They also provide a small bowl of soup to pour into the puddle of sauce that remains after finishing the noodles, and then the mixture is spooned or slurped up to polish off the meal.

It was such a good deal for $9.30 per pax (with additional flavored egg). The portion was hearty and just nice to leave room for dessert. Overall, would love to come back and try their other dishes, especially with the Burpple 1 for 1. :)


This was the Anago and Foie Gras Rice Bowl ($25) and the Truffle Beef Cube Rice Bowl ($22) which were part of their lunch menus.

I really enjoyed the bed of garlic rice the beef was sitting on. Mixing it up with the onsen egg and topping the spoon with a tender beef cube made a delicious, flavorful bite. The beef cubes had just the right amount of char on it and were still springy when poked.

The Anago did not have the usual fattiness of its couson unagi, but it was well grilled and paired perfectly with the fatty foie gras. While the portions might not have satiated a larger eater, it was perfect for me.

Will be back to try the salad bar one day! Also thankful for their free-flow water :)



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