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Breads And Bakes 😍

Breads And Bakes 😍

Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Two Men Bagel House (Novena), Edith Patisserie, Crown Bakery & Cafe, :Dual, Mother Dough Bakery, Micro Bakery & Kitchen, Just Dough (Suntec City), Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory 协裕面包西果厂, Thai Baàng (Kitchener Complex)
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee
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Swee Heng 1989 has tons of unique and innovative buns that I was so tempted to try. But I settled on this pretty purple domed bun as the combination of taro and salted egg sounded amazing. For $2, this is quite a delightful bun to pick up.

It’s got so many textures going on for it. The top was flaky, with multiple layers of crusty purple and cream swirled skin. The bottom of the bun had the texture of bread, which provided a solid base for this interesting bun. Hidden in the middle of the bun were a trio of fillings - taro paste, mochi, and salted egg, which were a riot of flavours and textures. Sticky, creamy, chewy, gritty mouth feels that had saltiness and sweetness just made this a (pretty big) bun that I didn’t get tired of. Recommended if you like yam and salted egg!

Use their hand-rolled bagels as your canvas at Two Men Bagel House. A solo bagel at TMBH costs $2.50, with a large variety of schmears or toppings you can choose to craft the perfect bagel for your tastebuds. The more bagels you buy, the cheaper they become per piece. On this garlic bagel, we went with scrambled egg ($2.50) and spam ($2). The egg and spam are all fried on the spot, resulting in hot and scrumptious fillings in a fresh bagel. I’ve always loved the garlic bagels at TMBH, which come studded with generous amounts of fragrant and crispy minced garlic. This isn’t what I’d refer to as scrambled eggs as it was fully cooked without any fluffy moistness, but I don’t mind, because the eggs are fried well with some browning on the sides. For $2, the amount of fried spam given is quite a lot. They’re sliced thickly, which gives a whole lot of enjoyment in each bite. This classic combination of eggs and spam on bread is just a collection of my comfort foods in one and I love it so much. TMBH definitely has a bagel for everyone, even if you don’t dig any of their pre-set combinations, you can easily customise your very own. Just make sure you head down early enough before they sell out!

Chocolate Lamington was like a crumbly chocolate cake coated with dessicated coconut. While it was soft, the cake was on the dry side. We did appreciate that the chocolate flavour was prominent and that the lamington was not just chocolate-coloured.

The chocolate almond croissant was served slightly warm which melts the chocolate filling and really helps increase enjoyment of this pastry. The croissant texture here can’t hold a candle to the airy, crisp, flaky likes of Mother Dough or OMC, but I appreciated the generous amounts of molten chocolate filling and almond slices. Even though there’s no marzipan filling, I’d choose this chocolate croissant over Mother Dough’s anytime due to the amount of chocolate inside. However, OMC’s is a clear winner in this category. Still nice to pick up if you’re craving a quick bite as Baker & Cook is conveniently located in Bugis Junction!

Tons of choices at wallet-friendly prices at this bakery next to Kent Ridge MRT. It’s quite a challenge deciding what to order (especially because they’ve got both sweet potato and pumpkin buns!). Decided to go with the sweet potato one first as it was prettier. With purple hued bread browned on the outside with almonds stuck on top encasing a vibrant orange sweet potato filling, I love the colours of this sweet potato bun.

My first bite didn’t yield such a great impression. It reeked of yeast, but after trying it again later on, I found I enjoyed it a lot more. The bread here isn’t the softest, it’s a bit dry and dense, but they’re generous with the moist sweet potato filling which counters the dryness of the bun. I also appreciated the crunchy almond slices, which added not only some crunchiness to the bun, but also some nutty flavours. I’m not too sure why the flavours tasted so off for me when I first bit into the bun, but it was a yummy bun after all! Probably will not buy again since there are so many other flavours worth trying first though.

First time trying their vegetarian chicken floss bun. I advise eating this as quick as you can without disturbing the bun as the floss tends to fall off and makes a mess in the bag if you carry it in a bag and shake it about. The texture of the vegetarian chicken floss is crispier than regular floss, but tastewise it comes pretty close. Perhaps the mayonnaise masks the true taste of the floss, so you really won’t be able to tell it’s vegetarian. I’m not such a fan of this bun due to the mayonnaise filling on and within the bun. Probably wouldn’t buy this again since there’re so many other flavours I love at Mama Patisserie!

Each time I make my way to Mama Patisserie, I’m faced with a happy dilemma - should I buy my favourites, or should I try a new flavour combination if they’re available?

Grabbed the last Sweet Potato Walnut bun off the shelf. Unlike their other buns, this one isn’t stuffed full of filling, but the sweet potato filling is enough to lend some sweetness to the pillowy soft bread. I love the walnuts on top which add some bitter nutty tastes to the bun as well, making this a healthy yet delicious meal/snack/treat.

*Mama Patisserie is FavePay and GrabPay friendly but only if you buy the items at full price! You have to pay by cash if you buy the items at clearance price.

This bun seriously smells heavenly - the roasted coffee aroma is strong and mingles with the lovely smell of baked bread to give rise to a true sensory experience. Unfortunately, the taste of this bun did not match up. The cream cheese filling didn’t go well with the coffee bun. I must say that the bread is really soft though, so that’s a plus although I didn’t enjoy this flavour combination.

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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