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Breads And Bakes 😍

Breads And Bakes 😍

Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Edith Patisserie, Two Men Bagel House (Novena), Crown Bakery & Cafe, Mother Dough Bakery, BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers, Micro Bakery & Kitchen, Just Dough (Suntec City), Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory 协裕面包西果厂, Löwe'f Artisanal
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee

Exactly how many muffins did I buy?! 🤭

I dare say this was the best out of them all. I even enjoyed it more than the chocolate one as I found that the espresso flavours brought out the banana flavour even more, plus the slight bitterness provided a delicious contrast to the sweet muffin. I wasn’t expecting the melty gooey goodness inside even though this was kept overnight, and it’s good even without reheating! Totally recommend getting this if you see it on the menu!!!

The exterior of this was every bit as glorious as the banana muffin, but it’s what’s inside that sets this apart. If you love tea, try the earl grey muffins when they’re available at bundt because they’re really aromatic and yummy! You can see the tea leaves speckling the muffin. It’s a bit on the crumbly side and not as moist, probably because there’s no banana to hold it together, but it’s light and delightful to munch on. There was a raspberry center and some blueberries studded on top, so while this was definitely a healthier alternative, I wish there’d been more berries inside.

Still a yummy muffin anyway, but if you love bananas or chocolate more, just ditch this and go for the banana muffin!

BUNDT has a price list published somewhere but their daily offerings change every day they don’t bother printing or posting it up, and honestly I’m not even mad. I don’t know how much most of the stuff costs (it’s kinda pricey), but it’s worth it.

Got our paws on the banana muffin today with crunchy oat. This was the Nutella variant, which was arguably the best out of the three (there were espresso and walnut options too). What made it extra awesome was that this muffin cake fresh out of the oven and we devoured it while it was still warm! So good! It was moist and soft, with lots of gooey Nutella and chunks of banana. The crunchy oat bits actually dropped off with some handling, but we just picked them right off and ate them right up. Not too sweet, and just super super tasty. Would totally make another trip down for muffins!

Once I took a bite of this bread, it immediately topped my list of favourites from Nayuki. I know what I’m getting the next time I visit for sure.

I can’t get over how impeccably soft this bread is, plus the combination of taro paste and cheese? Who would’ve thought it’d be any good? But it’s actually amazing. I love the pretty swirls of taro in the pillowy soft bread. The slightly sweet taro is what greets you first when you bite into the bread, and while you’re savouring the smooth paste, the chunks of cheese creep up on you and add an extra depth to the taste profile with subtle savoury cheesiness. This loaf of bread brought tons of happiness and satisfaction. Might be considered somewhat expensive - it’s sliced into 4 pieces by default at the bread bar, but I’d buy this in a heartbeat for the pure joy I get from eating delicious bread!

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Always can’t resist buying breads or cakes from Thai Baang whenever I pass by. I find the chocolate banana cake a lot better than the regular banana cake because it’s super moist, and the generous addition of chocolate chunks is just the best. The chocolate chunks solidify after a night in the fridge, which provide a nice bite and a change from the moist, soft cake. The banana cake here isn’t very fragrant (as far as banana cakes go, which is why I prefer the chocolate version), but it’s not too sweet and I love having it for breakfast!

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Had such a hard time picking breads at Nayuki because they all look so delicious! There’s quite a number of chocolate flavoured breads there that make this decision even harder!

Being the sucker for chocolate I am, I tried the Chocolord of the Ring. These ‘ring’ breads actually come in multiple flavours including matcha and strawberry, but they all basically have their respective flavoured cream cheese inside.

I was taken aback by how soft the bread was! So bouncy, soft and pillowy! The cream cheese wasn’t too sweet nor thick, just the right lightness to go with the bread. Would order this again, but maybe after trying more of the other breads!

Nayuki also offers a bread bar where they help slice and package the bread for you!

The spicy Portuguese chicken is part of the rotational menu at BUNDT, where the menu changes on the daily but always features their signature smashed avocado. This topping came with the option of sourdough, tortilla wrap, quinoa or nacho chips. Since I’d tried the tortilla wrap with a different topping before, I decided to go for the sourdough this time.

The amount of avocado on the sourdough is literally double what you’d get in the tortilla wrap. A single order of this results in three slices of sourdough bread heavily laden with smashed avocado, roasted tomatoes, a poached egg and your topping of choice.

There’s no neat way to eat this, so I suggest just biting the bullet and using your hands to grab a piece of sourdough. Beware the poached egg falling off though - thankfully the egg yolk wasn’t too runny so it survived the fall as well as being scooped up with a fork without causing a huge mess.

Whatever they put in their smashed avocado is pure magic, as it’s the right level of creaminess, chunkiness, and never gets too jelak. I love pairing this with a spicy protein for the contrasting flavours from the mellow avocado. The spicy Portuguese chicken was tender, slightly spicy, but I personally felt there was way too much skin to meat ratio for these few chunks of chicken. All these toppings tend to overpower the taste of the sourdough so I couldn’t really appreciate the bread itself, but I liked that there were grains and seeds studded on the crust which added some nuttiness and crunch to the mix. I am in serious love with BUNDT’s avo-toast and am sure I’ll be having more of these from time to time!


Had to make my way down to BUNDT after seeing their Instagram post that muffins AND banana brownies were on the menu. Muffins were out of the oven by 7.45am so I was munching on these while waiting for my brownies to be released at 9.30am.

BUNDT’s muffins tend to be more spongey, with an almost bread-like texture rather than cake. They are super chewy, soft and bouncy on the interior, it’s pure pleasure to pull chunks of the muffin apart. The combination of banana + dark chocolate + walnut is a classic winner, and the sweetness, slight bitterness plus nuttiness all balance out well. I love how gooey and soft the chocolate is although it got messy all over my fingers, but that’s the beauty of eating a chocolate muffin isn’t it? I didn’t know what the Crunchy Oat topping was but man it was pure gold. Like a piece of crisp nut brittle hanging off the muffin top, the crunchy oat topping was sweet and added an extra crunchy texture to the soft muffin.

I don’t know how much this individual muffin was, but it was worth it. The total bill with a smashed avocado sourdough, two muffins, two brownies and two iced whites came up to slightly less than $50 which was expensive, but still reasonable for an occasional treat. Thank goodness I don’t work that close to BUNDT.

These were the last two filled buns that were left when we visited Jie Bakery at 9.30pm so we had to snatch them up.

If you’ve tried the traditional bakery at Whampoa, this bun isn’t as soft and fluffy. Unlike the filled breads there, the top is glazed and soft instead of crusty. The bread to filling ratio is very good, there was lots of hae bee hiam spilling out of the bun and even better - the hae bee hiam was actually spicy and super aromatic. I’d buy this again if I see it for sure!

This is another gem of a traditional bakery that’s a dying breed in Singapore. All the breads are baked the traditional way, and it shows from how fresh and soft they are.

The loaves are already sliced for you, but you can choose to add on some spreads for an additional cost. The flower bun was exceptional with the homemade Kaya and peanut butter, as the bread was unbelievably soft. Sorry Ya Kun, I love your steamed Kaya peanut bread, but I’d eat this any day even without steaming because the bread is just crazy soft. I liked the contrast of the ultra soft white bread against the chewy crust exterior. Plus the spreads are so good, they’re not too sweet, and they’re so gooey that they spread even easier than butter. Be warned that the spreads might even leak onto your clothes!

Jie Bakery is open till late, and chances are you can still grab some of these loaves, but you may not see other buns with ingredients left. Also, the Chinese lady who was working there at 9.30pm was pretty rude so don’t expect good service. Still worth the trip down no matter what because of how good the bread is!

I’ve been eyeing this bun for so long but it’s a ‘meh’ after trying it today. The polo bun texture is at the bottom, but it’s almost non-existent. There’s no crispness to the polo crust, and I didn’t like how soft the egg custard was. I wish it had more of a silky curd texture, but it was too soft in my opinion. This is probably more of a preference, so if you like your egg custards really soft and bordering on watery, this would be a nice egg tart filling for you, just don’t expect much of a polo crust but the bread itself is actually quite soft and good.

These small chocolatey treats are the very opposite of dry, crunchy cookies. They’re soft and fudgey, it’s almost akin to biting into a brownie. Very yummy, affordable, and the portion isn’t too big for a little indulgence too.

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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