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Terrible Places (DONT BOTHER)

Terrible Places (DONT BOTHER)

Featuring Founder Bak Kut Teh (Bugis), Diamond Kitchen (Science Park)
Xavier Tan
Xavier Tan

Horrible experience. Listen to me.

1) we preordered 2 large crabs as we had guests. Turns out, our guests was unavailable. So we wanted to cancel a crab. They said they have prepared the crab and we’re UNABLE TO CANCEL. No worries, we will take the 2 crabs. (This is an important information for later.)
-> they did not give us the opportunity to choose the crabs, which is very uncommon in restaurants in Singapore.

2) we ordered our crab and other dishes. The dish arrived with the rice. Then it took 30 MIN AND CONSTANT CHASING to get the crabs that was apparently prepared before our arrival.

3) the service was horrible. They were keen on serving others (bigger table with more orders) than us, a smaller table.

4) the crab finally arrived after 30+min. And guess what! It was not hot, just warm! And When the crab arrived, it was clearly left out in the cold and reheated again. (Proof in picture)
The solidification of the oil became a layer on top of the gravy of the crab, implying that the crab was out in the cold for a bit. The gravy was warm and not hot, suggesting it was reheated, perhaps with a microwave or something.

In conclusion: terrible service, poorly cooked food. Maybe even a possibility of food that is not freshly cooked.

DO NOT RECOMMEND. Go somewhere else!

Do not recommend.

1. The service was beyond terrible. Literally, the female middle-age staff kept SHOUTING at us for our orders.

2. Since the 1 for 1 is for the founder bkt set, she claimed that “that set is sold out”. Then I said okay, we’ll leave then because that’s what we wanted. Suddenly she came back with “we have it. You MUST order a more expensive set to get the founder’s set for free.” We had no other choice and ordered it instead.

3. The soup was to salty and meat was too tough. I wouldn’t recommend it for the food’s quality too. It’s a tourist place.

The other younger male staff are friendlier and kinder. Crazy middle aged woman kept screaming at the younger male staff and another older male staff. What a disappointment.


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