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Cafe Hop

Cafe Hop

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Zhii yee Ng
Zhii yee Ng

Always loved their bread! The Ben’s egg cane with this fluffy brioche and yes I enjoyed the poached sea bass and couscous salad too!

Tasted more of milk than chocolate. Was expecting more.

Rainy days/ bad days... this cup of hot chocolate warms the tum tum and makes everything better!

Decided to visit this cafe after a rather unsatisfying meal. This hits the spot! Chili crab pie, crumbly crust and well balanced Chili crab filling takes away the jelat feel. Yumz!

Amazing pizza! Perfect ambiance and friendly staff! Will definitely revisit!

Crisp and flaky from the outside, comforting custard with strawberries.

Was expecting something exceptional but nothing really hits the spot other than the ambiance.

Balanced, tad acidic, just what I need on a Sunday afternoon.

Love the crunch of the waffle, subtly sweet earl grey gelato with lavender blueberry compote. Simply divine! Will be back for their ondeh ondeh waffles :)

While people are queuing for the famous burger joint at the newly opened airport linked mall. We find this portobello mushroom burger wayyyy more memorable and will definitely be back for more!

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Light and refreshing! Will be back for more!

Who says healthy food can’t taste good? Love the avocado tofu bowl and Chili crab pasta! The portion is amazing too! Oh do get their corn soup as well for the set! Worth the price especially with burpple beyond 1-for-1 #burpplebeyond