Burpple Beyond Deals

Burpple Beyond Deals

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Zachary Kok
Zachary Kok

Pretty decent if you are looking for a rather cheap steak quite close to an MRT. The steaks are nicely peppered but otherwise pretty ordinary. The fries are really good though.


The main of the entire set. Very nicely done an delegantly plated. The meat isn’t too fatty so don’t expect it to melt but it really is quite delicious. I would return to perhaps try their full steak.

One of my personal faves during the set meal. It’s very juicy and flavourful despite being lightly salted. It was so small that it was a bit sad that it finished so quickly. Would have liked to have a full burger of this!

The tea is flavourful and yet not too bitter. The white pearls are a great pairing to the tea and adds enough sweetness so you wouldn’t need to ask for any sugar in the original drink. Would get it again!

The bowls look small but they are pretty deep and a lot of meet is given actually making this meal very value for money. The meats are cooked with a blow torch which gives in a nice charred flavour. Served with seasoned rice and an onsen egg. Enjoy your meal from the counter while you observe the staff preparing other meals.

You get what you ordered. Served medium rare, it is a good steak. Well grilled, juicy and not too hard to chew. Still a good cut despite that it doesn’t really melt in your mouth. The sides are still pretty good. One of the recommendations if you want a simply good steak!

Recently started trending on Beyond so decided to give it a try and was not disappointed. Newly opened in a cosy but chill dining area, there is the light aroma of the charcoal in air from the oven.

As for the food, it earns a solid “WOW”. The tuna for one was tasty and was not fishy in anyway. There’s definitely the charcoal grill taste in the food which adds to the flavour. The grilled ladies fingers also were exceptionally, especially for someone who really hates ladies fingers. I would highly recommend this dish.

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The chicken was well marinated and had adequate spices to give it overall tangy savoury taste. Not to mention it was massive and very filling. It was an odd combination to have it with sriracha mayo (which also tasted good though, if you like spicy). Comes with a side of fries and coleslaw!

Served with side salad and a base of house made pesto sauce (contains nuts), the barramundi was served hot (literally still had steam). The pairing of the outer black crunchy layer with a smooth and flavourful inner fish layer was truly pleasant.

The food was a pretty long wait but it was worth it. Probably because they made the entire cafes food in one shot.

The flavours from the pesto sauce and the lamb ribs are really striking is this dish and yet they don’t clash or overpower each other. Not too mention the lamb ribs are so tender they just fall right off the bone. Served with a large amount salad and other sides, this meal was sumptuous.

Despite the requirement to select and drink and side, the overall cost is still pretty affordable and the meal itself is quite enjoyable and filling. It may look small but the udon meal itself is quite filling and they give a decent amount of thinly-sliced beef and an onsen egg. The soup broth is also very tasty and addictive to drink.
The tempura is not too bad and the ocha can retain it’s taste for about 3 boils or more which is pretty good.

At a glance it does not look like much but under all that watercress are loaded pieces of steak topped with melted cheese on a sourdough. The meal was nice enough. The onions were really good and paired with the beef well.
My only qualm is that the bread was a bit hard to slice with the knife and got soggy midway through the meal due to the loaded sandwich (which is a good thing if you are looking for like an adequate meal).
The fries were crispy!

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