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Burpple Beyond Deals

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Zachary Kok
Zachary Kok

The chicken was well marinated and had adequate spices to give it overall tangy savoury taste. Not to mention it was massive and very filling. It was an odd combination to have it with sriracha mayo (which also tasted good though, if you like spicy). Comes with a side of fries and coleslaw!

Served with side salad and a base of house made pesto sauce (contains nuts), the barramundi was served hot (literally still had steam). The pairing of the outer black crunchy layer with a smooth and flavourful inner fish layer was truly pleasant.

The food was a pretty long wait but it was worth it. Probably because they made the entire cafes food in one shot.

The flavours from the pesto sauce and the lamb ribs are really striking is this dish and yet they don’t clash or overpower each other. Not too mention the lamb ribs are so tender they just fall right off the bone. Served with a large amount salad and other sides, this meal was sumptuous.

Despite the requirement to select and drink and side, the overall cost is still pretty affordable and the meal itself is quite enjoyable and filling. It may look small but the udon meal itself is quite filling and they give a decent amount of thinly-sliced beef and an onsen egg. The soup broth is also very tasty and addictive to drink.
The tempura is not too bad and the ocha can retain it’s taste for about 3 boils or more which is pretty good.

At a glance it does not look like much but under all that watercress are loaded pieces of steak topped with melted cheese on a sourdough. The meal was nice enough. The onions were really good and paired with the beef well.
My only qualm is that the bread was a bit hard to slice with the knife and got soggy midway through the meal due to the loaded sandwich (which is a good thing if you are looking for like an adequate meal).
The fries were crispy!

Altogether, this dish is very tasty. The beef cheeks are very tender and pair very well with the mushrooms and the mash potato. The sauce brings all the flavours into a nice bland. A wholesome savoury meal!

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A juicy patty with tender pulled pork, this burger is quite memorable. Despite the copious amounts of sauce given, the marination of the meat still permeates the meal. The burger is also pretty massive so it is likely to leave you satiated.

The dish is not a main so it does not come with fries. Drinks also have to be ordered separately but no water is provided. There is only an additional service charge.

I would still recommend this place though especially for their burgers.


A completely vegan restaurant which prioritises health, the food has a very meditarranean taste to it. The surprising thing about this meal was the fact that the burger did not include brioche buns but rather the burger was made by the mushroom itself. Even though some parts may taste bland, together with the dehydrated chips, pineapple and beetroot patty, the burger had a nice sweet tinge.

The service is quite good despite the lack of staff. Clarify with the staff how you can use the deals before ordering! They are more than happy to clarify any issues.

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Between the dark night burger and this one, I would prefer the dark night. The burger itself is not too bad. They have baked ham and egg which really go well together. However the chicken patty tastes more like a sausage. This meal also provides nachos instead of fries as well but they still come with a large amount of salad as well. Kudos to making the superman logo with the cheese!

Using the burpple 1f1 would give you 2 supermans. Take note!

The theming at this cafe is amazing. Almost everything and anything is in keeping with the DC theme. It’s updated regularly to show the new DC shows as well.

In terms of food, the portion sizes are actually a lot larger than what they appear. A lot of care is put in the plate the burger well such that it is in line with the theme. It does not taste too bad too. The patty was juicy and was topped with a shitake mushroom, caramelised onions and cheese. A large amount of salad and fries is given too.

Using the burrple 1f1, you would have to order 2 dark might burgers!

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Share a Med sized 1 for 1, about $3.70 together. We were only allowed choose from the plain tea or the milk teas (no macchiatos :( , and toppings like pearls have to pay extra on top of the 1for1) I got a rose tie guanyin milktea, which I thought was quite pleasant but not mind blowing. My friend got one of the plain teas (oolong something) and she thought it was nice traditional tasting chinese tea. hers came with a tea bag and she put it in her water bottle afterwards, so it lasted much longer.
Overall, wouldn’t mind coming again if using the deal, but sad that macchiato is not in the discount.

There isn’t a lot of meat given but the chunks were very chewy. What impressed me more was how flavourful the tomato broth was and the texture of the noodles. They offer free upsize for noodles too!


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