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Living That Veg*n Life 🌱

Living That Veg*n Life 🌱

Go green. Choose plant-based. Vegetarian/vegan/meat free.
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee
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Originally wanted the Hakka Yong Tau Foo from the Orchard Road Soup stall at Food Republic in [email protected], but was told that it wasn’t available. Decided on the lei cha with pumpkin rice next, but apparently they only had olive rice left. So here I was. I’m appalled at how badly stocked this stall is on Sunday evening.
Overall, the lei cha is not the best, but it’s also not bad. The thunder tea has a distinct grassy herbal taste, though the outlet here at 313 seems to be more watered down than the one in Suntec. The olive rice provides a saltier base than the pumpkin rice, but both of them complement the thunder tea overall. Not where I’d recommend for lei cha, but decent enough for a quick fix.

Disclaimer: this zhang isn’t made by the vegetarian stall, they purchased it from a supplier for dumpling festival and is just a seasonal item. Despite that, the pretty blue butterfly pea-coloured glutinous rice deserves a mention. The contrast of white and blue is really pretty, and the taste of the zhang is good too! The filling is fibrous and has a legitimate meat-like texture, which is enough to fool you into thinking that this is real meat and not a vegetarian zhang. It’s well-seasoned, and you can actually enjoy the rice or the fillings on their own, or together. Overall a surprise quality find in NUS Science Canteen, wish we’d known earlier so I could’ve bought some home as well.

Don’t be fooled by the name, Well Dressed Salad Bar certainly serves up a multitude of vegetarian and vegan dishes - and they are some good stuff! They’re housed in a corner unit with Eight Treasures Vegetarian (which serves Chinese vegetarian dishes) near the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. The staff will ask whether you’re here for WDSB or ETV, bring you to your table and provide the appropriate menus before coming back to take your orders later. Our young male server was a little blur about the menu items, but he was genuinely very sweet, friendly and earnest. Though some of the staff weren’t as friendly, the majority of them were proactive and helpful - even coming back to our table to check if we wanted ‘no onions’ in our other dishes as we’d specified that for another order, offering to take a family photo when all our food had arrived, checking if the sweetness was okay for my beverage as I’d requested for less sugar. The ambience at WDSB isn’t snobbish, it’s homely, welcoming, and with such delicious healthy vegetarian foods, I’ll definitely be returning.

- Smokey Edamame Chia Nachos ($7.50)
- The BPMH Burger with SeaSalt Seaweed Chips as a side ($16.50)
- Veganlicious All-Day Brunch Set ($16.50)

The BPMH burger stands for black pepper monkey head mushrooms, served with bell peppers, celery, cucumber, tomato and avocado slices, tucked between lovely vegan wholemeal brioche buns. We ordered these without onions. This dish comes with two sides where you can select from herbed potatoes, seasalt seaweed chips, Italian pasta salad and garden salad. We went with the seaweed chips and garden salad which were fantastic choices - the seaweed chips were akin to fried popiah skin wrapped around crisp seaweed, which was a favourite across the table and we all agreed that we should order a double portion of this next time. The salad vegetables were really fresh, not a limp leaf in sight - always a good sign at any self-respecting eatery.

The monkey head mushrooms in this burger are sliced longitudinally which makes them all the better to absorb the black pepper sauce. I love the fibrous and meaty texture of monkey head mushrooms, and these were no exception. They were tender, chewy and oh so flavourful with the black pepper sauce. The vegan wholemeal brioche buns were toasted to crispness and tasted amazing. Not as buttery or sinful as regular brioche buns, but honestly they were so delicious in this burger I didn’t think I was missing out on anything. The vegetables in the burger were scattered quite haphazardly across the bun, so you won’t get a single bite with everything. That didn’t bother me much as the main star of the burger was the monkey head mushrooms, which were spread quite evenly across the whole burger. I did wish that the avocado was smashed and spread on the bun rather than sliced as the pieces kept slipping around. Eating this burger is a messy task, and I suggest just getting down and dirty with your hands instead of trying to be dainty and cutting it apart. Don’t expect that toothpick in the center to hold the burger together, and be gentle when putting the burger down as the fillings do tend to fall out.

Overall a delicious and satisfying burger that I wouldn’t mind ordering again but with such a wide variety of delicious and healthy dishes to choose from, it might be a while before I order the BPMH once more.

Herbed portobello Mushrooms, creamy avocado, house-made tofu feta cheese, vegan soy sausages, herbed tomatoes and coconut truffle waffle toast

Rainbow greens with warm buckwheat noodles tossed in sesame ginger sauce

From their ‘secret menu’: Smokey soy bits with housemade cheeze sauce, creamy guacamole, topped with edamame and cherry tomatoes.

Iced coffee and sweet milk tea combined to make a cutesy version of traditional yuan yang. I love that WDSB offers dairy-free alternatives of oat, almond and soy milk at no additional charge! That’s seriously amazing. I asked for a less sweet beverage with oat milk and the staff was so nice about it, he even came back to check if the sweetness level was alright.

The beverage itself is not bad, the taste of coffee and tea are detectable but they aren’t extremely strong. The oat milk adds some sharpness and acidity to the beverage, which I appreciated, but the taste of oat milk isn’t for everyone. Overall I enjoyed this beverage - props for the great service and how eco-friendly they are with providing metal straws!

Didn’t know there was this branch in the West, especially after the Holland Drive one closed. Sadly, the service here borders on unfriendly, and the ladies have no patience nor tolerance for questions. Anyway, the food is packed very quickly so interactions with them are minimal.

Fortunately the vegetarian bee hoon and ingredients here are still as good as the other outlets. However, note that kway tiao is not available on special occasions (e.g. Vesak day weekend), but the bee hoon here is great so it’s not much of a loss. Curry is available at additional charge ($0.50), and we were pleasantly surprised by how strongly spiced it was. This more than made up for the lack of sambal chilli in the packet.

Glad to know that there’s still this awesome vegetarian stall in the West, and will visit again soon!

Each time I make my way to Mama Patisserie, I’m faced with a happy dilemma - should I buy my favourites, or should I try a new flavour combination if they’re available?

Grabbed the last Sweet Potato Walnut bun off the shelf. Unlike their other buns, this one isn’t stuffed full of filling, but the sweet potato filling is enough to lend some sweetness to the pillowy soft bread. I love the walnuts on top which add some bitter nutty tastes to the bun as well, making this a healthy yet delicious meal/snack/treat.

*Mama Patisserie is FavePay and GrabPay friendly but only if you buy the items at full price! You have to pay by cash if you buy the items at clearance price.

The ma la craze has arrived at vegetarian eateries too, and it’s a fantastic way to flavour almost any dish. The fried rice at Saute is super fragrant, it’s pretty spicy but not much numbing sensation which is great to appreciate the fried rice without losing all sense of taste. If it does get too spicy, there’s salad on the side to take the edge off a little. The rice grains are reminiscent of basmati rice, they’re fluffy but on the drier side of fried rice. Love the chewy meaty texture of lion mane mushrooms in the rice too!

What’s in my bowl ($11.60 - $1 Meatless Monday)

Salad Bowl B ($10.80)
Base: Romaine, Mesclun Mix + Soba (+$0.80)
Hot Protein: Thai spiced Falafel
Crunchies: Roasted pumpkin, corn kernels, cucumber, tofu
Dressing: Cashew and lime (non-fat)

I totally forgot about the meatless Monday offer and didn’t realise that I’d ordered a meatless bowl until the cashier mentioned that I was entitled to a discount. Imagine what a pleasant surprise that was!

I was super excited when I saw soba available (finally! After 3 weeks!) and there was even pasta too! There were actually tons of options today for all the ingredients today, which was fantastic. The falafel today was slightly spicy and studded with finely chopped long beans, but it was great! If I remember correctly, they do change the falafel seasoning from time to time as the last time I had it it wasn’t spicy at all. There were 3 other hot protein options available (which is more than I’ve ever seen at one go) - Salmon, teriyaki chicken & turmeric chicken. While the salmon and turmeric chicken looked pretty dry, I was so tempted to go for the teriyaki chicken drenched in teriyaki sauce but thankfully I didn’t (meatless Monday offer yo!). As for the crunchies, I was simply spoilt for choice as there was roasted pumpkin, eggplant and sweet potato all available today. I really love the tofu here as it’s slightly savoury, and of medium firmness - so it doesn’t feel like you’re biting into tasteless dry chunks of tofu. Wanted to try the non-fat Thai Dressing today but it wasn’t available :( ended up getting the cashew lime again which I really enjoyed the previous time! Note that most of the dressings here are pretty watered down, so it might be a good thing for weight watchers as you still get pretty decent taste that can be spread over more salad.

*Note that you can use FavePay and GrabPay here so yay for cashback!

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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