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Chewy cookie but abit too crumbly and not enough chocolate chips, too much dough.

Had it before and it used to be tastier. Some inconsistency issues maybe? Meh.

Have not had their original brownie in years! I thought I preferred their original to black cocoa brownie but having had the original brownie again, I realised it was sweeter than the black cocoa brownie and not necessarily more chocolatey too.

I can hardly taste any banana inside - there was definitely less banana in it than before.

Chocolate buttermilk sponge, valrhona 70% ganache and dark choc glaze looked more promising than it tasted and the glaze was rather sweet. Not that it was bad, but it was nothing to shout about either. APOC tasted much better.

Preferred this to the 𝗚𝘂𝗹𝗮 𝗠𝗲𝗹𝗮𝗸𝗮𝘆𝗮 $𝟴 with gula melaka sponge, pandan kaya coconut mousse and chantility cream which was quite sweet.

Either Luna is overhyped or I picked the wrong things.

Raspberry sponge layered with praline feuilletine and chocolate mousse.

The individual components taste good but I thought the proportions were off - too much mousse, too little cake, too much jam - which made this hard to finish because it got cloyingly sweet for me.

I also thought using bittersweet chocolate mousse instead would complement the sweet raspberry jam and glaze better.

Did not finish this.

$5.90 may seem pricey but it was HUGE and generously filled with thick, luscious, yet light-and-easy-to-finish Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk custard. The highlight for me was that crunchy, crackly top with crisps and sugary bits - love the crunch!

Must try If you love cream puff.

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Love how far they took the caramel so it’s not sickly sweet (like many choc caramel tarts). The herbaceous, savoury rosemary and sea salt complement the bittersweet chocolate and caramel perfectly while the hazelnut adds crunch. Even the chocolate tart base is perfectly crisp. One of the best choc caramel tarts around.

Will eat this more often if not for the price 😛

Loved the buttery, moist coffee flavoured financier with coffee icing and the crunch from the walnuts in the cake. So good. Will definitely get this again.

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Lemoney, moist cake with pops of crunch from the black sesames. Really enjoyed this, especially with the addition of black sesames.

Fudgey but not super fudgey brownie. I feel the strawberry does not add much taste-wise to the brownie. Still prefer their almond, hazelnut brownie (better crunch) and taste is not as monotonous.

From bake fresh by Tina Sim.

Bought it because someone compared it to Rich & Good Cake Shop. This Swiss roll is not as cottony soft and I prefer the rich & good kaya filling to this pandan fudge. The filling is quite subtle in taste and I find the texture abit grainy (not sure if it’s the filling or cake)

Taste like any other swiss roll from your neighbourhood bakery. However, the roll is huge so quite value for money I guess.

Been a long time since I went Bundt.

Their brownie is chewy - not super fudgy, not cakey - with a chewier and crispier crust and moist, gooey-ier inside. Hojicha is not sweet and complements the super rich, decadent brownie really well and ranks up there with 74% dark chocolate as one of my top flavours.

Their brownie is good for sharing (then it works out to be quite affordable right? 🤣) unless you’re a serious chocoholic.

Sliced glazed apples on apple compote.

The crust looks different from their usual tart so I was excited but the crust was abit soggy (maybe from the glaze) and not as crisp as their usual tart.

Basically lots of sliced glazed apples on a thin layer of compote with soggy crust. Quite sweet and a little tart but flavour wise it was not outstanding and not worth the $11 for me.

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