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Featuring The Lokal, Tarte by Cheryl Koh, All Things Delicious (Arab Street), BUNDT by The Backyard Bakers, Mother Dough Bakery, Riz Labo Kitchen (Japan Food Town), 108 Matcha Saro (Suntec City), A Summer in Paris, Café by Plain Vanilla, Sinpopo Brand (Square 2)
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Caramel mousse, cashew chantilly cream, feuilletine.

The feuilletine is at the bottom, followed by a layer of chantilly cream, caramel mousse (taste like milk chocolate mousse to me though) and caramel in the middle of the dome. I love the feuilletine layer as it provides a nice crunch and contrast to all the soft elements.

Their “nuts tarts” are always well done and this is no exception. This is my second time buying this tart and I like it as much as the first time.

Toasted macadamia nuts in 41% milk chocolate ganache.

The bottom layer consist of macadamia nuts and salted caramel while the top layer is chocolate. It reminds me of their hazelnut tart but this doesn’t taste like Ferraro rocher. It is a rather sweet tart because of the salted caramel (and usually I’m not a fan but in this case I can’t help finishing every bite)

If you like macadamia, salted caramel and chocolate, you’ll love this.

I like the crust - it is short and goes well with the filling. The milk chocolate filling is rich and sweet (not overly sweet given that it’s milk chocolate) but I find there is too much filling to crust so I did scrap a lot of the filling off. If you are a milk chocolate lover you will enjoy this tart.

I prefer the chocolate crust from their salted caramel truffle tart to this plain crust. I also prefer the dark chocolate filling to this. I only wish the salted caramel truffle tart came without the caramel. The addition of the caramel makes it far too sweet for me.

Sticky date pudding, caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. On it’s own, the sauce is thick and sweet, the ice cream is on the sweeter side. The whole dessert is very sweet and as someone that does not enjoy overly sweet desserts, somehow, I love this. It works when you eat the ice cream, sauce and pudding together.

The cake is moist, fluffy and goes well with the sauce. The ice cream balances the sweetness and provides a nice contrast to the warm dessert.

Somehow I feel like I’m eating the gula melaka filling in putu piring. Ideal for sharing but I finished this all by myself.

One day special - bittersweet dark chocolate brownie. Of course I have to get it since I’m a fan of their brownie, I love dark chocolate, and it’s a special.

Very decadent and rich with a texture inside that is between a cakey and fudgey brownie and slightly crisp on the outside. I do not like cakey and tooo fudgey brownie so this is perfect.

The bittersweet dark chocolate brownie tasted like a dark chocolate version of their original brownie. Somehow I’m not a fan of their black cocoa brownie - it tasted like Oreo biscuit instead of chocolate to me - but I’m told I’m the minority😂 and most prefer the black cocoa to the original brownie.

Banana, 74% bittersweet dark chocolate (in this case I thought it might be overkill), rum & raisin are my to-go flavours here.


At first glance, the tart looks shallow and I was worried the crust will be too thick and filling too little. I bought it because I was craving for chocolate tart😂

The crust is thick and buttery - in this case the thickness is just right because the dark chocolate and caramel is so rich, gooey and thick that you need a nice buttery crust to balance the richness.

More filling would have made this tart too gelat to finish. Dark chocolate sea salt caramel combo never fails. I like the tart and will definitely buy it again.

However, when I cut into it I noticed a huge blob of super sweet icing. Then I realised it must have been the icing they used to stick the tart base to the “tart holder” ( I have no idea what’s it called). Remember to check the bottom and scrap them off.

I saw they have naked dark chocolate sea salt caramel cake too. Will give that a try next time

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2 layers of gula melaka fudge sandwiched between 3 layers of cake covered by a gula melaka glaze. The cake tasted like a kueh to me.

What it taste like: Tasteless kaya curd sandwiched between tasteless wet sponge cake covered by sweet gula melaka sauce. The sweetness comes from the gula melaka glaze only so don’t be afraid that the cake will be too sweet.

The texture of the cake is very one dimensional - which is a soft kueh-ish wet cake texture - and definitely makes for some monotonous eating.

Underwhelming. Not for me.

You can choose matcha, kinako or mixed flavours. 24 pieces are at $12.90. Surprisingly I prefer the matcha warabi mochi.

The warabi mochi itself has a matcha taste (I’m not sure if they added matcha to the mochi?). The matcha powder is bitterly matcha and goes well with the mochi. Their warabi mochi with kinako powder tastes average. I will get only the matcha warabi mochi next time.

For kinako warabi mochi I’ll stick to Bashodo at their next isetan japan fair - which happens quite frequently actually - for my warabi mochi fix.

Hazelnut tart with milk chocolate and salted caramel. It taste just like ferrero rocher in tart form. Seriously, no other description needed for taste.

They are very generous with the hazelnuts (I think there are around 50 hazelnuts 🤔😆) and I like that because the nuts provides a nice counterbalance to the creaminess of the chocolate and caramel. The tart would have been very sickly sweet and boring otherwise without the abundance of nuts.

One of my favourite tarts here but also the one with the most calories (I think!) so I try to order the other flavours -usually.

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One of my favourite items at Bundt. The banana bread (or I should say cake) is very moist - you can definitely taste the banana - and goes very well with the big dark chocolate chips. It is not a spongey or chiffon type of banana cake but dense and moist yet not heavy. One mini loaf is good for 2 portions.

I prefer the bread without walnut though because I want more of the bread and chips.

They also sell banana bread with espresso butter. Their espresso butter tastes fantastic but it feels too heavy with the bread (although I think many prefer this to the dark chocolate)

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Second time buying this. This is one big ass cookie that is almost as wide as their chocolate croissant. It is slightly crunchier than I would have like this time round (I prefer chewy to crunchy cookie) but the flavours are good.

It is a very rich, very chocolately cookie with generous amount of sea salt sprinkled on top. You can taste molten chocolate, dark chocolate cookie and salt in very bite. A perfect treat for dark chocoholics.


“Caramel signature, coco shortbread, flour free cocao sponge & illanka mousse.”

Chocolate mousse surrounds a caramel gooey centre atop a very very thin chocolate base covered by dark chocolate glaze. I wish there are more layers in the cake as most of it is just chocolate mousse and the taste gets monotonous.

It is quite sweet -from the caramel -and very chocolatey. Definitely a cake better shared unless you’re a chocolate lover.

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