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Portion size is important.
Jing Ying Ng
Jing Ying Ng

Teriyaki Chicken rice set & Signature Fried Chicken rice set with Beyond 1-1. Yummy, tasty and delicious, serving size was just nice. Will definitely return!

Second time here. Tried the Risotto and Chef Special Marinara. Food here is just plain amazing and portion size is just right:') will definitely be back for more!

Chicken curry was superb! Generous portion and chicken was super tender. Mee Pok Carbonara has a unique fusion taste- very interesting but would personally much prefer the chicken curry.

Beef lasagne was well executed, seasoned just right. Thoroughly enjoyable experience, with decent portions.

Rich gravy and super yummy! But can be more generous with the portion... Expected more for a large bowl.

Generous portions of whole fish and spicy Tom Yum. Cozy and quiet place for casual dates, go try it. Eatigo discounts are best, use my code eati7py if you haven't joined yet.

Beyond has one for one mains, which are nice enough. We tried the laksa (interesting) and the salmon (tasty) pasta, but it was the rosti that we really liked. Generous portions!

Guess what? Generous portions given beyond prices. Delicious and yummy!

Yummy and delicious. Will definitely return to try other dishes. Not so generous portion though.

So sad to see one of the better East side cafes closing by April 2019. Bacon burger was better than fish and chips, but pasta looks good too... Dunno what the chef will be doing from here, generous portions.

It's alright, but dangui was rather bland. Generous portions and decent flavours... However, nothing particularly outstanding. Service was quite quick in our experience, quiet weekend dinner.