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Loong Wye Kwan
Loong Wye Kwan

Yolo burger ($19.80 on deliveroo)

Single patty- chose the beef, fried egg, fried spam, fried onion strings, cheddar cheese patty and smoked chipotle on sesame bun.

Beef patty was too salty, so was the fried spam. Fried egg was a little overcooked. Everything tasted too mushy and salty and oily.

Fries were thick but soggy and tasteless.

Overall a very disappointing meal. Will not order again.

Shroom Melt ($14.80 on Deliveroo)

Comes with fries.
Beef chuck patty, shiitake mushrooms, melted swiss cheese and garlic aioli sauce on whole meal bun.

Beef patty was too salty, the whole burger tasty too mushy. The mushrooms were not soft nor seasoned well.

Fries were thick but soggy and tasteless. I barely ate a few and threw the rest away.

Will not order this again.

Chicken Cutlet With Bun ($4.50):
Chicken cutlet goes well with the “chicken rice” chilli! Fried Mantou is good! Cheap and good meal !

Pescatora pasta ($14.90)

Spaghetti was bland and lacking in taste. Can smell the white wine in the sauce. The clams prawns and squids were alright.

Disappointing dish.

Manzo pasta with beef cubes ($14.90)

Cant really taste the truffle in the sauce but sauce wise was okay. However, there was SO MUCH GARLIC in the entire dish! :( didn't like it.

Grilled Portobello ($13.80)

Only 1 big portobello mushroom.. guess too pricey for this amount. Big heap of garlic on top though, cant really appreciate it.

Angus beef burger ($26++)

The burger was huge- beef patty was thick, but cant choose the level of doneness (only well done). Sunny side up prevented the burger from getting too dry. Came with a large portion of curly fries as well as salad.

Hard for a hungry girl to finish everything!

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Spicy crab meat pasta ($24++)

Pasta was slightly spicy and not too sweet. Texture of the pasta was rather interesting. Shared this and a pizza with friend, otherwise might be jerlat by the end of the meal.

3 meat pizza ($24++)
Thin crust was really thin crispy and tasty. The ingredients on it was quite okay. Good for sharing.

Comes with baked potato with sour cream and chives, as well as boiled vegetables (corn, cauliflower).

Striploin steak was chewy and tasteless.

Boiled vegetables were tasteless as well.

Only the potato was nice. But it was huge so I didn't finish it as well.

Will not be back to eat this!

Brocolli Soup

Tastes smooth, creamy and rich! Also not too jerlat.. able to finish the whole bowl comfortably!

Garlic bread

Not fragrant enough. Texture also lacking on its own.. only finished it by dipping it into the soup.

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