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🇯🇵 DON, always leave me hungryyy for more

🇯🇵 DON, always leave me hungryyy for more

Compilation of yummy dondons - chirashi, unagi, beef etc etc.
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Artistically messy bowl of seared beef, caviar, truffle flakes, garlic chips, onsen egg and some secret sauce! AMAZINGLY fragrant bowl of everything delish 😋
Extremely value-for-money with Burpple 1-1!

Freshness is the key to a good Salmon don cos any fishyness would kill it all. I'm proud to announce that it's all freshness within this bowl! Lightly seared and topped with mentaiko, the salmon was really silky smooth - felt like it could glide down my throat without any serious chewing. 'Topped with bright orangey roe for the slight 'poppy' texture.... SO GOOD.

The truffle aroma wafted across the table as soon as the staff brought it over. woahhhh!! The wagyu slices were incredibly tender - drizzled with truffle shoyu and showered with teeny garlic chips. Each bite with runny onsen -soaked pearly Japanese rice brought great satisfaction to the tummy. For the price point, it's pretty decent. Tho I wished there were truffle sprinkles - like how Kabuke served it!

Nicely glazed with a glossy layer of sweet sauce, incredibly slime-y and smooth. Served over a bed of pearly Japanese rice, lightly marinated and mixed with seaweed bits and sesame seeds. Came with 2 tamago triangles on the side - decent in taste, nothing much to shout about but hey! the highlight really is on the unagi and rice!

“Wagyu(y you) choose this” - immediate question that comes to mind each time someone orders tempura, katsu beef, chicken or pork because I feel beef, when fully cooked (& fried!) are gone to waste. After all, how could beef be...fully cooked 😕😕😕 Here, I’ve confirmed with the waiter that the beef is “fried to medium” before I apprehensively confirmed my order. -And was thereafter surprised by it! While looks wise, it isn’t very apparent that the interior is pinkish, taste wise, it’s crispy, juicy and not at all tough. Definitely closer to the texture of a beef patty (served medium) than a fully cooked beef. So 👏🏻 for serving this well! This comes with 1 juicy prawn tempura, and a side of greens. While the rice was plain, there’s a side of sesame dip (meant for the tempura) which you can glaze over your rice with! 😋

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Seared beef slices in pretty generous portions, served on a bed of Japanese rice and topped with Onsen egg - it was too runny and it broke before we could poke it through ourselves! ☹️ There’s also a fence of lettuce surrounding the rice, and beef - to which the carnivore boyf found unnecessary. I think it does help create a balance meal tho! On the 🥩, it’s lightly roasted. Hms, the boyf loves it but I’d prefer seared steak slices which are thicker, instead of the steak strips here tho! It was kinda too chewy

It’s an orgasmic shot which sends thrills and excitement just by looking at it! The aromatic whiffs of grilled unagi (sweet, charred fragrance) certainly didn’t help in prolonging the patience for more photo angles of this Don. For the indecisive ones, this is THE bowl to go for! Cooked + Raw, Hot + Cold. It’s the heavenly harmony of the opposites fitted right in here! The tiny specks of sesame seeds further elevated each bite - the hint of sesame fragrance and crunchy bite are bonuses to the already perfect don. The roes were plump and juicy - it’s all about freshness & quality here, so no concerns about fishy after-taste after each pop of roe!

Thinly sliced beef x many strips, with truffle bits and runny onsen. Life is a bed of fluffy jap rice 🍚 ‘Extremely wholesome and gratifying

Thiccccc salmon slices with big fat roes
No fishy 🐟 aftertaste, just freshness of the 🌊

As typical as it sounds, yes I’ve opted for the tempura tendon. Primarily because I’d have thought anything fried in tempura flour pretty much would taste the same, since the crux of the cooking lies in the flour, rather than what’s embedded within. And.... I was kinda right! The only difference between the veggies va prawn were the texture and crunch, given different vegetables were included in the tendon. The prawns were slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Slight sweetness and fragrance of prawn 🦐 Pretty much why I prefer to have my prawns/ meat raw served in ways other than tempura form. I think it greatly undercuts the true flavour of the meat. That said, I would give 4/5 for this bowl of tendon given how the tempura veggies remained crunchy for a rather long time (approx an hour?) and the pearly rice came seasoned with sauce which added some flavour to the meal!

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My go-to place for affordable truffle beef dons cos the cheapest (yet yummy!) grass-fed striploin don goes for $15++ on the lunchtime menu. Where to find?!
Upgraded my bowl this time to Wagyu beef 🥩 seared to medium, served on a bed of fluffy Japanese pearl rice topped with sesame seeds, truffle shoyu sauce and generous truffle shavings! Each pearly grain was well coated with the truffly good fragrance. In comparison with the grass-fed strip loin bowl which I’ve had in my previous visits, the Wagyu was expectedly ‘juicier’ with better marbling of (good) fats. It’s softer and more moist to the taste too! It got me really excited to have my first mix of truffle-coated rice, mixed w truffle shoyu, runny onsen egg 🥚 and a slab of Wagyu! I’m not a fan of rice nor rice-based dishes but the truffle don here was pretty taste-changing! Definitely considering it for the next time when I feel like pampering myself!

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Chirashi lunch set, with loads of freshly chopped sashimi, avocado, salmon roe, seaweed shreds and pickled ginger. Not the best with huge chunky kaisen but a good alternative within the budget friendly range for sure! $16++, decent!

I love uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all! My chubby cheeks says it all

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