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🇯🇵 DONdondon always leave me hungryyy for more

🇯🇵 DONdondon always leave me hungryyy for more

Compilation of yummy dondons - chirashi, unagi, beef etc etc.
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

As typical as it sounds, yes I’ve opted for the tempura tendon. Primarily because I’d have thought anything fried in tempura flour pretty much would taste the same, since the crux of the cooking lies in the flour, rather than what’s embedded within. And.... I was kinda right! The only difference between the veggies va prawn were the texture and crunch, given different vegetables were included in the tendon. The prawns were slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Slight sweetness and fragrance of prawn 🦐 Pretty much why I prefer to have my prawns/ meat raw served in ways other than tempura form. I think it greatly undercuts the true flavour of the meat. That said, I would give 4/5 for this bowl of tendon given how the tempura veggies remained crunchy for a rather long time (approx an hour?) and the pearly rice came seasoned with sauce which added some flavour to the meal!

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My go-to place for affordable truffle beef dons cos the cheapest (yet yummy!) grass-fed striploin don goes for $15++ on the lunchtime menu. Where to find?!
Upgraded my bowl this time to Wagyu beef 🥩 seared to medium, served on a bed of fluffy Japanese pearl rice topped with sesame seeds, truffle shoyu sauce and generous truffle shavings! Each pearly grain was well coated with the truffly good fragrance. In comparison with the grass-fed strip loin bowl which I’ve had in my previous visits, the Wagyu was expectedly ‘juicier’ with better marbling of (good) fats. It’s softer and more moist to the taste too! It got me really excited to have my first mix of truffle-coated rice, mixed w truffle shoyu, runny onsen egg 🥚 and a slab of Wagyu! I’m not a fan of rice nor rice-based dishes but the truffle don here was pretty taste-changing! Definitely considering it for the next time when I feel like pampering myself!

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Chirashi lunch set, with loads of freshly chopped sashimi, avocado, salmon roe, seaweed shreds and pickled ginger. Not the best with huge chunky kaisen but a good alternative within the budget friendly range for sure! $16++, decent!

Delectable Wagyu beef don - nicely seared with a decent amount of char. The scallops were pretty tiny and isn’t the freshest available. Kinda fishy to the taste but it wasn’t that bad still. The oysters were awesome!!!! Fantastic to the taste, fresh and well complimented with the ponzu sauce. The wagyu beef don was pretty well executed, served with an onsen egg which is truly runny and thick. They’ve reasonably priced lunch promo sets which makes the set meal pretty worth for the occasional indulgent lunch.

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$32++ for medium, the Unagi bowl does not appear significantly larger in portion compared to the small bowl ($28++) Not sure if it’s worth the premium! Compared to Man Man, it’s kinda a lil’ more dry? I recall Man Man’s being really glossy and smooth. The version here is stronger in terms of the char. I prefer the former! In terms of ambience, it’s rather small and definitely less hype as compared to Man Man. They do have a tank of live eels (comparably smaller in size and thinner than Man Man’s thick, fat and loooooong eel!)
Will not head back a second time- unless there’s a super good ongoing promo which justifies the price point at existing standards! Otherwise, I’m pledging my loyalty to Man Man!

Glistening salmon atop pearly Japanese rice. There’s a nice layer of glaze which adds points to the aesthetics of this bowl. For the price point $24++ , it’s expected for the salmon to taste fresh and well done! The set comes with soup and chawanmushi. The 🥚 was a lil’ too salty. Overall a rather filling meal!

The highly raved outlet from Amoy is now available at air-conditioned shopping mall in town! Nothing could quite go wrong w beef and Japanese pearl rice and Onsen eggy!

Sounds like a pretty odd combi but Japanese Teppanyaki can never go wrong. Tastes as good as it looks - so full of flavour w each bite. Nice portion to save some tummy space for more teppan dishes to come!

Pardon the lighting - the comfy yellow hue is typical of bars and the likes. Perfect hideout for some orgasmic experience w a bowl of Wagyu striploin, Uni, Foie Gras, Ikura and Onsen Egg! Priced at $58++, the price tag is on a higher end for a typical lunch but considering the premium ingredients which go into this bowl, I’d say it’s pretty worthy of the $$$

Pardon the lighting! It’s a sexy yellow even in broad daylight. Hidden along the stretch of shophouses, Kabuke is an easy miss if you don’t keep a lookout for the sign (located at 2nd level, just right beside SKP shop selling all your party needs) and definitely a GREAT MISS if you don’t try their food! This delicious bowl of Don is priced at an affordable $15++ on the lunch menu. Served w generous portions of truffle bits within the Japanese rice, hidden below a generous portion of Grainfed Striploin, Truffle Shoyu and Onsen egg! Incredibly satisfying lunch! 🥩

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Nothing close to “normal” sized sashimi - they’re so so so thickly sliced, and so fresh! The boyfriend loves how it’s melt-in-the-mouth and the portion was so generous that he couldn’t stop sharing his 🐟 w me. Okay just to clarify, even if he gets puny portions he would still dedicate a portion to me. Awww 🥰 I guess the only gripe would be the tamago 🥚 which could’ve been thicker and less ‘dry’ to the taste but oh well the highlight were the fishes and not the 🥚right? Oops, another gripe would be the rice which was kinda dry - would be great if there had been some accompanying drizzle but overall an awesome bowl!

Extremely value-for-money with the Burpple beyond deal! 6 for $5.90 (ie you get 12 for $5.90, what a steal!) it’s really fresh and pretty chunky salmon with some spicy sauce perfectly rolled up - freshly made on the spot. The Nori could be a lil’ more crispy but for the price point, no complaints!

With my chubby cheeks, I chew like a hamster 🐹 Apply CHUB857 for 20% off Burpple Beyond!

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