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50%-Off  (Or More!) Deals

50%-Off (Or More!) Deals

Featuring PARK, La Nonna (Holland Village), Flaming Don (Bugis+), Tsukada Nojo (Westgate), Tim Ho Wan (Westgate), Cali (Rochester), Seoul Garden Hotpot (IMM), Marché Mövenpick (Jem), fArt tArtz (JCube), Cedele Bakery Kitchen (HillV2)
Michelle Pang
Michelle Pang
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The chef obviously showed no mercy with his condiments and spices-- fried rice ($16.80++) very oily, acar ($3.80++) super sour, prawns ($17.80++) overcooked, ikan bakar kecap ($24.80++) sweet and salty!!! However, the urap urap (mixed vegetables $4.80++) was miraculously t.a.s.t.e.l.e.s.s! 😂

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Steak sandwich was so so tasty! I wonder what that white sauce was, it complemented the grilled striploin and mushroom ragu perfectly. I also loved the lychee konnyaku tea recommended by the staff-- it was aromatic and refreshing. With 50%-off, this deal was definitely a steal!

We enjoyed this meal with Eatigo 50%-Off.

Food quality has improved a lot since my last visit.
Tom yum curry salmon $12.90++ was the best dish for this visit. It was very well seasoned and we enjoyed every bit of it. Surely will revisit for this dish again.

I like the grilled tilapia and chicken $14.90++ too. They both had a nice smoky aroma.
Lemongrass tiger prawns $11.90++ were fresh but its sauce was too spicy for me.
Kiasu katsu $5.90++ and sweet potato fries $4.90++ were both palatable.

Guro bingsoo $12.90++ was full of mangoes and japchae $11.90++ really delighted our taste buds. Very good deal with Eatigo 50%-Off.

Both roast beef donburi $15.90+ and chicken combo donburi ($14.90+ if I remember correctly) had a nice smoky aroma. Texture wise, unfortunately, the beef was too chewy and the eggs were too raw. Self service miso soup and drink $2.99+ were refillable.

Both shima hokke $15.90++ and saba shio $10.90++ were fishy and tasted so-so. I don't consider it good deal even with Eatigo 50%-Off .
Yasai itame $9.90++ (fried vegetables) had too much pepper in it.
Teriyaki salmon $14.90++ was good though, well seasoned, yummy!
We went during off peak hour but we had to wait for quite a long time for the waitstaff to attend to us. It seemed like it was not their priority to attend to customers first. Will not patronize this restaurant again.

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Thank you, waitstaff at La Nonna, for your attentiveness and professionalism. You guys really made our day 👍!
Food wise, the famous La Nonna $24.50++ lived up to its name, very delish indeed.
Risotto allo zafferano $28++ was so comfortable to my stomach. I'd definitely come back for this dish.
Crab linguine $26++ pleased my palate at first few bites with its strong creamy taste. But half way through eating it, I felt jelak. To me, this dish is meant to be shared among few people.
Agnello $36++ was too gamy for me but my family found it to be of right texture and taste.
Overall we had an awesome dining experience at La Nonna... and with Eatigo 50% discount, it was simply incredible!

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Alvin's served the most crunchy and tasty French fries we ever had! The beef burger was also very flavorful.

Alvin's is on Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 but couldn't be redeemed on Hari Raya Haji, so we used Eatigo instead.


Cheese cake's sweetness was just right, it went so well with coffee 👍
My adjacent table 3 ladies ordered chicken pizza which looked so tempting. I looked twice they noticed and were so kind to offer me a share of their pizza and apple tart!! Ohh what a good place to meet great ppl 😍 thank you ladies 希望有缘再相见!

Seafood pancake tasted okay, portion not very big enough to feed not more than 2 ppl, seafood just a few pieces. At half price, it was worth it. Without discount, I'd say, "try other dishes".
Dipping sauce was different from other places, it was spicy.

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